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To: Mr. James Wilson, Federal Bureau of Investigation, P.O. Box 2647, Great Falls, Montana 59403

February 2, 1994

Re: Alleged Criminal wrongdoings in the State of Montana.

Dear Sir: This is the second report that I have put together regarding the above entitled matter. Our first report, according to Mr. Alexander did not reach you.

This investigator first became involved with the following investigation in the summer of 1992 when I was hired by a Mr. Russell Haugen to investigate civil complaint that he had against a banker in Chinook Montana by the name of Bill Larson. Mr. Larson is the President of the Chinook Branch of the Bank of Montana.

In the course of the investigation, a number of people that I interviewed indicated to me that they did not want to get involved by testifying against Mr. Larson as they were afraid of the subject as he was "protected" and Mr. Larson was alleged to be involved in any number of things including. (l) The laundering of drug money through his bank. (2) Personal drug usage. (3) Conspiracy in the murder of two people in Chinook, a man by the name of Richard Cowen and his girlfriend Bernadette Doiron who were killed on or around January 21, 1987. Two people were convicted in the killings, Lloyd James Wilson and Robert Henry Bone. (4) The subject was alleged to be involved in the transportation of narcotics. In the course of my investigation this investigator found two people who will be invaluable in helping in any investigation you may decide to conduct. Both of these people know the potential witnesses and can help get these witnesses to talk to you. They also know where these witness may be contacted. These two people are:

(1) Mike Perry: Mr.. Perry is the editor of the Chinook Opinion Newspaper. Mr. Perry can be contacted at 406-357-2680. Mr. Perry can be of immense help in substantiating the material relative to this in the Chinook/Havre area of Montana.

(2) (Name Withheld): Mr. (Name Withheld) is an attorney in (Location Withheld) Montana and can help with the witnesses in this areas. (Name Withheld) can be contacted at 406XXXX


In the course of this investigation the general allegations were that Mr. Larson is and has been involved with a man by the name of Don Ranstrom who is the Blaine County Attorney, in the importation, use and sale of narcotics, in the murder previously mentioned, and in laundering funds for Ranstrom & the other people involved in the narcotics operation. Much of the information we report here is very dated and the statute has run. However it you interview these people, most will tell you that the people involved, are still involved and these witnesses may be able to lead you to current involvement.

I will not go through A step by step, day by day record of my investigation but will list the people you may wish to be interviewed and a brief overview as to what they can testify to. In the interest of brevity we will not include anything as to the civil case we first started with unless it has something to do with the alleged criminal activity.


MR. MARK HARSHMAN: Chinook Montana (406) 357-3113. Mr. Harshman is the attorney for Lloyd James Wilson one of the men who pled guilty to the murder of Richard Cowen. From other witnesses this investigator was led to believe that the killing of Mr. Cowen was on the orders of Mr. Ranstrom, the Blaine County Attorney. In conversations that I have had with Mr. Harshman he states that Mr. Wilson will testify that he and .Mr. Bone killed Richard Cowan on the orders of two local drug dealers, brothers by the names of Pete and Fred Dion. These two people are alleged to be the people who run the narcotics for, and under the protection of Mr. Ranstrom. Mr. Wilson now states that everyone knew that Ranstrom was running the narcotics" but he has no personal knowledge.

MR. LLOYD JAMES WILSON: Can be contacted through his attorney Mr. Harshman. Currently serving his sentence at the Montana State Prison at Deer Lodge, Montana. See section above under the heading of Mark Harshman. He is alleged to have killed Mr. Cowan to keep Mr. Cowan quiet. Mr. Cowan had a court hearing and had bragged to friends that he was not going to go to jail and that he had threatened Ranstrom with exposure if Ranstrom didn't help him.

MR. ROBERT HENRY BONE: Mr. Bone has kept quiet about his involvement until just recently. Mr. Bone Is now, I understand, willing to talk about the killing of Mr. Cowan and Miss Doiron. Mr. Bone is also willing to state that he ran package of either Dope or Money from Mr. Dion to Mr. Ranstrom's house prior to the killing of Mr. Cowan. Mr. Bone states that he realized who the man was that he delivered the package to (Mr. Ranstram), after he and Mr. Wilson had been arrested and taken into custody and they were [taken to Mr. Ranstrom's home after his arrest. It is this investigators understanding that he is willing to testify to this and more concerning the drug dealing in the area of Havre and Chinook and can indeed provide more information on the activities of the Dion brothers and others, possibly including Mr. Ranstrom. I would suggest that the first contacts involving Mr. Bone might also be made through Mr. Mark Harshman.

