The Colonial American

Militia, 1606-1785:

An Introduction

James Biser Whisker

The Edwin Mellen Press

Lewiston/ Queenston/ Lampeter

Research for, and publication of, this book were

made possible by a grant from

The Second Amendment Foundation


The Citizen-Soldier 1

The New England Beginnings 9

Plans for a Unified Military Command 23

The Albany Plan 43

Provincials and Regulars 57

Martial Law and Military Discipline 65

Roles of the Militia 74

Training Days 79

Arms and Strategy 85

Militia as a Reservoir 93

Militia of the French Enemy 97

On the Other Side 99

Tories in the Middle and Southern States 128

Conscientious Objectors 153

The Continental Militia 167

Notes 185

Bibliography 237