This article was transmitted to a major Montana newspaper who had contacted the AP to research an article published in Sofia on February 1, 1996. I can attest that most of the info in the article is absolutely true. Hove, Jeanne Wolfe, Richard Hobbs, editor Chinook Opinion can be contacted and will give you bits of info. Nobody knows about the article. Please be advised that my identity cannot be disclosed at this time but I am from Montana. MAC MAN

P.S. Please try to get this out to as much people as possible.

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by Krassimir Ivandjiiski
Follows the text of the article published on the 1st February in my paper the monthly "Bulgaria Confidential". Yesterday I was approached by the local correspondents of AP. But they are very unprofessional and even do not know where Montana is. Because they have problems with the translation from Bulgarian into English they will be "checking the reliability of the newspaper". What idiots - they should check first of all the article but they do not have the slightest idea about those things. More that that - one of the local AP people is connected to the money laundering through an insurance institution. That is why if there is some interest please contact me directly. At the end there is a short CV of mine just for the record and if there are some questions. Contact me by fax/phone 011-359-2 72 80 79 or my office 011-359-2-87 21 78. Please have in mind that I have already some expenses and further information should be paid.

Sincerely yours: Krassimir Ivandjiiski


"Bulgaria Confidential" disclosures; Published for the first time - incriminatory information about the traffic of drugs in the state of Montana /USA/; Local officials are involved; The scandal can shake the entire North America;

The following disclosures were made with the assistance of tens of people in the US, Canada and Europe, fighting against drug-trafficking and international terrorism. Today some of them are not alive. Others continue the struggle, and have seeked the cooperation of "Bulgaria Confidential". In this way we assist the FBI, CIA, and Interpol. When we speak about the biggest enemy of the modern world - the Mafia and narcotraffic, there are no former enemies. There is a present human interaction. The following lines have been written wearily and tiresomely. But that is exactly what the fight with drug-trafficking looks like.

The North-central American state - Montana, has for a long time served as a principal channel for the drug-traffickers passing form Canada into the United States. The small American cities on the Montana-Canada border - Libby, Conrad, Havre, Chinook, and Sidney, have long been well-known to the federal agencies as depots and destinations in the smuggling of heroin, cocaine and marijuana from the Canada-based Sicilian, Columbian, and Chinese Mafia. They execute their operations from Vancouver - in Canadian British Columbia. From there the Mafia directs its criminal activity within USA and Latin America.

The strategy of the drug-traffickers is simple. The border of the state of Montana, famous for its clean environment, and untouched national parks and game reserves, stretches vastly and is almost unguarded. The traffickers also utilize the lack of border surveillance of the Canadian and Canadian border provincial governments. But more important to the Mafia is the availability of police protection from corrupt state and local government connections.

Sidney, Montana

From a closed police investigation in 1991, instituted by the police commissioner in the town of Sidney - Richard Hobbes linked the former deputy county attorney Phillip Carter and police detective David Schettine in large-scale Montana smuggling operations since the early 1980's. The drug operations in Sidney are also associated with the mysterious deaths of at least three people, who have known about the traffic and have cooperated with the FBI in its investigation - Jerry Herdt, Michael Wolfe, and Bruce Madsen. Michael Wolfe is alleged to have told acquaintances that he will be murdered by David Schettine shortly before he was found burned to death across the North Dakota border, not far form Sidney. Other numerous witnesses have been harassed and falsely arrested after it was found that they had given information to the Montana criminal investigation bureau and the FBI.

Havre-Chinook, Montana

Since the 1980's the former Chinook county attorney Donald Ranstrom has been linked to a large scale crime operation involving tons of cocaine and marijuana. Eye-witnesses from the Chinook area have reported to the FBI that they have seen attorney Ranstrom unload hundreds of large packages of cocaine form a private airplane at the Chinook airport. Confidential information obtained recently, has attributed statements to two Montana state prison inmates, Mr. James Wilson and Mr. David Bone that they had been directed to execute Chinook drug dealer Richard Cowan and his wife Bernardette in 1987. The killings occurred after the couple had threatened to go to the police to expose the drug operations in Chinook. The Cowans advised their friends that if anything should happen to them - "It would be because attorney Donald Ranstrom had ordered it". The conversation was recorded and has been made available to the FBI in the United States.

Attorney Dan Ranstrom is also closely associated with a president of Chinook's Montana Bank branch. The Montana Bank has offices through the state, and has been fined for its role in bankrolling the Kurth family drug operations. Two former employees of the Chinook, Montana Bank have provided information given to the FBI regarding money laundering operations of drug profits by Mr. Bill Larson and Donald Ranstrom. To date the information has not lead to any arrests in the US. One theory is that attorney Ranstrom has used his influential contact with popular republican governor, Marc Racicot to obstruct any investigations.