MR. [withheld]: Mr. [withheld] is a [withheld] in the town of Chinook and was, and may still be a major drug dealer in Chinook, Mr. [withheld] recently informed Mr. Mike Perry editor of the Chinook Opinion that he [withheld] would be willing to go undercover for the "feds" to nail the Dions, Ranstrom, another drug dealer by the name of Gail (Pegleg) Schulte, and others involved in the drug trade in Havre and Chinook. Mr. [withheld] may be having current problems with law enforcement and may be looking for a way out, I would suggest that you contact Mr. [withheld] through (name omitted).

MR. BERNIE GOLDMAN: Mr. Goldman is a former Attorney in Missoula who was caught and convicted of possession for resale and who became a government witness against several of his former associates in the drug business. According to statements of several witnesses, Mr. Goldman dealt with and has evidence that would incriminate both Mr. Ranstrom and another attorney by the name of Phillip Carter who lives in Sidney Montana. Mr. Carter is the former County Attorney in Sidney and is the owner of a bowling alley in Havre, Montana which, according to witnesses, has been used as a meeting place to set up drug deals. There are allegations that Mr. Carter and Mr. Ranstram are tied together in the drug business. It is my understanding that Mr. Goldman is now in the Witness Protection Program.

(NAME WITHHELD): (NAME WITHHELD) XXXXXXXXXX lives with her husband, XXXXX on a XXXXXXX of Chinook Montana and she works as the XXXXXXXXXXX in Chinook and is one of the assistants to Bill Larson, President. In my interview with XXXXXXXX she was very guarded in her answers as to any improprieties on the part of Mr. Larson. XXXXXXXXXX is very loyal to the bank, but detests Mr. Larson .After interviewing her for some time she stated that she knows for fact that Mr. Larson has been involved in any number of illegal or improper activities involving the bank, and states that she has these inproprieties documented, but refused to allow this investigator to see these documents and stated that she was saving them and as soon as she retired from the bank was going to use them to "get" Mr. Larson. At the time of my interview with XXXXXXXXX she stated that the Bank Auditors were auditing the bank and that Mr. Larson was "scared to death' about something. She also states that several years ago another banker in Montana was arrested for laundering money and that this banker died shortly after his arrest when he fell down a mountain and that Mr. Larson became very paranoid after this incident and began to worry so much that he actually lost his hair. If the information I have received is true and there is a weak link in this Operation it would be Mr. Larson. It is this investigators opinion, based upon what have been told that a through criminal audit of this bank branch might well uncover any of the alleged wrongdoings by Mr. Larson. I also believe that direct contact by yourself with XXXXXXXXXXX would force her to bring forth any documentation she has.

I XXXXXXXXX: (NAME OMITTED) worked for the Bank of Montana at Chinook and now resides in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.. She stated to Mike Perry that the Chinook Bank, run by Mr. Larson was "the dirtiest bank she had ever seen." She initially quit the bank because of the improprieties she noted because she didn't want to be involved.

MR. BERNIE BOOST: Mr. Boost is still living in Montana and can be contacted at 406-765-151g. I would contact Mr. Boost either through Mr. (OMITTED) or through (OMITTED). In my interview with Mr. Boost he came across as very honest but very paranoid. Mr. Boost stated that he was the former Chief of Police in Chinook, Montana and that as such he attempted to do his job in a professional and honest manner. He stated that he had started an investigation into the possibility of illegal activities, possibly involving drugs, on the parts of various people in Chinook, including Mr. Larson, Mr. Ranstrom, Chinook Police Officer, Alan Delk and others when he was called into the office of the mayor and fired for no reason. MR. Boost stated that he knows of two other police officers who have been fired, enforced off of the Chinook department because of their investigation into the activities Or some of these people. He stated that an officer Jim Wagoner and officer John McCraken as well as the former Chief of Police Jerry Liese were fired for attempting to investigate Ranstrom and Larson and another man by the name of Kurt Hebbelman, whose father John Hebbelman Jr., owns a flying service in Chinook., According to Mr. Boost these officers observed a man whom they believed to be Mr. Larson pick up a briefcase from a person identified as Mr. Hebbelman, at the Chinook Airport, and delivered this briefcase to the residence of Mr. Ranstrom. The transfer of the briefcase took place in the early [morning hours and] the airplane landed in the dark, with no landing lights on. They felt this was very suspicious and instituted the investigation that eventually got them fired. Boost then informed this investigator about the conversation he had with Kelly Sawyer (See enclosed addendum "A" the data given this investigator by Mike Perry) This subject states that he has documentation to prove much of what he has said, but also indicated that he is very worried about possible retaliation against himself by Mr. Ranstrom.


