Militia Dead Links

These are no longer accessible. Please notify us of updated URLs.

  • Remote Link - HTML United States Theater Command Communications Center — Published by Dave Rydel.
  • Remote Link - HTML America's Republic Militia — Claim to have activists in 43 states as of June, 2001.
  • Remote Link - HTML First Virtual Volunteers — Warriors of the World Wide Web.
  • Remote Link - HTML Militia Directory — Another directory from theMinuteman Press.
  • Remote Link - HTML Militia Web Sites — Link collection.
  • Remote Link - HTML Ernie's Militia/Patriot Links — Links to various patriot pages.
  • Remote Link - HTML Radical Right Patriot/Militia Links — Links to various patriot sites.
  • Remote Link - HTML Sovereign's WWW Content Page — Links to various patriot sites.
  • Remote Link - HTML Jeff Chan's Militia Collection — A collection of articles and documents on the militia.
  • Remote Link - HTML Alternet Militia Archive — A very good collection of articles and materials related to the militia movement, including material on Rep. Helen Chenoweth, the Congressional hearings, Samuel Sherwood, and other subjects.
  • Remote Link - HTML Patriots Against the New World Order Totalitarianism Index — A number of different essays, including articles on the militia movement. One is an article by Bo Gritz on the disarming of the United States.