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The following is the Liberty Library list with links to purchase hard copy editions, often later editions than were used in rendering the Liberty Library. Just click on the green A for the amazon.com offering, and the green K for our Kindle version.

If the book cannot be found, this is indicated with a red A, and if one had once been printed but it is now out of print or unavailable on the used market, this is indicated by a yellow A.

Visitors are encouraged to seek better print editions for these works and suggest them to the webmaster.

  1.     Library Guides — No link, placeholder to maintain numbering.
  2. A K Code of Hammurabi (~1760 BCE) — Analysis by translator C.H.W. Johns.
  3. HTML Version Ancient Greek and Latin Library — This goes to a submenu with its own link to a page for purchasing.
  4. A The [Roman] Civil Law, tr. & ed. Samuel Parsons Scott (1932) — Lawbook Exchange reprint.
  5. A "Constitution" of Medina (Dustur al-Madinah), Mohammed (622) — Studies in Late Antiquity and Early Islam, Vol. 23.
  6. A Policraticus, John of Salisbury (1159) — Good scholarly edition, well annotated.
  7. A Constitutions of Clarendon (1164) — Book containing it with other documents.
  8. A Assize of Clarendon (1166) — Book containing it with other documents.
  9. A Assize of Arms (1181) — Book containing it with other documents.
  10. A Magna Carta (1215) — Readable analysis and commentary.
  11. A Britton, (written ~1290, printed ~1530) — Lawbook Exchange reprint.
  12. A Confirmatio Cartarum (1297) — Book containing it with other documents.
  13. A The Declaration of Arbroath (1320) — Scholarly treatise on the document and its background.
  14. A The Prince, Niccolò Machiavelli (1513) — Translation we rendered.
  15. A Utopia, Thomas More (1516) — Good student edition.
  16. A Discourses on Livy, Niccolò Machiavelli (1517 tr. Henry Neville 1675) — Translation we rendered.
  17. A Relectiones, Franciscus de Victoria (lect. 1532, first pub. 1557) — The Classics of International Law.
  18. A Discourse on Voluntary Servitude, Étienne De La Boétie (1548) — Edited and analysis by Paul Bonnefon.
  19. A De Republica Anglorum, Thomas Smith (1565, 1583) — B&N student edition.
  20. A Vindiciae Contra Tyrannos (Defense of Liberty Against Tyrants), "Junius Brutus" (Orig. Fr. 1581, Eng. tr. 1622, 1689) — Annotated Cambridge edition.
  21. A Six Books of the Commonwealth, Jean Bodin (~1590 tr. Richard Knolles 1606) — Harvard facsimile edition.
  22. A Politica, Johannes Althusius (1614, Abr. & tr. Frederick S. Carney) — Translation we rendered.
  23. A The Mayflower Compact (1620) — Treatise of Judith Lloyd Yero.
  24. A The Law of War and Peace, Hugo Grotius (1625) — A.C. Campbell edition.
  25. A A Selected Works of Francis Bacon (1620-27). Includes Novum Organum and New Atlantis. Mixed selection.
  26. A A A A Selected Works of Edward Coke (~1628) — Including the first, second, and third parts of the Institutes and the Reports.
  27. A The Petition of Right (1628) — Book containing it with other documents.
  28. A Fundamental Orders of Connecticut (1639) — U.S. Constitution Bicentennial Commission of Connecticut.
  29. A The Elements of Law Natural and Politic, Thomas Hobbes (1640)
  30. A Massachusetts Body of Liberties (1641) — Harvard Classics.
  31. A A Plea for Religious Liberty, Roger Williams (1644) — University Of Chicago Press.
  32. A Lex, Rex (The Law is King), Samuel Rutherford (1644) — Hess Pubns.
  33. A On Liberty, John Winthrop (1645) — Humanity Books.
  34. A The Constitutional Documents of the Puritan Revolution: 1625-1660, Samuel Rawson Gardiner, ed. (1906) — Unable to find.