DARREL AND RAMONA DONEY: They can be contacted thru Mr. Mike Perry in Chinook, Montana. They have personal knowledge of the people involved in the drug trafficking and the MURDERS in and around Chinook.

MIKE PERRY: Mike Perry can be reached at the Chinook Opinion in Chinook Montana at 406-357-2680. Mr. Perry's address is P.O. 80 9, Chinook, Montana 59523. MR. PERRY HAS been investigating the various allegations of improprieties in: the area of Chinook {for the past 11 years. Mr. Perry has many people, in addition to those above, who are willing to talk and testify. For example, Mr. Perry has information on a man by the name at Harshaw who allegedly killed his girlfriend and then killed himself. Mr. Perry has one or more people who maintain that Harshaw was killed an the orders of (Name Omitted).

There is also man by the name of Rocky Kallousa who committed suicide in the Havre City Jail, who according to some of Mr. Perry's sources, was killed to keep him quiet. Although Mike Perry is a newspaper man he can be counted on to help and at the same time maintain his silence about any investigation. He can be totally trusted. In the course of my investigation, there were allegations that several other County Attorneys in Montana were involved with Mr. Ranstrom in the narcotics business.

Based upon information received we also conducted an investigation in the Sidney .Montana area and interviewed several people who state as follows:

(Name Omitted) is an attorney in( Omitted) And can be contacted at (Omitted) His address is (Omitted) much of the following information in this report, comes from, or as a result of (Omitted)


This investigator was sent to Sidney Montana in an attempt to substantiate charges that a former County Attorney' (and NOW City Attorney) by the name of Phillip Carter was involved in the illegal HARASSMENT of a man by the name of Clint Mullin Jr. and was as well as being heavily involved in illegal drug trafficking in the Sidney Montana area. This investigator was hired by Clint Mullen Jr., through his attorney, Mr. Arnie Hove who is the County Attorney in Circle, Montana.

MR. CLINT MULLIN JR.: Clint lives in Sidney Montana with his wife and son and can be contacted at 408-708-3327 (), and 406-798-3680 (h). Mr. Mullin owns trucking company by the name of Mullen Trucking. Mr. Mullen is a hard working individual who, except with a few minor brushes with the law enforcement as a teenager, has led a rather normal life.

Mr. Mullen informed this investigator that he had no problem with the law until after he was approached by Philip Carter, then County Attorney in Sidney at which time Mr. Carter suggested that Clint haul drugs for him around the country. Clint refused and Carter informed him that he (Carter) could make Clints life a living hell, at which time Clint told Carter to "go to hell".

Since that time Mr. Carter has interfered with Mr. Mullens business, filed law suits against him, and according to Mr. Mullen may be the person behind physical assault against Mr. Mullen that happened at a Sidney bar by the name of The Triangle Club, owned by Kirby Sowers. This assault may be important to you because if indeed it was instigated by members of the County Attorneys office, it would be a major violation of Mr. Mullins Civil Rights, and abuse of power, by those involved. The assault took place in the morning hours of September 12, 1993 when another member of the County Attorneys office in Sidney, a man by the name of Gary Ryder, was in the bar when Mr. Mullen, his wife Rena, her mother Cathy Berglund, Cathy's half-brother Darryl Berglund, and Clints brother Clay, walked into the bar. After Mr. Mullen and his friends sat dawn in the bar they noticed Mr. Ryder going from table to table and pointing to and gesturing at the Mullens' party and laughing. He was approached by Philip Carter, then County Attorney in Sidney, at which time Mr. Carter suggested that Clint haul drugs for him around the country. Clint refused and Carter informed him that he (Carter) could make Clint's life a living hell, at which time Clint told Carter to "go to hell".

When the bar closed, a group of people who Mr. Ryder had been talking to and to whom he had pointed out Mr. Mullens to, jumped Mr. Mullens and his brother and attempted to beat them severely. This group of people were Sidney area residents and include the following:

(1) Monte Schade who lives in Sidney and is a former football player for Montana state University and the Canadian Football League. Mr. Schade is alleged to be very close to Mr. Rider and to Phillip Carter as he is currently attempting to become a Probation Officer in Sidney Montana.

(2) Marty Schade (Monte's brother) is a college student and works at the Yellowstone Mercantile in Sidney and lives at 302 Pleasant Avenue, Fairview, Montana.

