The Restoration of the Stuart Family to the Throne

May 8, 1660

Although it can no way be doubted but that his Majesty's right and title to his crowns and kingdoms is and was every way completed by the death of his royal father of glorious memory, without the ceremony or solemnity of a proclamation, yet since proclamations in such cases have been always used, to the end that good subjects might upon this occasion testify to their duty and respects, and since armed violence and other the calamities of these many years last past have hitherto deprived us of any such opportunity wherein we might express our loyalty and allegiance to his Majesty, we, therefore, the Lords and Commons now assembled in Parliament, together with the lord mayor, aldermen an commons of the city of London and other freemen of this kingdom now present, do, according to our duty and allegiance, heartily, joyfully and unanimously acknowledge and proclaim that immediately upon the decease of our late Sovereign Lord King Charles the imperial crown of the realm of England, and of all the kingdoms, dominions and rights belonging to the same, did by inheritance, birthright and lawful and undoubted succession descend and come to his most excellent Majesty Charles the Second, as being Iineally, justly and lawfully next heir of the blood royal of this realm, and that by the goodness and providence of almighty God he is of England, Scotland, France and Ireland the most potent, mighty and undoubted King, Defender of the Faith, &c.  And thereunto we most humbly and faithfully do submit and oblige ourselves, our heirs and posterities for ever.