  35. A Selected Works of the Levellers and their Allies (1645-56) — Andrew Sharp collection.
  36. A De Cive (The Citizen), Thomas Hobbes (1641-47) — Oxford University Press.
  37. A Leviathan, Thomas Hobbes (1651) — Longman Library of Primary Sources.
  38. A Selected Political Works of John Milton — The Complete Prose Works, Yale Univ Pr.
  39. A Selected Works of James Harrington (~1656) — Greenwood Press Reprint.
  40. A Selected Political Works of Baruch de Spinoza (1670-7) — Includes Theologico-Political Treatise and Political Treatise.
  41. A On the Duty of Man and Citizen According to Natural Law, Samuel Pufendorf (1673, 1682) — Cambridge University Press.
  42. A The Law of Nature and of Nations, Samuel Pufendorf (1674, tr. Basil Kennett 1703) — Lawbook Exchange reprint.
  43. A Bacon's Declaration in the Name of the People (1676) — Thomas Jefferson Wertenbaker , Scholar's Bookshelf.
  44. A Habeas Corpus Act (1679) — Book containing it with other documents.
  45. A Patriarcha, Robert Filmer (1680) — Cambridge University Press.
  46. A Plato Redivivus, Henry Neville (1681) — University Press.
  47. A Frame of Government of Pennsylvania, William Penn (1682) — Kessinger Publishing reprint.
  48. Selected Political Works, James Tyrrell (1681-1694) — three main works:
    1. A Patriarcha non Monarcha — Scholarly Resources, out of print.
    2. A A brief disquisition of the law of nature — Fred B Rothman & Co. (merged into William S. Hein & Co.), out of print.
    3. A Bibliotheca politica — Gerald M. Straka edition, out of print.
  49. A English Bill of Rights (1689) — Book containing it with other documents.
  50. A A Letter Concerning Toleration, John Locke (1689) — Cambridge University Press.
  51. A Second Treatise on Government, John Locke (1690) — Cambridge University Press.
  52. A A Discourse of Government with Relation to Militias, Andrew Fletcher (1698) — Cambridge University Press.
  53. A Discourses Concerning Government, Algernon Sidney (1698) — Liberty Fund.
  54. A Constitution of the Iroquois ConfederacyKessinger Publishing reprint.
  55. A Pennsylvania Charter of Privileges, William Penn (1701) — Government Printing Office (1909).
  56. A Selected Works of Walter Moyle, (~1696-1721, pub. 1796) — Kessinger Publishing reprint.
  57. A A Questions of Public Law, Cornelius van Bynkershoek (1737) — Oxford University Press (1930).
  58. A The Principles of Natural and Politic Law, Jean Jacques Burlamaqui (1748, tr. Thomas Nugent 1752) — Liberty Fund.
  59. A The Spirit of Laws, Charles de Montesquieu, (1748, tr. Thomas Nugent 1752) — Prometheus Books.
  60. A Selected Essays of David Hume, (1754) — Oxford University Press.
  61. A Albany Plan of Union, Benjamin Franklin (1754) — Vantage Press.
  62. A In Defense of a Plan for Colonial Union, Benjamin Franklin (1754) — Black's Reader Service (1932).
  63. A Institutes of natural law, Thomas Rutherforth (1754) — Lawbook Exchange reprint.
  64. A Selected Political Works of Jean Jacques Rousseau, (1754-1772) — University of Wisconsin Press, ed. Frederick Watkins.
  65. A The Law of Nations, Emmerich de Vattel (1758) — Lawbook Exchange reprint.
  66. A The Rights of the British Colonies Asserted and Proved, James Otis (1764) — UMI Books on Demand (2002).
  67. A Of Crimes and Punishments, Cesare Beccaria (1764) — Academic Reprints (1953).
  68. A Virginia Resolves on the Stamp Act, Patrick Henry (1765 May 30) — Ed. Samuel Eliot Morison, Oxford University Press.