(3) Guy Meldy who lives in Sidney at 815 4th S.W. and is the athletic coach at the Sidney High School.

The assault was witnessed by the following people:

(1) Cathy Bergland, Rena Mullin's mother. She resides at 621 4th Street, Sidney, Montana. She states that the Schade brothers started the fight without warning by just walking up to Clint Mullen Jr. and hitting him without saying anything.

(2) Darryl Berglund, Rena Mullin's half brother. States he did not see what started the fight but looked over and saw three men, the two Schade brothers and Guy Meldy on top of Clint Mullen Jr.

(3) Dan Miller, lives with Darryl Berglund in Sidney, states that he did not see who threw the first punch, but saw the fight and saw three men on top of Clint Mullen Jr.

(4) Anita Tomalina can be contacted at 406 482-5142. She works at the Auto Parts Store in Sidney and lives behind the Sidney Pocket. She states that she saw the three men jump on top of Clint Mullin, in the parking lot of the Triangle and start to hit him. She stated that she did not see Clint do anything to start the fight and in fact; she saw Clint backing up and telling the three men he did not want to fight. Please note that after talking to me, Ms. Tomalina went home for lunch and found a message on her answering machine from an unknown male telling her that she had better keep her mouth shut about the assault on Mullin or she would be next. The only people who could have known that I was talking to Ms. Tomalina were the Sidney Police Department who had me under surveillance

Please note that on the last day of my investigation in Sidney Montana, this investigator approached the sheriff of the county who was very angry and upset that I attempted to interview one of his deputies without his (the sheriffs) permission. After discussing the situation with the sheriff, the sheriff cooled down and explained that he had nothing; against me, but had no use for the Mullins Attorney, Arniee Hove and was very bitter about being named as a defendant by Mr. Hove in a lawsuit against the county, Eventually, the sheriff adopted the attitude that he would cooperate any way he could but, as the County was a Defendant in the lawsuit he felt that the County Attorney Should be present at any interview with he or his deputy, Mr. Rankin. IT was at this point that I first found out that a lawsuit had been filed by Mr. Hove on the part of the Mullens against the county, on alleged prior bad acts, prior to the assault.

MR. JACK LORENZ: This investigator met with Mr. Jack lorenz in Sidney, Montana. Mr. Lorenz can be contacted at 406-747- 5600 in Fairview Montana. Mr. Lorenz stated that he has evidence of drug involvement on the part of Mr. Carter and a Sidney detective by the name of David Schettine. He stated that would only give this I information to a Federal Agency, as he knew better than to trust local, county or state agencies. He stated that he had firm evidence of wrong doing.

MR. ANDY HOLLOM: Mr. Hollom was many years ago very close friend of Clint Mullen Jr's brother Clay Mullen. Clay and I attempted to locate Mr. Hollom at his family farm outside of Sidney but could not locate him. It appeared that there was no electricity at the farm, but there was ample evidence that someone was living there. We spent a great deal of time looking for Mr. Hollom as it was generally acknowledged that he has worked for Mr. Carter sell selling drugs. The people we spoke to who knew Mr. Hollom stated that he had stated this on more than one occasion but stated that Andy was in hiding because he was afraid of Mr. Carter.

We spoke to Andy's brother in law, Randy Schleve in Williston who stated that he grew up with Mr. Hollom and that he has been involved in drug dealing all of his life. According to Randy, Andy was present at a raid at his (andy's) uncle's house when the "Narcs broke through the door and arrested Andy's uncle and would have arrested Andy also except Andy ran through the back of the house and disappeared into the night. Randy states that Andy is OK, but I:` really spooked at this point and stated that he may be up on the Indian reservation letting things "cool off".

We also spoke with Andy's sister-in-law Gaylee Hollom who is married to Andy's brother Bill. She stated that she would try to get a message through to Andy to call this investigator. However, we never did receive a call from Andy.

(Name Omitted): Mr. XXXXXX is a photo journalist and lives in Sidney. He can be contacted at 406-XXX-XXXX. This investigator had a detailed conversation with this individual and he stated that he is a former drug user and pusher. He states that he is very close to the drug community and would be willing to go undercover for a federal agency to purchase drugs from Carter and other "dirty" police officers in Sidney. He stated he would only work with a federal agency as he did not trust any of the local or state officers. He stated that his reason is that he now knows how stupid that drugs are and he is seeing younger and younger kids starting to use dope and it has to stop.

