NOTE: 1ACR has been assisting Glenn & Kathy Wilburn with their private investigation of the Oklahoma City bombing and the search for ALL of the killers of their two grandchildren and 166 other Americans. The analysis below is my own, and it should be made clear that I do not presume to speak for the Wilburns. The Wilburns are two very courageous Americans who have suffered much in their search for the truth. Other Oklahoma City victims have criticized the Wilburns for seeking to get McVeigh off the hook. Nothing could be further from the truth. None of the information that they or their many volunteer helpers have discovered (of which I am but one) exculpates Timothy McVeigh. McVeigh was the truck driver, and a key player in the plot. What we are after is the rest of the bombers and the murdering bastards that sent them and sheltered them after the fact.


Vol. II, No. 2

3 October 1996




Well, folks, if you liked the J.D.Cash story in JDTII-1 about the Tulsa striptease joint witnesses, you're gonna love NBC Nightly News next week!! That's when we've been told the lid finally gets ripped off the McVeigh- Strassmeir- Brescia connection on primetime teevee. And we get the second truck thrown in for free!! The government's case for "Timmy as Mastermind" will be shot after this segment airs. They may even have to explain why they paid Strassmeir and still had a building blow up in their faces.

Speaking of the last issue, there were a number of addressees who did not receive it, or, did not receive all of it. If that's the case, drop me an email to retransmit.

Glenn Wilburn is travelling a rocky road right now, but he's still fighting hard. Please keep him in your prayers. He's out of ICU and into a regular room. Cards and letters of support can be sent to Glenn Wilburn, 3200 Winter Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73112. Please keep the Wilburns and Edye in your prayers.

Pray for J.D. Cash, too. He needs a ten-foot-tall guardian angel right now. The rats are getting desperate. Of course, he's always got his .45, but a little confusion in the enemy camp wouldn't hurt. Pray for it.

We're currently working on the Michael Brescia "UNWANTED" posters: "Have you seen this Unindicted Terrorist Baby-Killer?" Neighborhood distribution planned all along Manatawna Avenue. Ideas on text welcomed.

I have been taken to task by various folks for my bad language in the last JDT. Please understand that the much of that issue was really addressed to Michael Brescia. It was sort of an interpersonal communication between us that I let you folks eavesdrop upon. The language was couched in a way he could understand it-- unambiguously. If I seemed too harsh on his '"gal-pal" Esther Millar, I wasn't. Our best information is that Esther was a part of this whole Nazi-terrorist gig, too. Still, maybe I was too harsh........(thinking)...........Nawww. These people helped kill 168 of their fellow citizens, including innocent babies. I wonder if its possible to be "too rough" in characterizing such cold-blooded monsters.

I was specifically criticized for the use of the term "Tulsa titty bar" to refer to Lady Godiva's. While I apologize for offending some of my readers sensibilities, I stand by my characterization of Lady Godiva's. It is, after all, actually in Tulsa, and it IS a strip joint. Besides that "Tulsa titty" was just too alliterative for me to pass up. As I told one of my sincere critics, I am a "practicing Christian", but I obviously need more practice.

Also, we are working on having current surveillance photos of Mikey & Co. scanned into gif files so we can send them around the world. More in upcoming JDT's.

This issue will be shortened to see if limiting the text will asist in its prompt delivery via AO-Hell. You won't want to miss John Doe Times, Volume 2, No. 3, which should be coming right on the heels of this issue. It is of particular interest to Michael Brescia, the "John Doe Who?" the FBI doesn't want to bust.

-- Mike Vanderboegh, 1 ACR

"All around the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel. The monkey thought 'twas all in fun......POP! goes the weasel."


The following article, was excerpted from American Freedom Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 6, September, 1996. It is an edited transcript of the American Freedom Network's "Freedom Forum" 16 July 1996, shortwave radio show, hosted by Don Weideman and featuring an interview by Weideman of Glenn Wilburn. It was entitled: "NO QUARTER." Subscriptions are $18.00 for six months, or $29.95 for a year, which you may obtain by writing to American Freedom magazine, P.O. Box 430, Johnstown, CO 80534.

NO QUARTER....One family and a small town reporter have done more substantial and meaningful investigation into the Oklahoma City Bombing than all the feds and media combined.

Don Weideman (DW): We interviewed Ambrose Evans-Pritchard last week, and he said that you've been digging up a lot of important information about the Oklahoma City Bombing. Why don't you start by telling us about how your family was affected by it.