  69. A The Declaration of Rights of the Stamp Act Congress (1765) — University Of Chicago Press (October 15, 1976).
  70. A The Declaratory Act (1766) — University Of Chicago Press (October 15, 1976).
  71. A An Essay on the History of Civil Society, Adam Ferguson (1767) — Cambridge University Press.
  72. A A A Camden, Mansfield and the English Constitution — Multiple books.
  73. A Letters of Junius, Unknown (1767-72) — Kessinger Publishing reprint.
  74. A The English Constitution, John Louis De Lolme (1771) — Liberty Fund.
  75. A The Rights of the Colonists, Samuel Adams (1772) — Kessinger Publishing reprint.
  76. A Fairfax County Resolves (1774) — F.H. Shaw (1982).
  77. A Declaration of Colonial Rights, First Continental Congress (1774) — Government Printing Office (1904).
  78. A Articles of Association (1774) — Government Printing Office (1905).
  79. A Charlotte Town Resolves, sometimes called the Mecklenburg Resolves (May 31, 1775) — Kessinger Publishing reprint.
  80. A Declaration of Taking Up Arms, Second Continental Congress (July 6, 1775) — Government Printing Office (1905).
  81. A On Civil Liberty, Passive Obedience, and Nonresistance, Jonathan Boucher (1775) — Kessinger Publishing reprint.
  82. Selected Writings of Thomas Paine.
    1. A Common Sense — Replica Books.
    2. A The American Crisis — Replica Books.
    3. A Rights of Man — Replica Books.
    4. A The Trial of Thomas Paine for a Libel — Unable to find.
    5. A Age of Reason — Replica Books.
    6. A Agrarian Justice — Replica Books.
  83. A The Virginia Declaration of Rights (1776) — University of Michigan Library.
  84. A U.S. Declaration of Independence (July 4, 1776) — Cato Institute.
  85. A Selected Political Works of Richard Price — Cambridge University Press.
  86. A Fragment on Government, Jeremy Bentham (1776) — Cambridge University Press.
  87. A Articles of Confederation (1777) — University of Wisconsin Press.
  88. A The Principles of Morals and Legislation, Jeremy Bentham (1781) — Prometheus Books.
  89. A Criminal Libel and the Duty of Juries, Joseph Towers (1764, 1784), Francis Maseres (1792) — Unable to find.
  90. Selected Political Works of Immanual Kant (~1785-95).
    1. A Introduction to the Metaphysics of Morals, tr. W. Hastie (1785) — Unable to find
    2. A Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysics of Morals, tr. Thomas Kingsmill Abbott (1785) — Unable to find
    3. A On the Relationship of Theory to Practice in Political Right, (Excerpt) Immanual Kant (1792) — Unable to find.
    4. A Perpetual Peace, Immanual Kant (1795) — Unable to find.
    5. A Essays and Treatises on Moral, Political, and Various Philosophical Subjects, Emanual Kant (1798) — Unable to find.
  91. A The Northwest Ordinance (1787) — Indiana Historical Society (1989).
  92. Constitutional Ratification Debates
    1. A Notes of Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787, James Madison. — W. W. Norton.
    2. A Constitution for the United States (1787) — Government Printing Office (January 2006).
    3. A The Federalist Papers, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay (1787-88) — Signet Classics.
    4. A Anti-Federalist Papers (1787-89) — Greenwood Press.
    5. A The Debates in the Several Conventions on the Adoption of the Federal Constitution, Jonathan Elliot (1836) — University of Michigan Library.
    6. A Documentary History of the Constitution of the United States of America — U.S. State Department (1894, 1900).
    7. A Documentary History of the Bill of Rights — Chelsea House Pub.
    8. A A A Selected Essays from the Founding Period — Our collection does not correspond to any one print collection.
  93. A A Defense of the Constitutions of Government of the United States of America, John Adams (1787-89) — Da Capo Pr. (1911)
  94. A Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen (Marquis de Lafayette, Thomas Jefferson, 1789) — Kessinger Publishing.
