Jon Roland
for Office of
Texas Attorney General

The Texas Constitution and statutes governing the Office of Attorney General establish limits on what the Attorney General can do officially. However, the person holding the office can use it as a pulpit to advocate reforms outside his proper jurisdiction. Therefore, this platform is divided:

Official Agenda

  • Make more effective use of grand juries to investigate problems, particularly official misconduct, not being addressed by other agencies.
  • Selectively defend Texas citizens against federal abuses and usurpations, where doing so is likely to result in significant court precedents.
  • Review all opinions of previous attorneys general for constitutional compliance.

Advocacy Agenda

  • Convene town meetings in cities across the state to discuss local problems and official misconduct, which will hopefully become regular monthly forums for reformers of all kinds.
  • Work for drafting and adoption of a new Texas Constitution that better protects the rights of Texans.
  • For more see Agenda for Texas.

This page is from 2002. For current 2006 race see Roland Campaign Home