2 August 1996


"The function of the press is very high. It is almost holy. It ought to serve as a forum for the people, through which the people may know freely what is going on. To misstate or suppress the news is a breach of trust." Louis D. Brandeis, 1912.

"France fell because there was corruption without indignation." Romain Rolland, 1940.

Well, I had a nice chat with Ambrose Evans-Pritchard today and among the topics of conversation was the central question: Will any of the revelations about the Clinton administration's scandals (of which OKC is but one, albeit the biggest) make any difference at the polls in November? Because of the patent failures of his American media brethren, Ambrose despaired of any change in administration being likely, with the comment that at any rate he would be returning to England before "your country becomes half banana republic and half police state." But Ambrose, I asked, "if the torch of liberty flickers and dies here, who then will rekindle it?" He had no answer.

Twice in this century that torch flickered everywhere else but in America. Refugees have periodically flowed into this country, including some of the best and brightest of humanity, fleeing murderous tyranny. Some stayed here, but many went home after their independence was re-won with American blood and sacrifice. But if we lose to corrupt tyrants HERE, where then will liberty's refugees run? Who will rekindle the flame? In what other nation of earth does the tree of liberty grow unchoked by the weeds of corrupt elitism and "democratic" socialism or unpoisoned by the foul earth of collectivist dictatorship? Even here the sad old liberty tree, once proud and vibrant, is shedding limbs and tottering from liberal dry-rot. When we have allowed her to die, where will free men and women shelter from the storms of despotism?

I tell you, my fellow Americans, THERE IS NO OTHER SUCH PLACE AS THIS. If we lose the battle for republican democracy here and now, we have lost it everywhere and for generations to come. What other country would shelter a Radio Free America, host a republican government-in-exile, or provide arms and aid to American Freedom Fighters? There is none. There is no place to run, and little place to hide.

"Among a people generally corrupt, liberty cannot long exist." Edmund Burke, Letter to the Sheriffs of Bristol, April 3, 1777. We are in this spot because for a generation or two we have trusted corrupt leaders of both parties, allowed others to do our thinking for us, and let our citizenship tools rust in the corner. Our politicians serve the powerful few, not the public weal. Our "watchdog" press has become a toothless lapdog serving the administration, any administration. Our courts serve the rich, the politically well-connected and the "favored" class of the month. Our schools, once the proud molder of informed citizenry, now churn out politically-correct amnesiacs suitable only for manipulation by employer, politician and union boss. Our children know Beavis and Butthead but not Paul Revere and Patrick Henry. We have allowed cynical politicians to use racism to divide us from ourselves and our common history and values. And though we may have fought these trends ourselves, and shouted our opposition from the highest tree in town, still it has not been enough.

There are some who say that they see the wrath of God in the coming storm...the just punishment of a wicked and willful people who have turned their faces from Him. As it happens, I may believe that myself. But though I do not presume to know the will of God, nor what He has in store for us as a people, I know well the struggle between good and evil that is currently being waged for the hearts, minds, and souls of the citizens of the American republic.

"A lie on the throne is a lie, still, and truth in a dungeon is truth, still; and a lie on the throne is on the way to defeat, and truth in a dungeon is on the way to victory." Anonymous.

I know that in the constitutional militia movement there are men and women of all races, creeds and religions. I celebrate that fact, for it is our greatest strength. We have within us the ability to defeat the enemies of our Republic if we will just recognize our strengths and use them-- Now, today, without bloodshed. We can do it in the political arena and in the court of public opinion by simply turning on the lights, telling the truth and exposing the evildoers. If we fail to do this, we will be forced by the inevitable conflict between our principles and the unconstitutional actions of an emboldened second Clinton adminstration to resist, even if another shot is "heard round the world". It is a civil war that we may well lose, but that we can avoid by simply exercising vigorously the tools of our citizenship that the Founders bequeathed us. We may fail, but we must try.