  95. A Selected Works of Edmund Burke (1788-92) — Oxford University Press.
  96. A A Vindication of the Rights of Women, Mary Wollstonecraft (1792) — Modern Library.
  97. A Tracts on Political and Other Subjects, Joseph Towers (1796) — Unable to find.
  98. Federalist-Republican Debates 1792-1800
    1. A Against the Constitutionality of the Bank of the United States, Thomas Jefferson — Palgrave Macmillan.
    2. A For the Constitutionality of the Bank of the United States, Alexander Hamilton — Palgrave Macmillan.
    3. A Farewell Address, George Washington (1796). Dover Publications
    4. A The Virginia Report, J.W. Randolph, ed. (1850) — Lawbook Exchange reprint.
    5. A First Inaugural Address, Thomas Jefferson (1801) — Dover Publications.
  99. A1  A2  A3  A4  A5  A6  A7  A8  A9  A10  A11  A12  A13  A14  A15  A16  A17  A18  A19  A20  Writings of Thomas JeffersonKessinger Publishing 20 vol. (1853).
  100. U. Chicago Press: (Vol. 1-4 appear to be out of print.)
    Revolution: A5  A6  A7 
    U. Virginia Press:
    Congress: A11  A12  A17 
    Sec. State: A1  A2  A3  A4  A5  A6  A7  A8 
    President: A1  A2  A3  A4  A5 
    Works of James Madison — Several print collections.
  101. A Tucker's Blackstone, St. George Tucker (1803) — The Commentaries on the Laws of England by William Blackstone (1769), with additional commentaries by Tucker adapting the common law to the needs of the U.S. Constitution — Lawbook Exchange reprint.
  102. A Works of James Wilson (1804) — Liberty Fund.
  103. A Dallas, Cranch and Wheaton — Unable to find.
  104. A Journal of William MaclayKessinger Publishing.
  105. Annals of Congress: A1  A4-1  A7-1  A7-2  A8  A10-1  A11-1,2  A11-3  A12-1.1  A12-1.2  A12-2  A13  A14  A15-1  A17 
    Statutes at Large:
    A5  A6 
    — Records of debates and statutes in the first years of the U.S. Congress.
  106. A An Inquiry into the Principles and Policy of the Government of the United States, John Taylor (1814) — Lawbook Exchange reprint.
  107. A Construction Construed and Constitutions Vindicated, John Taylor (1820) — Lawbook Exchange reprint.
  108. A Tyranny Unmasked, John Taylor (1821) — Cosimo Classics (2005).
  109. A The Elements of the Art of Packing, As Applied to Special Juries, Particularly in Cases of Libel Law, Jeremy Bentham (written 1809, published 1821) — W. Tait (1843).
  110. A New Views of the Constitution of the United States, John Taylor (1823) — Regnery Publishing (2000).
  111. A Commentaries on American Law, James Kent (1826) — Fred B Rothman & Co. (merged into William S. Hein & Co.); 12th edition (1989).
  112. A A View of the Constitution, William Rawle (1829) — Lawbook Exchange reprint.
  113. A Works of Daniel Webster (1782-1852) — Little, Brown and Co. (1860).
  114. A Hayne-Webster Debate (1830) — Cornell University Library.
  115. A Selected Works of John C. Calhoun, (1831) — Gateway Editions (2003)
  116. A Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States, Joseph Story (1833) — Lawbook Exchange reprint.
  117. A K A Brief Enquiry into the True Nature and Character of our Federal Government, ..., Abel Parker Upshur (1840, 1868) — Lawbook Exchange reprint.
  118. A Seneca Falls Declaration, Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1848). — Teaching & Learning Co (November 1, 2002).
