NOTE: 1ACR has been assisting Glenn & Kathy Wilburn with their private investigation of the Oklahoma City bombing and the search for ALL of the killers of their two grandchildren and 166 other Americans. The analysis below is my own, and it should be made clear that I do not presume to speak for the Wilburns. The Wilburns are two very courageous Americans who have suffered much in their search for the truth. Other Oklahoma City victims have criticized the Wilburns for seeking to get McVeigh off the hook. Nothing could be further from the truth. None of the information that they or their many volunteer helpers have discovered (of which I am but one) exculpates Timothy McVeigh. McVeigh was the truck driver, and a key player in the plot. What we are after is the rest of the bombers and the murdering bastards that sent them and sheltered them after the fact.


Vol. II, No. 7

18 November 96



In This Issue:


** Bob Ruth (Columbus, OH, Dispatch) Puts The Journalistic Ball In Mark (Philadelphia Enquirer) Fazlollah's Court-- Or How Soon Will Mikey Brescia Be Reading His Name In His Hometown Newspaper?

** Lessons in Bank Robbery From the "Lost Planet Aryans"

** Red Alerts and Oklahoma City Squirrels-- Michele Moore and Laser Bill "I Shot It Out With Martians" Cooper Work Themselves Up Into a Militia Frenzy Over OKC.

** The Wilburns (and your esteemed editor) Respond To Wild Bill Cooper and Michelle (Maybe She's A Look-a-like, Too) Moore.

** We get FAN MAIL (well, sort of).



** FLASH!! STEDEFORD CONVICTED ON THREE COUNTS!! WHAT'S HE GONNA TELL ABOUT MIKEY BRESCIA? (Or will he end up hanging from the jail Christmas tree, like his old pal Guthrie?)

This just in from our Buckeye correspondent-- Stedeford was convicted on all three counts related to the bank robbery of the West Des Moines Boatman's Bank. The jury deliberated just 2 hours and 15 minutes. Are you sweating yet, Mikey? Here's a question I bet no one has asked McCarthy and Stedeford yet: What do you boys know about Mikey and OKC?


** THE PHILADELPHIA STORY (As Written from Columbus, Ohio)

Readers of the last John Doe Times will recall that Mikey "John Doe #2" Brescia finally got mentioned (without being named, at Fed insistence) in court as one of the Midwest Bank Bandits (aka Aryan Republican Army, aka "Commander Pedro and the Lost Planet Aryans"). You will also recall that subsequently both J.D. Cash and Bob Ruth filled in the "Fifth Suspect's" name in stories about the testimony of his ex-Kamerad Kevin McCarthy. With this story that appeared in the Sunday Columbus Dispatch, Bob Ruth gives us more than we have had in print to date about the Philadelphia end of this allegedly "vigorous" FBI investigation (remember, Brescia's still cuddling with Esther Millar at his Daddy's house in Philly). The ball is now in Mark Fazlollah's court-- that intrepid ace reporter for the Philadelphia Enquirer. Go get 'em, Mark. It's a Philadelpia Story, now.


November 17, 1996, Page 1 D


By Robert Ruth.

Federal authorities in Philadelphia are attempting to pull together a wide-ranging conspiracy case against the Midwestern Bank Bandits and a white-supremacist believed to be one of their associates.

Unlike the Bank Bandits trial in Des Moines, Iowa, this week and another Jan. 8 in Columbus, the Philadelphia case will focus on the gang's alleged connections to anti-government and Neo-Nazi movements.

In addition, the Philadelphia probe will focus on more suspects than those who have already been charged . Four alleged gang members-- Peter "Commander Pedro" Langan, Scott A. Stedeford, the late Richard Lee Guthrie, Jr. and Kevin McCarthy-- have been charged with bank robbery.

The Philadelphia investigation is targeting at least two others-- Mark Thomas, a neo-nazi leader living near Allentown, Pa., and a fifth alleged member of the gang who helped rob a bank Aug. 30, 1995, in Madison, Wis. Neither has been charged.

The Philadelphia probe also will focus on the common link among all six suspects: an alleged conspiracy to use money from the robberies to help finance anti-government and neo-Nazi movements.

