"An Old Whig"

The "An Old Whig" wrote a series of 8 articles that appeared in the Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer between October 12, 1787, and February 6, 1788. He argued that delegated powers in the Constitution were too broad.

The letters did not have titles. The titles shown are the editor's.

No Title Yr Mo Da
1 The constitution once established never can be altered or amended 1787 Oct 12
2 Every power not expressly given must be reserved 1787 Oct 17
3 Treaty clause too dangerous 1787 Oct 20
4 Bill of Rights needed 1787 Oct 27
5 What Bill of Rights must include 1787 Nov 1
6 Taxation power too broad 1787 Nov 2
7 Convention lacked authority, need new one 1787 Nov 28
8 Amendments needed before ratification 1788 Feb 6

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