  119. A Civil Disobedience, Henry David Thoreau (1849) — bnpublishing.com (June 2, 2006).
  120. A The Law, Frederick Bastiat (1850) — Ludwig von Mises Institute (June 22, 2007).
  121. A Law Dictionary, John Bouvier (1856) — William S. Hein & Co..
  122. A A Selected Political Works of John Stuart Mill (~1860-9) — Includes On Liberty, Representative Government, Utilitarianism, and The Subjection of Women. Different collections.
  123. I Submenu Documents and Commentary on Slavery, the Confederate States of America, and the 1861-65 War of Secession.
  124. A The American Republic: its Constitution, Tendencies, and Destiny, O. A. Brownson (1866) — Kessinger Publishing.
  125. A A Treatise on the Constitutional Limitations Which Rest Upon the Legislative Powers of The States of the American Union, Thomas M. Cooley (1868, 1883) — Lawbook Exchange reprint.
  126. A The General Principles of Constitutional Law in the United States of America, Thomas M. Cooley (1891) — Lawbook Exchange reprint.
  127. A The Evolution of the Constitution of the United States, Sydney George Fisher (1897). — Lawbook Exchange reprint.
  128. A The Grand Jury, George J. Edwards (1906) — Lawbook Exchange reprint.
  129. A Federal Usurpation, Franklin Pierce (1908) — Kessinger Publishing.
  130. A State Documents on Federal Relations, Herman V. Ames (1911) — University of Pennsylvania (1906).
  131. A Robert's Rules of Order Revised, Henry Robert (1915) — Morrow Quill Paperbacks.
  132. A Constitutional Conventions, Roger Sherman Hoar (1917) — Kessinger Publishing.
  133. A Recent Changes in American Constitutional Theory, John W. Burgess (1923) — Ayer Co Pub (June 1972).
  134. A The Revival of Natural Law Concepts, Charles Grove Haines (1930) — Russell & Russell (1965).
  135. A Sources of English Constitutional History: 600-1937, Carl Stephenson & Frederick George Marcham (1937) — Harper (1937).
  136. A Union Now, Clarence K. Streit (1939) — Harper & Brothers (1939).
  137. A Constitutionalism: Ancient and Modern, Charles Howard McIlwain (1947) — Great Seal Books (1958).
  138. A The Origins of Modern Constitutionalism, Francis D. Wormuth (1949) — Harper and Brothers (1949).
  139. A Jurisdiction over Federal Areas within the States — Unable to find.
  140. Militia Treatises, James B. Whisker.
    1. A The Militia — Edwin Mellen Press (1992).
    2. A Introduction to the American Colonial Militia — Edwin Mellen Press (1997).
    3. A The New England Militia, 1606-1785 — Edwin Mellen Press (1997).
    4. A The Pennsylvania Colonial Militia — Edwin Mellen Press (1997).
    5. A The Colonial Militias of New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland — Edwin Mellen Press (1997).
    6. A The Colonial Militia of the Southern States, 1606-1785 — Edwin Mellen Press (1997).
    7. A The Rise and Decline of the American Militia System — Susquehanna University Press (1999).
  141. HTML Version Selected Works on Tyranny — To understand the principles of constitutional republican government, one must understand the principles of its opposite.
  142. Submenu Trials of Liberty — Some of the best expositions of law and constitutional principles are made during trials.
  143. Submenu Landmark Court Decisions — Includes commentaries on the rulings and the opinions.
  144. Submenu Constitutional History & Commentary — Books, anthologies, and essays.
  145. Submenu History & Economics Background — Books, anthologies, and essays.
  146. Submenu Legal Briefs Collection — Organized by subject.
  147. Submenu Law Review Article Collection — Organized by subject.
  148. Submenu Common Law Writs — Sometimes called Extraordinary Remedies, they are key to understanding the Constitution.
  149. Submenu U.S. State Constitutions and Web Sites
  150. Submenu National Constitutions — The supreme laws of many of the most important countries, for comparative analysis.

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