BILLY JOE MULLIN: She lives at MCR 84, Box 3, Lambert, Montana and is the sister of Clint MULLEN Jr. She states that when Mr. Carter was the county attorney he was buying her drinks in a local bar when he knew that she was only 16 years old.

Additional General Information

In the course of this investigation we talked to and interviewed many other people, who either refuse to give any information or who talked to us with the understanding that they would not be called on to testify and stated that they would deny even talking to this investigator it approached by an attorney or a law enforcement agent, regardless of the circumstances. Be advised as follows:

Mr. Arnie Hove has a secretary who we met with in the presence of Mr. Hove. The secretary did not give this investigator her name but stated that she, her husband, and children, live across the street from a man by the name of Kenny Phillips. Mr. Phillips lives at HCR 57, Box 4018. She states that Mr. Phillips has a weed control business with a Sidney Police Officer by the name of Smitty and that one week a month Mr. Phillips drives to Louisiana and returns and that after returning 20 to 40 people drive into Mr. Phillips driveway, every day for "days on end", walk up to the door stay 2-3 minutes and come out with a brown bag. She further states that several days after his return she has seen this Police Officer by the name of Smitty drive into Mr. Phillips driveway go up to the door, talk to Mr. Phillips and then, leave with a larger brown bag. She states that "everyone knows that Smitty and Mr. Phi11ips are in the drug business together", She states also that her children play with the Phillips children and that her children have told her that the Phillips talk about drugs all the time. This potential witness states that she is very scarred and does not want to do anything that will get Smitty or Carter after her or her family.

There are a number of people in the Sidney Montana area who are alleged to be drug dealers working for Mr. Carter, including the following:

1. Darby Dahl, Stockman Bar, Sidney Montana.

2. Keith Stouts, who recently moved to Klackma, Oregon.

3. Terry Brownell, lives in Sidney at Lincoln & 5th S.W.

4. Sam Simard, lives south of Sidney

Enclosed herein is a report this investigator received from Mr. (Name Omitted). This report was completed by Darrel Chenoweth and details information on drug activity in the area of Sidney, Montana. We will not detail this information as we are attempting reduce duplicate information that you have been, or should have been given by (Name Omitted) or others.

The following is a list of names of people who came up in our investigation and their alleged knowledge or involvement with Philip Carter in the drug scene in the Sidney area.

Ron Welnel, Montana State Prison, Deerlodge, alleged to have been a Dealer for Phillip Carter.

Ron Transrud lives in Grassy Butte North Dakota, parents live in Scoby, Montana, has information that will tie Phillip Carter to drug activity in the Sidney area.

Lonnie Boschee, Works for Holly Sugar in Sidney. Alleged to have drug information ties to Carter.

(Name Omitted), lives south of Sidney, 482 8605, allegedly involved in drugs with Carter.

Ms. Terry Lee (maiden name Alanouette), lives in Denver , Colorado, has ties to Carter.

Allen Burke, lives 204 11th Ave. S.W. Sidney, has alleged ties to Carter and drugs.

Wendy Valle, a card dealer from Canada, lives in Miles City Montana, has information on Carter and is willing to go undercover to nail Carter.

Becky Tyler, her husband works for the County Dump and she is a (omitted) in Great Falls Montana. Has information on Carter.

David Linde, Sidney Montana 747-5039. Info on the drug scene in Sidney.

John Welnel, owns Triangle bar, his brother Ron Welnel is a prisoner at Dear Lodge.

"Taco" Oliveras, at Deerlodge, has direct tie to Carter and drugs.

In conclusion, regarding the possible violation of civil rights an the part of Mr. Carter against Clint Mullen Jr. I ran a check on the civil suits filed against Mr. Mullen, many of them involving Mr. Carter and we find that in the 16 civil suits we uncovered, there is no affidavit of service on file showing that Mr. Mullen had knowledge of the suits in 8 of these suits and the files in two more shows service by regular mail. Mr. Mullins claims that he was never notified of these lawsuits, until after judgement had been entered against him. The suits with no affidavits of service are as follows: DV93-005, DV93-042, DV93-121, DV??-???, DV92-024, DV92-063, DV92-075 and DV93-019. The two suits where service was shown by mail are DV93-034 and DV93-124. If indeed there is a pattern of harassment and denial of due process this could be part of that pattern.

There were many other people, as we mentioned before who were interviewed but refused to talk to us, or denied knowledge of any wrongdoing. We have not detailed the conversations with these people.

We will discontinue this report at this point. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call. Sincerely,

Michael W. Roe, Phoenix, AZ

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