Glenn Wilburn (GW): We lost our grandsons Chase (3) and Colton (2) Smith. They were my step-daughter Eyde's sons. They were all living with us at the time of the bombing. That morning changed our lives, and they will never be the same again. It wasn't long after the bombing that we saw things that didn't seem to fit. The first thing that I noticed was thatthe ATF sustained few injuries and had few people in their office that morning--- that seemed very odd to me. Of course, subsequent investigation revealed that this was due to the fact that they absolutely had prior knowledge of the danger that day, and that they had conducted a stake-out of the building the night before. There were only two, maybe three people in their office that morning.

DW: After the bombing, Edye Smith made some comments on CNN that took the nation by surprise. What were her comments?

GW: She made those comments on May 23, 1995, the day of the building implosion, which would have been about a month after the bombing. She was asked that morning on CNN, live with Gary Troutman, if things would quieten now that the building was down. Of course, her response was that things were not going to quieten down, and if anything they would get noisier because people wanted to know exactly why the ATF wasn't in their offices that morning and why they had prior knowledge of the bombing. Of course, Mr. Troutman wrapped that interview up rather quickly. I know he was certainly a little surprised, but it wasn't a flippant, off-the-cuff remark. It was more than four weeks after the bombing, and by that time we had substantial information that indicated that the ATF did in fact have prior knowledge of the danger, and that they had staked out the building the night before. There was substance behind Edye's comment.

DW: Did the BATF actually have a control person working with the actual bombers, and did they expect the bomb to blow at 3 A.m.? Were they going to let it go as far as they could, then rush in and stop it, and be the big saviors?

GW: We know now that the ATF certainly had an informant working within this bombing group. I say "bombing group" because the number of men downtown that morning with Tim McVeigh were at least four, and probably five in number--- and that's not including Tim. The group had a total of six men in it that morning.

DW: Why did you have your grandchildren at that particular daycare center?

GW: Well, Edye and my wife Kathy worked about four blocks south at the Internal Revenue Service building. It was a state-of-the-art daycare center, and conveniently located so they could easily walk there. It seemed like the perfect arrangement. We certainly never had any idea that there was any type of law enforcement agency in that building. It's one of the things that continues to haunt us: that after three years of taking the boys to that building, we had no idea that the ATF, Secret Service and Customs were on the ninth floor of that building.

DW: Is it normal for the BATF and other police organizations to have offices in the same building as a daycare center?

GW: I wouldn't think so. There is no doubt in my mind that if I knew that the ATF was in that building, I would have gotten the boys out of there. I would have never put my loved ones in an area close to the ATF, because of the potentials that could happen. After Waco and Ruby Ridge, there is no way that I would have left our boys in there.

DW: There was a Knight-Ridder news service article in one of the local newspapers on July 12, and it reads, "Report Blasts Reno on Waco." Now they may be starting to wake up and put out some real information about the government misconduct in Waco. Also, there was a report recently about the so-called "Viper Militia" in Arizona, which revealed that it was all nothing more than BATF trying to justify their own existence and continue their funding. It wasn't actually what the BATF claimed it to be. It seems as if there is a trend being established, where the BATF is simply making up things and creating a big show.

GW: They're creating a crisis in order to substantiate their own existence; they're fighting for their survival. They were looked at bery harshly in the last few months by certain members of Congress, who pondered whether or not we really need them. Of course, most Americans would answer that question with, "Absolutely not." The ATF has long outlived their need, and they've exhibited time and time again that their incompetence results in the deaths of innocent Americans. Do we need an authority to do the things that they do? Possibly so, but certainly shouldn't be administered by the BATF. That authority should somehow be integrated into the FBI, with close scrutiny by some type of oversight organization.

DW: It's common knowledge that the World Trade Center experienced its bombing because of an FBI sting operation that went bad. And here we are looking at the Oklahoma City Bombing, and we can't help but wonder whether this is another sting operation gone bad by another government bureaucracy. And people who have really investigated it have stated that yes, that is exactly what happened.

GW: There is an article that came out on Sunday, July 14, 1996, in the McCurtain County Gazette, written by J.D. Cash. He says that:

"After months of official "no comments" and even outright denials, a highly-placed source at the FBI has confirmed that Andreas Carl Strassmeir was a paid government informant sent by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to infiltrate Elohim City, a Christian Identity religious compound near Muldrow, Oklahoma.

"Following numerous investigative reports by national and international news services about the mysterious German "tourist" with suspicious ties to Tim McVeigh, some supervisory-level agents at the Bureau now want to distance themselves from mounting evidence that the Oklahoma City bombing was a "blown sting operation" by the ATF, an operation which Strassmeir himself has admitted intimate knowledge.