I cannot believe that the majority of the American people have themselves grown so corrupt and lazy that they will not act forcefully once they understand what was perpretrated at Oklahoma City with the assistance, willing or unwilling, of their government. They will not think kindly of the cover-up that has followed OKC and which extends to the highest levels of the Administration. The Clinton Administration, to paraphrase Strategic Investment newsletter, will be political "toast." While I do not have any illusions about Bob Dole, I think it preferable that we continue the political battle for our liberties after Dole's Inauguration rather than fighting in the streets after the Clinton Second Inaugural. Call me old-fashioned. Call me anything you like, but help me get the truth out about OKC. The republic you save may be your own.

"From all that terror teaches, From lies of tongue and pen, From all the easy speeches That comfort cruel men, From sale and profanation of honor and the sword, From sleep and from damnation, Deliver us, Good Lord." -- G.K. Chesterton, "A Hymn"

Forgive me, gentle readers, for the lengthy editorial. And now, to horse!----





We present for your amusement and edification this evening in Parts 15 & 16, five articles regarding the "Midwestern Bank Bandits", details of their escapades, and testimony from the pre-trial hearings as covered in the Village Voice, the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Some time ago, we were informed by a federal law enforcement source that some items taken in the FBI search of the bank robber's storage locker in Shawnee, Kansas, linked these "Aryan Republican Army" bozos to Michael Brescia, our elusive John Doe #2, who is himself linked to Andreas Strassmeir. An analysis of the movements of the bank bandits and of those of Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols also shows some interesting similarities, which will be detailed in an upcoming "JD#2".

It is singularly interesting that complete inventories for all of the searched residences, vehicles and storage lockers of the "Lost Planet Aryans" have been submitted at the "Commander Pedro" Langan preliminary hearing save one-- only a summary of the items taken from the Shawnee, Kansas locker was produced by the FBI. What'ch ya hidin', FBI? "Commander Pedro", call your lawyer! How many prosecutions is the FBI going to deliberately blow just to try to keep a lid on Oklahoma City?

And now, without further ado, the first of our "Commander Pedro and the Lost Planet Aryans" stories:



"What Secrets Did Richard Guthrie Take With him to His Grave?"

By James Ridgeway.

Washington, D.C.-- Richard Lee Guthrie, Jr., a key figure in the government's ongoing inquiries into the white power underground was found dead last Friday morning in a Covington, Kentucky, jail cell. The U.S. Marshal's office had placed him there to await sentencing for his role in a string of Midwest bank robberies that netted some $250,000. Guthrie had just cut a deal to testify for the government against his former gang members.

According to the U.S. Marshals' office, Guthrie "apparently hanged himself with a bedsheet he tied to a ceiling air vent." He had left two notes, one to his attorney, the other to his brother. The contents were not divulged. W. Kelly Johnson, an assistant federal public defender, who talked to Guthrie last Monday, said the defendant was not on a suicide watch, because "no one noticed anything that indicated he was having any problems." The Marshals' office says its "continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding Guthrie's death."

Guthrie was of special interest to the government because of what he said he did with the money from the bank robberies. Guthrie had pleaded guilty to 19 holdups in seven states, and, in at least one interview, claimed to have given the stolen money to white power groups. There has long been speculation that the Oklahoma City bombing was funded through a series of far right robberies. Federal investigators have looked into connections between the bomb plot and the 1994 robbery of an Arkansas gun dealer. Guthrie's assertion of funding far right groups raises the possibility of a link between the Midwest bank robberies and the Oklahoma bombing, though it is impossible to say for certain whether any of the stolen money-- none of which has been found--- was used to set up the attack.

In a sealed plea bargain agreement, Guthrie promised to provide the government with information about organizations "whose goal is the overthrow of the U.S. government or engage in domestic terrorism." Guthrie told the Los Angeles Times in a phone call last Thursday that he was planning to write a book that goes "a lot more deeper" than the robberies expounding about his life and the white supremacist movement.


(TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: OK, so let's see if I got this right-- Guthrie tells the LA Times that he's looking forward to writing a "tell-all" book about the "movement" the day before he does the Nuremberg dance with a bedsheet in his cell. I wonder if Guthrie had told the substance of what he knew to the LA Times instead of hinting at deep, dark secrets over a monitored jail phone, would he be alive today? A cautionary question to guys like Mark Thomas and Dennis Mahon......., oh, yeah, and you too, Kirk.)


The story continues.......

Prosecutors had recommended that Guthrie serve no more than 30 years in prison for the 1994 and 1995 robberies if he agreed to testify against three other men awaiting trial for some of the same crimes.

Two accomplices of Guthrie, Scott Stedeford and Kevin McCarthy, are also acquaintances of Pennsylvania Aryan Nations' leader Mark Thomas, a longtime figure in the white power movement. Before he died, Guthrie said he met McCarthy at Thomas' home outside Allentown, Pennsylvania. Guthrie also visited the Aryan Nations' headquarters in Hayden Lake, Idaho in 1991, according to former Nations' spokesman Floyd Cochran. Dennis Mahon, a Tulsa, Oklahoma Klan leader who says he is a friend of both Thomas and McCarthy, says Guthrie lived with Thomas for over a month. Stedeford, McCarthy, and Thomas has all been visitors to Elohim City, a Christian Identity compound in eastern Oklahoma that has been visited by many leaders of the movement. Accused Oklahoma city bomber Timothy McVeigh made a phone call to Elohim City just days before the blast. Thomas, when contacted by the Voice, declined to comment.


(TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: A VERY sharp and experienced television reporter told me the other day: "All roads lead to Elohim City." My reply was, to quote the Cowardly Lion: "Ain't it da truth! Ain't it da truth!")


The story continues......

Among far right devotees, the discussion is all about why Guthrie would choose to kill himself having just plea bargained with the government. In various Internet bulletins, the general belief is that Guthrie was killed before he could tell all.


(TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: The Village Voice reads me stuff! I'm flattered.)


The story continues.....

It is a theory that Mahon also adheres to. "He was helped," Mahon chuckled. "let me tell you something. Even some of these prison guards are on our side. I'm glad he got it, because he was a snitch." With Guthrie dead, the government loses a key witness in tracing possible criminal funding to white power groups.

(Village Voice story ends.)

----------------------------------------------------------------- (TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: "I'm glad he got it, because he was a snitch," sez Unterscheissfuhrer Mahon. Well, Dennis, if snitches deserve dangling at the end of a dirty bedsheet with their eyes popped and tongues sticking out, what is the proper punishment for megalomaniacs who shoot their mouths off just to let folks know how important and in-the-know they are? Is it worse than what you Aryan pukes did to the Muellers?)


Nazi Trivia Commentary with Appended Doggerel:

Mahon pronounces his name "Ma-hone" these days instead of "May-hon", for he felt that the latter pronunciation was "too Jewish-sounding". Yup, I kid you not.

Original Doggerel Entitled: "Dennis Mahon, R.I.P."

Megalomaniacal Mahon-ey

Sounded quite full of baloney.

Yet his "Kameraden" do dread

For he's off-talking his head,

And handing reporters their story.

Megalomaniacal Mahon-ey

Sought out an Elohim phoney.

He and Andy were tight,

And Mike fit just right--

The "Three Stooges" with ATF money.

Megalomaniacal Mahon-ey

For the Muellers will be long atoning.

They killed them quite dead

And bagged up their heads,

And Hell will receive D. Mahon-ey.

Megalomaniacal Mahon-ey

Just seems to be full of baloney.

Now newshounds are stalking

A "Dead Klans-Man Walking"

And old "friends" are looking quite stony.

-- Mike Vanderboegh, 1996.

P.S.: Have nice Eternity, Dennis.


End of Part 15. Next: John Doe #2 Identified, Part 16, "The Saga of Commander Pedro and the Lost Planet Aryans Continues."

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