Premiums for Donors

Many nonprofit organizations offer "premiums" to donors, based on the amount donated. Since we are a nonprofit, it would not be appropriate to sell anything, but we can offer several things to donors that express our gratitude for your support. Therefore, until further notice, we are offering the following:

For each donation of at least The premium is
$200.00 2 DVD disks containing the entire website. You specify +RW or -RW format.
$1000.00 30 print copies of any of our public domain books of ~1 MB each (multiply by the number of MB for longer books, check with us on different numbers).
$3000.00 10-minute custom video documentary of points we make on our site, MPEG or other video format (check with us for details, multiply by multiples of ten minutes for longer productions, production standards simple but adequate for most purposes).

Clearly, some of these are custom productions, so we would need to consent to the details, and we reserve the right of artistic control of the content. We would retain ownership of the copyright, the donor having an unlimited use license.

This premium offer is extended to past donors, based on the accumulated total amount of donations, so if you are a past donor, contact us to get your chosen premium.

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