3 August 1996




By Robert Ruth, Dispatch staff reporter.

One of the pipe bombs discovered in a South Side duplex allegedly used as a "safe house" for the Midwestern Bank Bandits was booby-trapped with a motion-sensitive switch, testimony yesterday at a federal hearing revealed.


(TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: Pipe bombs....What is it about Aryans and pipe bombs? Somebody called me for the umpteenth time the other day and asked me what profile the Atlanta bomber likely fit. "Well," I said, "based on what I know about OKC, Lampley, the Starr case, etc., you're probably looking at a below-average-intelligence hater with an ATF snitch whispering in his left ear.")


The story continues......

Terry T. Dillon, a demolitions expert with the Columbus Fire Division, told U.S. District Judge John D. Holschuh that on Jan. 18 he and two other explosives technicians found 10 pipe bombs and four grenades at 585 Reinhard Avenue. An 11th pipe bomb and a fifth grenade were found in a van behind the duplex, Dillon said.

The grenades and nine of the pipe bombs were live, he said. The other pipe bombs were not filled with explosives, he said.

A highly sensitive mercury switch was attached to one of the live bombs found in the house, Dillon testified. Such switches are used as booby traps so that a bomb explodes as soon as it is moved, he said.


(TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: Seems like I remember one of the things Tim McVeigh sold at gunshows was mercury switches.... Hmmmmm.......).


The story continues.......

His team defused the switch, Dillon testified. All of the live bombs and grenades were detonated later.

It took Dillon's team 17 hours to clear the residence of dangerous ordnance, he testified. "This was considered a hot zone," Dillon said. Also found in the house or van were semiautomatic guns, ammunition, blasting caps, gunpowder and a one-gallon can filled with nitromethane, a highly flammable chemical, Dillon and others testified. The testimony came during the second day of a hearing to determine what evidence can be presented at the Aug. 5 trial of Peter "Commander Pedro" Langan, 38.

Authorities have accused Langan of being a leader of the Midwestern Bank Bandits, a gang suspected of robbing about 20 banks in Ohio, and six other states in 1994 and 1995. Langan was arrested Jan. 18 after a brief shootout with agents at the rear of the Reinhard Avenue house. He is charged with five federal counts stemming from the 1994 robberies of a Columbus bank and a bank in Springdale, Ohio. Langan is also charged with seven counts involving the shootout.

Memebrs of the gang left live bombs in banks and getaway cars after their robberies in an effort to divert police, authorities have said. Several members of the gang also have been linked to white-supremacist, anti-government groups. In January, Langan told reporters he founded the Aryan Republican Army, a radical anti-government organization.

Richard Lee Guthrie, 38, another suspected gang leader, who had pleaded guilty to 19 robberies, was found hanged in his Kentucky jail cell Friday. Authorities said he apparently committed suicide.

Two other suspected gang members-- Kevin Mccarthy, 18, and Scott A. Stedeford, 27-- were arrested in May near Philadelphia. A fifth suspect, identified in January by the FBI as Jim Thompson, has been reported as still at large. But testimony yesterday raised questions about Thompson's existence.

Missouri FBI agent James Edwards testified that Stedeford used the alias of Jim Thompson while accompanying Langan and Guthrie. Edwards did not elaborate. Federal prosecutors and other FBI agents in the courthouse yesterday refused to comment on Thompson.

Testimony from FBI agent Edward Woods, revealed that authorities were aided in their investigation by a Cincinnati man named Shawn Kenney. FBI agents interviewed Kenney 12 days before they arrested Guthrie in Cincinnati on Jan. 15, Woods testified. Kenney was a friend of both Langan and Guthrie, Woods added. He did not detail what information Kenney provided.

End of story.....

Four days later, Mr. Ruth wrote another story:

COLUMBUS (OHIO) DISPATCH, Sunday, July 21, 1996.


By Robert Ruth, Dispatch Staff Reporter.