"Supplementing the Gazette's nine-month investigation into links between Strassmeir, McVeigh and the neo-Nazi movement in this country, a variety of news organizations have also begun uncovering and reporting some unsettling facts about the German national's activities and associations. Such revelations now include that of a family in Arkansas whose bodies were recently found handcuffed and submerged in an Arkansas bayou and a bank-robber-turned-government-witness, who was discovered Friday morning dangling from a bed sheet in his cell."

GW continues: There have been two interesting connections that have developed as side stories, which have Strassmeir tied into them. The first one refers to the "family in Arkansas whose bodies were recently found handcuffed and submerged in an Arkansas bayou" (the Mueller family) and a "Bank-robber-turned-government-witness who was discovered friday morning dangling from a bed sheet in his cell."

DW: Is this particular family the same family that was found with bags taped over their heads? And Strassmeir was involved in that incident?

GW: Exactly right. This was the Mueller family, and Strassmeir has footprints leading in that direction. According to a Little Rock, Arkansas newspaper called American Common Sense, the author, Mr. Wurgis had an interview with William Mueller at a Little Rock gun show in November, 1995. William, his wife Nancy and her daughter Sarah all disappeared in January, 1996, just two months after that interview (they were only recently found in 18 feet of water in the Illinois Bayou, just across the border in Arkansas). In the November 1995 interview, Mr. Mueller told Mr. Wurgis that he had just recenly met a strange fellow named Michael Brescia. Mr. Brescia was a roommate of Andy Strassmeir at Elohim City.

DW: Do you believe that Michael Brescia is John Doe #2, the one with Tim McVeigh when he rented the Ryder truck?

GW: Exactly right. We have shown pictures of Mr. Brescia to the significant and credible eyewitnesses in Junction City, those witnesses with the best liklihood of being able to identify the man with McVeigh at Elliot's. We have been told that it is an exact identification of the man with McVeigh. The only qualification that the witnesses have given us is that we have a photo of Brescia from about three years ago. Mr. Brescia combs his hair up and straight back now, versus down as in our photo. Each of the witnesses said that if his hair had been combed back in the photo, it would be an exact match. So we've been trying to get a current picture of Mr. Brescia, which is difficult to do, particularly since he seems unaccessible anywhere in the U.S. at the present time.

Our information is that at least two of the major networks and some of the more reputable print media in the country have been trying to locate Mr. Brescia for at least two to three months now. It appears that he may no longer be in the United States. Our last reports were that he had crossed into Canada, and that he had possibly even gone from Canada over to Europe.


Transcriber's Note: Of course, Mikey is now sitting on his daddy's front porch, enjoying life in the old 'hood. That is a luxury unavailable now to his hundreds of victims.


DW: So an FBI source acknowledges that Andreas Strassmeir was associated with Tim McVeigh, and that he was Michael Brescia's roommate in Elohim City. Wasn't Michael Brescia still attending school in Philadelphia?

GW: Mr. Brescia had attended LaSalle University in Philadelphia for three years until he dropped out in his third year, the 1992-1993 school year. When he dropped out, he went to Elohim City, Oklahoma.

Michael Brescia was made aware of Elohim City through a gentleman by the name of Mark Thomas, who is head of the Pennsylvania Aryan Nation. Coincidentally, Mr. Thomas is the same man who guided Mark Steddeford to Elohim City. Steddeford is one of the two most recent Midwestern Bank Bandits arrested, along with a gentleman by the name of Kevin McCarthy. It's quite an interesting connection that both of these gentlemen were at Elohim City for up to six months and both were guided there by Mr. Thomas of Pennsylvania.




The way that these connections tie into this most recent "suicide" is that Richard Guthrie and a gentleman named Langan were arrested in January, 1995 in connection with the Midwest bank robberies that have been taking place for the past three years. About a week ago, we received word that Mr. Guthrie was going to cop a plea and turn state's evidence against the other robbers. He had certain other key information that he was going to give the FBI in exchange for a reduced plea aggreement for the bank robbery charges. Lo and behold, about four or five days after this information came out, Mr. Guthrie was found hanged to death in his cell in Covington, Kentucky last friday morning (July 12,1996). this was just a week after he became willing to cop a deal with the FBI!!

It's interesting that Mr. Guthrie was one of four bank bandits charged with the Midwestern bank robberies. The four arrests included Steddeford and McCarthy, who both resided at Elohim City and who were both placed there by the same man who had placed Mr. Brescia there: Mr. Mark Thomas of Pennsylvania. Here we have all the attributes of a fictional murder-mystery, except that this story is true to life and we are watching it unfold before us.

DW: Do you think that Michael Brescia was a true Christian Identity adherent, or was he just a paid informant?

