Ames, Fisher, Rep., Massachusetts.
Ashe, John Baptist, Rep., North Carolina.
Baldwin, Abraham, Rep., Georgia.
Barry, Captain, captain in the United States Navy during the Revolution.
Bassett, Richard, Senator, Delaware.
Beckley, John, Clerk of the House of Representatives.
Benson, Rep., New York.
Bingham, William, afterward Pennsylvania States Senator.
Bland, Theodore, Rep., Virginia.
Boudinot, Elias, Rep., New Jersey.
Brown, John, Rep., Virginia.
Bryan, Judge, father of the abolition laws.
Burke, Edmund, Edanus Rep., South Carolina.
Butler, Pierce, Senator, South Carolina.
Carroll, Charles, Senator, Maryland. (Note. Written with one "1" in journal.)
Carroll, David, Rep., Maryland.
Chew, President of the Pennsylvania High Court of Errors and Appeals, 1790-1806.
Clymer, George, Rep., Pennsylvania.
Coles, Isaac, Rep., Virginia.
Contee, Benjamin, Rep., Maryland.
Coxe, Tench, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury.
Dalton, Tristram, Senator, Massachusetts.
Delany, Sharpe, Collector of Duties at the Port of Philadelphia.
Dickenson, Philemon, Senator, New Jersey.
Ellicott, Andrew, Surveyor.
Ellsworth, Oliver, Senator, Connecticut. (Note. Written Elsworth in the Journal.)
Elmer, Jonathan, Senator, New Jersey.
Few, William, Senator, Georgia.
Findley, William, afterward Congressman, serving eleven terms.
Fitzimons, Thomas, Rep., Pennsylvania.
Floyd, William, Rep., New York.
Foster, Theodore, Senator, Rhode Island.
Gale, George, Rep., Maryland.
Gallatin, Albert, afterward United State Senator.
Gerry, Elbridge, Rep., Massachusetts.
Giles, William B., Rep., Virginia.
Gilman, Nicholas, Rep., New Hampshire.
Goodhue, Benjamin, Rep., Massachusetts.
Grayson, William, Senator, Virginia.
Gray, George, member of the Constitutional Convention of Pennsylvania, 1789-'90.
Grout, Jonathan, Rep., Massachusetts.
Gunn, James, Senator, Georgia.
Gurney, Colonel Francis, member of Pennsylvania Legislature.
Hamilton, Alexander, Secretary of the Treasury.
Harris, Davy, son of John Harris.
Harris, John, founder of Harrisburg, father-in-law to William Maclay.
Hartley, Thomas, Rep., Pennsylvania.
Hawkins, Benjamin, Senator, North Carolina.
Heister, Daniel, Rep., Pennsylvania.
Henry, John, Senator, Maryland.
Hillagas, Michael, Assistant Treasurer.
Huger, Daniel, Rep., South Carolina.
Humphreys, Colonel.
Huntingdon, Benjamin, Rep., Connecticut.
Irwin, Matthew, Master of Rolls of Pennsylvania, 1790-1800.
Izard, Ralph, Senator, South Carolina.
Jackson, James, Rep., Georgia.
Jefferson, Thomas, Secretary of State.
Johnson, William S., Senator, Connecticut.
Johnston, Samuel, Senator, North Carolina
King, Rufus, Senator, New York.
Knox, General, Secretary of War.
Langdon, John, Senator, New Hampshire.
Lawrence, John, Rep., New York.
Lear, Tobias, Private Secretary to Washington.
Lee, Richard Henry, Senator, Virginia.
Leonard, George, Rep., Massachusetts.
Linn, Chaplain of the Senate.
Livermore, Samuel, Rep., New Hampshire.
Livingston, William, Governor of New Jersey.
Logan, George, member of Pennsylvania Legisture.
MacLay, William, Senator, Pennsylvania.
MacPherson, William, afterward Naval Officer of the Port of Philadelphia.
Matthews, George, Rep., Georgia.
Madison, James, Jr., Rep., Virginia.
Meredith, Samuel, first Treasurer of the United States, 1789-1801.
Mifflin, General Thomas, President of the Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania.
Miles, Samuel, Mayor of Philadelphia, 1790-'91.
Montgomery, Colonel John, commissioned County, Pa., in 1794.
Morris, Robert, Senator, Pennsylvania.
Muhlenberg, F. A., Rep., Pennsylvania, and Speaker of the House.
Oswald, Eleazer, editor "Independent Gazetteer."
Otis, Samuel, Secretary of the Senate.
Parker, Josiah, Rep., Virginia.
Partridge, George, Rep., Massachusetts.
Paterson, William, Senator, New Jersey
Petit, chairman of the Public Creditors.
Peters, Richard, Speaker of the Pennsylvania Assembly, 1789-'90.
Powell, afterward Speaker of Pennsylvania Senate.
Read, George, Senator, Delaware.
Rush, Dr. Benjamin, member of Pennsylvania Convention which ratified the United States Constitution, 1787.
Ryerson, member of Pennsylvania Assembly.
Scott, Thomas, Rep., Pennsylvania.
Schuyler, Philip, Senator, New York.
Sedgwick, Theodore, Rep., Massachusetts.
Seney, Joshua, Rep., Maryland.
Sherman, Roger, Rep., Connecticut.
Smilie, John, member of Pennsylvania Legislature, afterward of Congress, 1793-'95, 1799-1813.
Smith, William, Rep., Maryland.
Stanton, Joseph, Senator, Rhode Island.
Stone, Michael J., Rep., Maryland.
Strong, Caleb, Senator, Massachusetts.
Sturges, Jonathan, Rep., Connecticut.
Sylvester, Peter, Rep., New York.
Thatcher, George, Rep., Massachusetts.
Thompson, Charles, Secretary of the old Congress.
Trumbull, Jonathan, Rep., Connecticut.
Truxtun, Captain. afterward Commander of the frigate Constellation.
Tucker, Thomas T., Rep., South Carolina.
Wadsworth, Jeremiah, Rep., Connecticut.
White, Alexander, Rep., Virginia.
Williamson, Hugh, Rep., North Carolina.
Wingate, Paine, Senator, New Hampshire.
Wynkoop, Henry, Rep., Pennsylvania.
Vandalsen, William Maclay's' landlord while in New York.
Vining, John, Rep., Delaware.

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