The suspects in a string of Midwestern bank robberies collected enough weaponry to stock a good-sized gun store, documents made public last week in U.S. District Court reveal. The records also suggest that the alleged members of the so-called Midwestern Bank Bandits:

**Read everything from the Bible and Shakespearean plays to white-supremacist literature.

**Compiled an array of fake identification documents and law enforcement badges and ID cards.

**Extensively researched facts about bombs, guns and chemicals.

The revelations are contained in itemized lists of materials federal agents confiscated in January and February from houses, storage lockers and vehicles used by the suspects and their relatives in Columbus; Cincinnati; St. Louis; Joplin, Mo.; and Shawnee, Kansas. The lists were made public when they were introduced as evidence during a three-day pretrial hearing before Judge John D. Holschuh in the case of Peter "Commander Pedro" Langan.

Langan, 38, suspected of leading the bandits, was arrested Jan. 18 after a brief shootout with Federal agents on the South Side. His trial on bank robbery and assault charges is to begin August 5 in Columbus.

One of Langan's alleged accomplices, Richard Lee Guthrie, 38, had pleaded guilty in Cincinnati to 19 robberies and agreed to testify against Langan. Guthrie, however, was found hanged July 12 in his Kentucky jail cell, the victim of an apparent suicide. Two other suspects-- Kevin McCarthy, 18, and Scott A. Stedeford, 27-- were arrested in May near Philadelphia.

Among the weapons confiscated are a rocket launcher, 12 semiautomatic pistols, a revolver, a 12 gauge shotgun, five rifles, a BB gun, five arrows, three knives, at least 12 pipe bombs and at least seven hand grenades. Also seized were thousands of bullets of various calibers, two pairs of handcuffs, two bulletproof vests, gasmasks and a variety of bomb-making equipment such as pipes, gunpowder, timers, switches, wires, primers and blasting caps.


(TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: Well let's see now.....these bozos got together at a little meeting in Arkansas. Has the FBI compared the make and serial number of the handcuffs taken from the bankrobbers with the handcuffs found on the Muellers? How about the firearms? Did any come from a certain gundealer in Hot Springs, Arkansas? Food for thought, Fibbies.)


Story continues....

Reading material seized includes two Bibles, ""The Complete Works of Shakespeare", "A Brief History of Ancient Peoples", a history of Andrew Jackson, quotations from Mao tse-Tung, "Around the World With Kipling", and G. Gordon Liddy's "Will." Some of the reading material reflects the bandits' alleged links to white-supremacist terrorist groups, including "The Anarchist Cookbook", a handbook from the Irish Republican Army, "Our Nordic Race", Ku Klux Klan pamphlets and literature about the Aryan Nation.

Authorities also seized dozens of manuals and magazines on guns, chemicals, ammunition and explosives.

The suspects, believed responsible for bank robberies in seven Midwestern states over more than two years, also showed an interest in fake identifications. An ID portfolio complied under the name of Joseph A. Mackrell, Jr. was confiscated. It includes birth certificates from Ohio and New York, a South Dakota drivers license, a U.S. Marshals Service ID card, ID cards from the U.S. Departments of Justice and Energy, a Social Security card, a Maine ID card and a business card for GTE Fibre Optics.


(TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: Now re-read the last paragraph and give a little bit of thought to the mix of ID for "Joseph A. Mackrell, Jr." Whose picture(s) is on the ID? What installations were intended to be breached with a DOE identity card? Or a US Marshals Service ID card? Nuclear facilities in the first case, Kentucky county jails in the second? What is the purpose of a GTE Fiber Optics business card? How was it obtained? Did the false-personaed Mackrell work for GTE ? How good is this ID? If professional-quality, where did it come from? Vincent Petruskie, call your office.)


The story continues.....

Other seized ID materials include a book on U.S. identity documents, 34 notary public seals, six baptismal certificates, at least 18 birth certificates, Social Security cards, and blank passport application forms. Authorities confiscated license plates and drivers licenses from Ohio, Virginia, Georgia, Kansas, South Dakota and Maryland.