GW: I believe that Michael Brescia is for real. When he was at LaSalle University he belonged to a business fraternity, and they had to censor him because he was attempting to set up neo-Nazi/white separatist groups on campus. The fraternity told him that they would not tolerate it, and that if he continued he would be disbarred from the fraternity. It wasn't too long after that he decided to drop out of LaSalle and reside at Elohim City. No, I believe that Michael Brescia is a true believer-- but I don't believe that Andy Strassmeir is, though.

DW: Andreas Strassmeir's purpose in coming to the United States was in hopes of becoming an undercover agent for one of the government agencies.

GW: Yes, and as a matter of fact, he has admitted that in one of his conversations with Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. Andy has himself admitted that when he came to America he had hoped to get employment with DEA or the Treasury Department.

DW: Why does it seem as though the Christian Identity and Aryan Nations people have their fingers in a lot of these incidents? The Christian Identity people are saying that Jews are not really Jews; that they (Identity adherents) are the Jews. I believe that their blindness is leading them down a road into trouble.

GW: I've never been a very political fellow, and I don't plan to be one in the future. I lost two little boys that I loved very much; they were blown up. My attitude has been to follow the trail of the killers wherever it leads. Whoever is responsible for it is where I'm going. The names and connections indicate that we have an ATF informant.

DW: Do you think that there is any Moslem connection? Early reports by the media indicated that there were Middle Eastern individuals involved.

GW: There were some early indications that there was. However, the longer this investigation proceeds, the less I see any indications of that. In my opinion, this thing was developed, birthed and put together right here in America.


DW: So there was a definite connection between Andreas Strassmeir, McVeigh and Michael Brescia.

GW: That's correct, and we now have witnesses in Herington, Kansas who place Andreas Strassmeir in and around Junction City and Herington at various times, as early as the summer of 1992. In these same time periods, the same witnesses place Tim McVeigh, Michael Fortier and Michael Brescia TOGETHER at various places in Herington, Kansas. the witnesses have not placed Strassmeir together with the other men, but they have placed him in the same area at the same time. Mr. Strassmeir has gone on record as saying that he has never been to Kansas.

At this point, after fifteen months and based upon the recent article by Mr. J.D.Cash in the McCurtain County Gazette, there is no question that Andreas Strassmeir was acting as a federal informant for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. The question is: just how active was Mr. Strassmeir within this bombing group?

You can look back into the past at the World trade Center bombing, but you don't even have to look any further back than the Viper Militia incident in Pheonix to notice that when the feds send informants into these groups, that the informants become much more than just information-gathering tools. The informants do in fact agitate, accelerate and suggest situations. We're interested in seeing the extent of Mr. Strassmeir's involvement. Did he actually help to inititiate and conduct the events resulting in the bombing?

DW: But how can that be determined? Obviously the BATF will protect him, considering that he was their secret paid agent.

GW: You can bet on that!! There will be no assistance from the BATF or the FBI in this regard. In the past two weeks, we have obtained additional information regarding Mr. strassmeir's activities as early as 1988 and 1989, in Texas, regarding his infiltration of the Texas Light Infantry. We continue to get information that Strassmeir is here, there, and everywhere. People are coming forward, recognizing his picture, recognizing his name and recalling certain instances involving him. This most recent one is very intriguing because in 1988 and 1989 he was in Texas, trying to infiltarte a militia group and set up some illegal gun purchases. His pattern of activity from 1988 up to the bombing is unquestionable. Andy strassmeir seems to be the key to the whole investigation. Follow Strassmeir and you are following the perpretrators in the bombing group.

DW: Our prayers go out to you, Glenn, your wife and Edye. God help us here in the United States to do what's right.


"I don't think that the Wilburns would backpeddle on anything, from what dealings I've had with them. They're absolutely uncontainable. They believe that the government has not told the truth on this, and they're absolutely determined to find out what really happened....They are doing it by themselves. they have had some help: John Cash, a retired lawyer, is a reporter for the McCurtain County Gazette, and he has done some terrific work. He's working full-time on this story, and its amazing what he has uncovered. They've also had some help from other people, but no paid investigators. Its just the Wilburns and a small group of people who want the truth to come out, all working together." -- Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, 10 July 1996.

As one of the "other people" who Ambrose mentions, I was struck by the American Freedom Magazine headline to Glenn's interview: "NO QUARTER." This is exactly what the innocents like Chase and Colton Smith received from the bombers: "No Quarter." No mercy. No break. And so their lives were snuffed out.

But if we can expect no quarter from bombers and Nazi terrorists, then they should understand that they will receive "No Quarter" from us. We are going to hunt them down and bring them to the bar of justice by whatever means we can. The John Does of the world should understand this. No quarter for terrorists. NO QUARTER!!

-- Mike Vanderboegh, 1 ACR.

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