April 29, 1996

Governor Marc Racicot
Office of the Governor
State of Montana
State Capitol
Helena, Montana 59620-0801

Re: "Drugs Are Trafficked from Canada to US" By Krassimir Ivandjiiski "Top Secret - Bulgaria Confidential", February 1, 1996

Dear Governor Racicot:

I am in receipt of your letter of April 25, 1996 to Free Speech Newspaper demanding a retraction of the reprinted article we published from the February, 1996" Top Secret - Bulgaria Confidential" by Krassimir Ivandjiiski. I am surprised that you have contacted Free Speech Newspaper. From what I understand the article has also been published by a wire service in England, a publication in Vancouver B.C., in Australia, and has been extensively republished on the internet.

The thrust of the article is that there is unchecked political corruption in Montana involving drugs and law enforcement personnel. The conclusion reached by journalist Krassimir Ivandjiiski is that you have had personal knowledge and/or culpability in the covering up of investigations while you were Attorney General and during the course of your term as Governor, and that you have either ignored the reports or actively participated in the suppression of the witnesses.

Prior to publishing the article one of our staff researchers contacted sources in Montana which corroborated key premises of the Ivandjiiski article as to drug trafficking around the Havre area and the Sidney-Fairview-Lambert area. Our researcher, who has investigated extensively the Bonano crime family operations in Arizona, also contacted investigator Michael Roe after he obtained a copy of the second report which was transferred to the FBI in Montana. Investigator Roe was adamant that his contact in the Montana Attorney General's office told him that you had given specific instructions that the files be ignored. Numerous other individuals in Montana also very freely gave Free speech Newspaper similar accounts.

It is clear to Free Speech Newspaper that you should answer some questions regarding your role in the investigations.

  1. Did you not approve of a complaint made by Sidney attorney Phillip N. Carter to the FBI, after affidavits and witness statements emerged, claiming Sidney attorney T.R. Halvorson attempted to illegally wiretap or employ electronic surveillance on the office of Phillip N. Carter, allegedly to gather information concerning Mr. Carter's supposed involvement in drug trafficking?
  2. Did you not personally prosecute Chinook Police Chief Bernie Brost, after he had begun an investigation of then Blaine County Attorney Donald Ranstrom? Did you as required by law disclose to the defense exculpatory information that Police Chief Brost had allegedly observed, along with several other local policemen, drug flights into the Chinook airport, which were allegedly destined for and supervised by Blaine County Attorney Ranstrom?
  3. Were you not ultimately responsible to supervise the 1991 investigation of alleged drug allegations made originally by Sidney City Councilman Richard Hobbs? Did you in fact know that investigator Dan Skultetich advised many of the witnesses he was "not interested in any incidents beyond three years old", concerning the targeted lawyers and law enforcement personnel?
  4. Did you not personally investigate allegations of criminal wrongdoing against Blaine County Attorney Donald Ranstrom in Chinook, Montana and in so doing refused to question or interview many of the witnesses?

These are the most fundamental questions raised from the information which we have received and which we believe you are personally and ethically responsible for. You have apparently used your "prosecutorial discretion" for the advantage of personal friends and as a result enough bodies have accumulated to cause you problems.

The Bismarck Tribune carried a front page article April 14, 1996 about the Wolfe-Madsen murders in the Sidney area. The bodies were found in North Dakota, 1.1 miles across the state line. According to the article you are in receipt of petitions from area residents with 2,555 signatures requesting a look at the deaths. Since the publication of the article in Free Speech Newspaper we have received overwhelming responses from Eastern Montana concerning the deaths. Mr. James Horrack has made an affidavit advising that Mr. Michael Wolfe told him he was fearful attorney Phillip N. Carter and Officer David Schettine were going to kill him. Michael Wolfe wrote a similar letter to his mother, and he told at least four friends that he "would be murdered by David Schettine" only days before his death.

We have also found that James Horack was interviewed under pretext in a most unusual fashion by Deputy County Attorney Gary Ryder in February, 1995 before Mr. Ryder left the Sidney area. Newspaper accounts from the Sidney Herald indicate both the Wolfe home and their attorney's office were burglarized during the course of their inquiry into the death of Michael Wolfe.

Our newspaper like most small newspapers does not have enough resources to turn over every stone. But we know that voluminous documentation supports the Michael Roe Report. We also know attorney Arnie Hove of Circle, Montana has additional independent material corroborating similar drug allegations made in Sidney, Lambert, and Fairview against Phillip N. Carter and David Schettine. We are aware that libel actions have been filed against at least ten witnesses who have had the courage to come forward. Most of the actions have not been prosecuted which means they were likely filed to shut up the witnesses and warn the press not to get involved. We are aware that many of the Sidney witnesses who gave statements to the Montana Criminal Investigation Bureau were then prosecuted by Mr. Carter and Mr. Ryder assisted by Officer Schettine.

We are aware that Lambert trucker Clinton Mullen and his wife Rena testified under oath that they were approached by Phillip N. Carter to haul drugs for them. They respectfully declined. They were subsequently beaten outside a Sidney nightspot and numerous witnesses claim that Mr. Carter's close friend Gary Ryder instigated the beating. Shortly afterward while the investigation into the beating had not been resolved, County Attorney Ryder prosecuted Clinton Mulklen on a ludicrous felony theft charge, and then after the charge was thrown out in District Court, Mr. Ryder appealed the decision to the Montana Supreme Court where it was also disregarded. Mr. Ryder is now suing Clinton Mullen and his former attorney Arnie Hove for allegedly ruining his "reputation".

We are aware that two Montana prison inmates have implicated individuals around Havre including Donald Ranstrom, in the murders of Richard Cowan and his common law wife Bernadette Doiron. We are aware that reports of drug flights to Lambert Montana were ignored in the investigation made by your office when you were Attorney General. We are aware that your investigator Dan Skuletich told Sidney City Councilmen Richard Hobbs that an eye witness admitted to using illegal drugs with attorney Carter while he was prosecutor. We are aware that the resultant report stated effectively that "no evidence of criminal involvement was found". We believe this statement is false and calculated to protect a drug ring and a series of killings linked to several attorneys and police officers in Montana.

The pattern of lawsuits and harassment of witnesses by the suspects will not be tolerated by the world press. Free Speech Newspaper will not be bullied Governor Racicot. We stand by Krassimir Ivandjiiski and believe his article to be a well researched, well written product of good journalism. We take your threat seriously and we intend to make sure no person in Montana is allowed to suppress the news of the drug trafficking and killings. Free Speech Newspaper will publish continued articles concerning clear official duplicity in the "Hi-Line Murders". We offer you an opportunity to publish your response to the above inquiries and the Ivandjiiski article. In the event you do not respond within ten days of the date of this letter we assume that you do not further dispute the assertions in the Ivandjiiski article and this letter. We will print your reply uncensored.

Very truly yours,

Ron Paulson