American Taxation

Peter St. John

To the tune of "The British Grenadiers"

While I relate my story, Americans give ear;
Of Britain's fading glory, you presently shall hear.
I'll give a true relation, attend to what I say,
Concerning the taxation of North America.

The cruel lords of Britain, who glory in their shame,
The project they have hit on they joyfully proclaim;
'Tis what they're striving after our rights to take away,
And rob us of our charter in North America.

There are two mighty speakers who rule in Parliament,
Who ever have been seeking some mischief to invent;
'Twas North, and Bute his father, the horrid plan did lay,
A mighty tax to gather in North America.

These subtle arch-combiners addressed the British court,
All three were undersigners of this obscure report--
There is a pleasant landscape that lieth far away,
Beyond the wide Atlantic in North America.

O King, you've heard the sequel of what we now subscribe,
Is it not just and equal to tax this wealthy tribe?
The question being asked, his majesty did say,
My subjects shall be taxed in North America.

Invested with a warrant, my publicans shall go,
The tenth of all their current they surely shall bestow;
If they indulge rebellion, or from my precepts stray,
I'll send my war battalion to North America.

I'll rally all my fores by water and by land,
My light dragoons and horses shall go at my command;
I'll burn both town and city, with smoke becloud the day,
I'll show no human pity for North America.

O George! you are distracted, you'll by experience find
The laws you have enacted are of the blackest kind.
I'll make a short digression, and tell you by the way,
We fear not your oppression in North America.

Our fathers were distressed, while in their native land,
By tyrants were oppressed, as we do understand;
For freedom and religion they were resolved to stray,
And trace the desert regions of North America.

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