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The folllowing are analyses of the principles of constitutional republican government and how the works in the Liberty Library collection contributed to the development of understanding of them.


  1. Natural Law and the Law of Nations
  2. Social Contract and Militia
  3. Constitution
    1. HTML Version Text Version MS Word Version Liberty, Metaphor, and Mechanism: "checks and balances" and the origins of modern constitutionalism, David Wootton (2003). (In MS Word version, click on an endnote exponent to open the endnotes frame.)
  4. Founders and Original Understanding
  5. Deliberation and Consent
  6. Separation and Balance of Power
  7. Protecting Rights and Limiting Powers
  8. Representation, Election, and Referendum
  9. Jurisdiction and Due Process

Guided Tours — For newcomers to the subject.


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