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To: All militia units, other patriots, and selected media persons

Re: Potential threats and security therefor

This is a followup on the previous letter of 95/02/20 concerning the possible mass arrest of militia leaders and patriots.

We continue to get confirming reports, but so far no hard evidence, of a mass arrest, with the date march 25 being most often mentioned. We have the NRA, other civil rights organizations, and at least six US Senators inquiring into the matter.

To the basic reports have come several unconfirmed reports as to what the targets might be and what offenses might be staged to be blamed on militia activists.

First, we have several unconfirmed reports that the targets include major patriot writers and media figures and certain investigative reporters. Not just those who have participated in organizing groups. Second, we have several reports of possible plans for atrocities to be committed by agents against innocent persons and blamed on militia activists. The atrocity targets include the following, with many variants possible:

(1) The homes and families of "straight" government agents, judges, and elected officials. This would provide a pretext for labeling militiamen "terrorists" and also bring on board "straights" who are now resisting efforts to suppress the militia movement.

(2) "Straight" local law enforcement personnel asked to either serve warrants on militia leaders or to accompany federal agents while they do so. The local officials and militiamen would be killed and the killings made to look like they were done by the militiamen.

(3) Crowded public places, to be bombed and the bombings blamed on militia leaders, with evidence to later be planted on them.

For a variety of reasons, it may be best for militia leaders to keep weapons nearby, but not on their persons, to avoid providing a pretext for gunning them down. On the other hand, it may also be a good idea if other militiamen remain nearby, armed, with the main events in view, and in a security deployment that allows them to watch each other and the area. If innocents, whether militia leaders or local law officials, are to be killed anyway, we need to be able to protect them and if not, to get video footage and make sure that evidence is preserved and disseminated.

Protecting the homes and families of agents, judges, and other officials is more difficult. We need to at least warn them of our concerns, and make sure that no one pretending to be active in the militia even talks about doing anything like that. If enough volunteers are available, it might be a good idea to patrol by potential targets on a random schedule to increase the risks that any such attack would be intercepted. But since such patroling could be misunderstood, it should not be done without coordinating with the potential targets and their organizations, and with local law enforcement.

There isn't much we can do about protecting public places other than to stay vigilant and make it difficult for false evidence to be planted on anyone. Might take pictures of the interiors of activists' homes and places of business to be compared with any later "crime scene" photos made after evidence is planted. Such comparisons can often serve to show that planting has occurred.

Media persons should be wary of floods of disinformation coming from government sources, especially when it seems to be trying to build public alarm about the militia movement.

Jon Roland, Founder