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Lincoln and Liberty

1860 Campaign Song

To the tune of "Rosin the Beau"

Hurrah for the choice of the nation!
Our chieftain so brave and so true;
We'll go for the great Reformation--
For Lincoln and Liberty too!

We'll go for the son of Kentucky,
The hero of Hoosierdom through;
The pride of the Suckers so lucky
For Lincoln and Liberty too!

Our good David's sling is unerring,
The Slaveocrat's giant he slew;
Then shout for the Freedom-preferring,
For Lincoln and Liberty too!

They'll find what by felling and mauling,
Our railmaker statesman can do;
For the people are everywhere calling
For Lincoln and Liberty too.

Then up with our banner so glorious,
The star-spangled red-white-and-blue,
We'll fight till our Cause is victorious,
For Lincoln and Liberty too!

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Original URL: http://www.constitution.org/col/lyrics/lincoln_and_liberty.html
Jon Roland of the Constitution Society
Original date: 2011/10/30 — 

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