Also collected were six aerial flares, a citizens-band radio and three antennas, a blue police strobe light, pagers, a hacksaw, a crow bar, bolt cutters and rope. The suspects seemingly were prepared for life in the wilds. Authorities found survivalist manuals, canteens, water-purification tablets, 10 ready-to-eat meals, a first-aid kit, bandages, a compass, binoculars and a variety of outdoor clothing.

Also found were wigs, ski masks and Halloween masks depicting Presidents Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon, Count Dracula, Frankenstein and witches.

End of story....

"The Saga of Commander Pedro and the Lost Planet Aryans" continues with:

COLUMBUS (OHIO) DISPATCH, Tuesday, July 30, 1996.


By Robert Ruth, Dispatch Staff Reporter.

A 19-year-old former white supremacist testified yesterday in Columbus that he accompanied Peter "Commander Pedro" Langan on six bank robberies in 1994 and 1995.

In riveting testimony in U.S. District Court, Kevin McCarthy, who was arrested in May in Philadelphia, also said that:

** He was introduced to Langan in October or November 1994 by Mark Thomas, a white supremacist from Allentown, Pa., during a meeting in a Van Buren, Okla., restaurant.


(TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: There is no Van Buren, Oklahoma. The meeting took place in Van Buren, ARKANSAS, just up the road from Elohim City, just down the road from "Identity Indian Country" where the Muellers and others lived. As the wise man said, "All roads lead to Elohim." Another wise man called Elohim City a "Nazi Switzerland" because of the reluctance of Oklahoma authorities to intervene after the standoff in the eighties, any criminal enterprise was safe from prying eyes and intervention. You may recall that Willie Ray Lampley wanted to go out to Elohim and test his bomb-making ability before he got busted. All roads lead to Elohim, even the one that eventually leads to the federal building in Oklahoma City.)


The story continues....

**During the meeting, Langan boasted that he had already robbed 12 banks. "He wanted me to know what I was getting involved in," McCarthy told Judge John D. Holschuh.

** He joined Langan's gang, the so-called Midwestern Bank Bandits, shortly after the Oklahoma (READ: ARKANSAS) meeting. The four-member gang also called itself the Aryan Republican Army.

** The gang's goal was "to open the door to the overthrow of the United States government." He no longer believes in white supremacy or the overthrow of the government.


(TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: "To open the door to the overthrow of the United States government".....Read the Turner Diaries. From the bank robberies to the OKC bomb, these activities are all of a piece. The only difference is that the Aryans are following one sheet of music, but the conductor is using their page as merely one portion of a symphony: of terror leads to repression leads to more terror leads to destruction of the republic and beginning of the "empire" phase-- The "half-banana republic, half police-state" that Ambrose Evans-Pritchard warned of that will come after Clinton's reelection. The only thing is that as far as the Nazis are concerned they'll all be dead or jailed at the end of the process, having outlived their usefulness to the far larger and more powerful Evil. No final racist victory, no goosestepping down Broadway. "When fascism comes to America," Huey Long is reputed to have said, "it won't come in brown shirts and hobnailed boots. It will come in brown shoes and a briefcase and you won't know it's coming until it's here." Hitler was voted in, so too was Clinton. But as Clinton's audience is more sophisticated than Hitler's, so too are his and his cronies' methods. Still, the Reichstag Fire and the Oklahoma City bombing seem at this juncture to be not so far apart after all.)


Story continues.....

** A rift within the gang developed in late 1995. McCarthy and another gang member, Scott A. Stedeford, 27, became angry with a third member, Richard Lee Guthrie, 38. "Mr. Guthrie had made a few mistakes," McCarthy said. McCarthy and Stedeford refused to participate in more bank robberies with Guthrie. "We weren't on speaking terms."

Earlier this year, Guthrie pleaded guilty to 19 robberies and agreed to testify against Langan and other gang members. However, Guthrie was found hanged last month in his Kentucky jail cell, an apparent suicide.