Libby, Montana

Libby-Eureka- in Northeast Montana, has for a long time served as a drug depot, sent by the Sicilian Mafia of Joseph Bonanno from Canada. After a clandestine landing strip was established in the region, for planes shipping the drugs, local Montana Highway Patrol officer Michael Remz began to stop the Bonnano vehicles over a three month period, until one day he was found shot dead by his patrol car. To date we have no information whether Bonanno has abandoned the drug-smuggling operations at the Libby-Eureka landing strip.

Lambert, Montana

Clinton Mullen is the owner of a successful business in Lambert, Montana. During the spring of 1994 he sought the legal advice of Sidney attorney Phillip Carter. In his office Carter approached the Mullen family to haul drugs from Los Angeles to Sidney, Montana. Mullen declined the offer. Carter warned Mullen that he would make life for him "A Living Hell". Soon after, the Mullen firm was vandalized and burglarized, and the local police would not assist the Mullens. A few weeks later the Mullens were stalked and attacked outside an nightspot. Mr. and Mrs. Mullen placed reports with the local Police that an attorney and close friend of Phillip Carter, Gary Ryder had ordered the attack while in the nightclub. More than eight witnesses gave statements under oath to the local police confirming the Mullens' story. The Montana attorney general's office was called in to investigate the reports and did not clear attorney Ryder. At the same time the Mullens made their report Mr. Gary Ryder harassed the Mullens, the eye witnesses and their attorney Mr. Arnie Hove at the local police station. Afterwards the Mullens hired a private investigator from Phoenix-Arizona to gather information. He travelled to Sidney in an unmarked car and found that he was followed by a police car, when he went to talk to witnesses. One witness, Anita Tomalino, received threats on her telephone that if she continued to talk, she would be killed. A recording of the threats made on the answering machine, was given to the FBI. By this time Clinton Mullen had retained Circle, Montana attorney Arnie Hove to sue Phillip Carter, Gary Ryder for attempted murder and robbery. During the same period Hove began to provide information to the FBI about attorney Carter and other individuals involved in drug operations in Sidney and Eastern Montana. Both Hove and Mullen are now being sued in civil court by attorney Ryder. Hove has complained privately that he is now targeted in the Montana supreme court's commission on practice by Ryder, to lose his license because Ryder is on the commission on practice board.

Helena, Montana

Helena is the state capital of Montana. Here governor Marc Racicot has a residence. Before the governor election in 1992, Racicot had been Montana Attorney General. It is from his office that the order to ignore all signals of drug trafficking in Sidney, Chinook, Lambert, Havre, and Libby was issued. Afterwards Racicot was elected state governor. Despite numerous witnesses who came forward with information Racicot advised news reporters he could find no evidence implicating those suspected of drug-trafficking. During the investigation more than 20 witnesses were arrested on questionable charges. They were threatened by attorney Carter and police officer Schettine. Several witnesses died under mysterious circumstances. News stories by newspapers in Billings, Butte, Miles City and Chinook have implied that there may be a Helena influence protecting the drug operations. Racicot is a popular politician in Montana. Few, however know Racicot's history of substance abuse. He explains it by admitting he is a recovering alcoholic. Other information will also indicate long time involvement with attorney Donald Ranstrom and Phillip Carter. Marc Racicot has expressed privately his ambitions for the republican nomination for vice-president in 2000, despite that beneath his governor's window passes one of the biggest drug-channels. If in the near future the expected arrests take place a national scandal will erupt in Montana, which will lead to the destruction of one of the big drug-channels from Europe to Canada through the USA, Mexico and Columbia...

A big tragedy is hidden behind these statistical sentences. The tentacles of the "octopus" pass from Canada through the vast in territory, but inhabited by only 800 000 people, state of Montana. Because of its beauty and nature, it is desired by the American millionaires. But the octopus has already nested its lair here, and expects new victims. For the first time in the history of drug-trafficking, through this publication Bulgaria truly assists in the destruction of the global narco-web. For understandable reasons, we have not published all the information that we possess.

Krassimir Ivandjiiski, publisher of "Top Secret-Bulgaria Confidential" and other newspapers, born 1947, master of science - international economic and diplomatic relations, journalist since 1972, author of more than 2000 publications and several books, head of intern. department of the largest former Bulgarian official newspaper, head of Offices for Central Europe /Prague, Warsaw, Wien/ and Africa /Addis Ababa, Harare/, speaks English, Russian, Polish, Czech, Spanish, Bulgarian, used as a consultant by different international political and economic institutions, covering high level meetings and conferences, Co-president of the political movement "National Movement for Neutral Bulgaria", available for consulting, marketing, coordinating, investigative, investment oriented communications and projects through Eastern Europe.

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