** Each gang member had specific duties. Langan's job was to plan bank heists.

** Each gang member got an equal share of money from robberies. Some of the holdup money was put away for expenses. And some was saved "to do other acts." While McCarthy did not elaborate, authorities are investigating allegations that the gang had links to domestic terrorist organizations.


(TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: "All Roads leads to Elohim." Here is the crux of the matter. An honest accounting by the FBI of the items found in the Shawnee storage locker could go a long way to demonstrating a connection between "The Lost Planet Aryans" and the Oklahoma City bombing. Our federal law enforcement sources say there are items seized in that locker that tie directly to Michael Brescia, our elusive John Doe #2, who of course leads to our favorite ATF provocateur, Andreas Strassmeir. Did money from the bank robberies fund OKC? When will the FBI quit covering up?!?!?)


** Langan had built a pipe bomb he dubbed "Commander Pedro's Mark II" that was carried in bank robberies. The bomb, equipped with a wooden handle and fuse, was to be used if the gang was chased or stopped by police. Federal agents discovered the bomb behind the front seat of a van that Langan was using when he was arrested Jan. 18 at the rear of 585 Reinhard Ave. Langan is charged with shooting at agents from the van during his arrest. Langan was slightly injured in the gun battle. No law enforcement officers were hurt.

A federal grand jury sitting in Columbus issued a twelve-count indictment against Langan, 38, in connection with the shootout and a bank robbery in Columbus and another in Springdale, Ohio, in 1994.

McCarthy testified during the fifth day of a pretrial hearing. The hearing is to consider evidence the government collected in its investigation of Langan and the gang. Langan's trial is scheduled to begin in Columbus on October 7.

McCarthy said one of the six banks he robbed with Langan was in a Toledo suburb. McCarthy did not give details of the other five robberies. Langan, 38, stared at McCarthy throughout the 19 year old's testimony. In contrast, McCarthy looked at Langan once, while he was identifying Langan. McCarthy showed no expression while testifying in a monotone.

McCarthy described himself as a former drug abuser who first sent by his parents to a rehabilitation center at the age of 12. He has not used drugs in the past four years, he said.

McCarthy said he signed a plea bargain June 25, agreeing to plead guilty to one count each of bank robbery, conspiracy and illegal use of firearms. The plea bargain also requires him to "testify truthfully" about the activities of other gang members, including Langan, McCarthy testified. He hopes his cooperation will earn him a leniency motion from the government, he said.

Mark Thomas, 44, is a leader of the Aryan Nations and Christian Identity, two national white-supremacist groups. In a September speech in Boyertown, Pa., Thomas advocated returning America to its Christian principles, according to the Allentown MORNING CALL. Five members of the audience were dressed up in Ku Klux Klan gard, the newspaper reported.


(TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: "Thomas advocated returning America to its Christian principles." Must some other Christianity than the one the I was raised on. Mine had no place for race hatred, bigotry and mass murder. Yup, must be some other religion than the one I know.)


Christian Identity operates a 1,000-acre compound in Oklahoma called Elohim City. Timothy McVeigh, accused of bombing the federal building in Oklahoma City, phoned Elohim City before the explosion, authorities have said.

People quoted by the PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER last month described Thomas as McCarthy's mentor. One person in the INQUIRER report said Thomas took McCarthy to Elohim City. Thomas denied this, the INQUIRER reported.

In other testimony yesterday, FBI agents Ed Woods and Roger Wilson testified that the authorities learned of the existence of a gang storage locker in Shawnee, Kansas from Langan himself. Langan told the agents of the locker in exchange for a cigarette and a cup of coffee, the agents said. The two agents were interviewing Langan in the Franklin County jail shortly after his arrest. The locker was later found to contain firearms, pipe bombs and masks, according to court records.


(TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: Plus a whole lot more dynamite about a connection between the Lost Planet Aryans and Michael Brescia, John Doe #2. And they didn't even have to use the rubber hose. What a wussy.)






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