A federal judge in Des Moines last week banned the prosecution from mentioning neo-Nazi ties in Stedeford's bank robbery trial. Stedeford, 27, of Camden, N.J., a Philadelphia suburb, is the first Bank Bandit suspect to stand trial.

Prosecutors fear that U.S. District Judge John D. Holschuh of Columbus might issue a similar ban in the Jan. 8 trial of Langan, 38. Langan was arrested last Jan. 18 on the South Side and is charged in bank robberies in 1994 in Columbus and Springdale, Ohio.

McCarthy, of Philadelphia, has pleaded guilty to three bank robbery-related charges and is testifying as a prosecution witness.

In a July pretrial hearing in Columbus, he testified that Thomas attended a meeting around November 1994 in Van Buren, Ark., where McCarthy was recruited into the gang. During the meeting, Langan boasted about robbing banks, McCarthy testified in Columbus.

McCarthy also testified Wednesday that a fifth man, whom he did not name, participated in a Wisconsin bank robbery. Guthrie reportedly also informed the FBI of the fifth suspect.




Story resumes.......

McCarthy testified that the "fifth man" was a friend of Stedeford and McCarthy who resides in the Philadelphia area and has lived many months in Elohim City, a 1,000-acre compound of neo-Nazi adherents in eastern Oklahoma.

Elohim City became prominent in connection with the Oklahoma City bombing. Timothy McVeigh, the accused bomber, phoned someone in Elohim City two weeks before the April 19, 1995, explosion at the Alfred P. Murrah federal building that killed 168 people, authorities have confirmed.

Although McCarthy did not name the fifth suspect, the McCurtain Daily Gazette of Idabel, Okla., reported yesterday that the man is Michael Brescia, a 24-year-old white supremacist from Philadelphia.

Brescia has lived in Elohim City. According to an article earlier this year in The Kansas City Star, Brescia was introduced to Elohim City by Mark Thomas. In a phone call yesterday, a relative at Brescia's house told The Dispatch he did not want to speak with reporters.


Transcriber's Note: I'll Bet He Didn't!!


Story continues.............

Michael Levy, first assistant U.S. attorney in Philadelphia, would not comment on the conspiracy investigation. But The Dispatch has learned that the U.S. Justice Department's Philadelphia office has assigned Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael A. Schwartz to head the conspiracy probe.

Indications of the Philadelphia investigation emerged last week during Stedeford's trial.


Transcriber's Note: That ain't all that emerged from that trial. Whooo Boy, that ain't all! The most explosive little tidbit didn't make the papers, yet... Remember the OKC Bombing Rule #1: "All Roads Lead To Elohim." ALL roads.


Story continues..........

Eleanor O'Neill, McCarthy's grandmother, testified that Schwartz interviewed her earlier this year. O'Neill testified as a prosecution witness.

Another prosecution witness, Stephen Musich, said authorities told him he probably will have to testify again next year in Philadelphia.

Musich, 31, of Toledo, made his remarks shortly after testifying in Stedeford's trial about a bank the gang robbed in Sylvania, Ohio. Musich saw two of the masked bandits flee the bank.





Monday, November 18, 1996


Disguises, Radios and Phony IDs All Aided Bank Heists

By Robert Ruth, Dispatch Staff Reporter

Des Moines, Iowa-- A U.S. District Court jury last week heard a step-by-step description of the meticulous planning that went into each of the Midwestern Bank Bandits' robberies.

According to testimony from Kevin McCarthy, a 19-year-old former member of the gang, it was no accident that the bank robbers eluded capture for two years while they pulled off 22 heists in Ohio and six other states.


Transcriber's Note: Since Langan was sprung from jail by the Secret Service and immediately commenced robbing banks, a crime which neither he nor Guthrie had ever done before, perhaps it was NO ACCIDENT after all.


Story continues..............

The first step in the gang's panning was to create fake identities for each member, Phony identification was important in buying and driving getaway cars, McCarthy testified.

The gang applied for Social Security numbers by using the names of dead people and by filling out bogus birth certificates. They also obtained phony business cards and employment statements.

Using these documents, they applied for drivers' licenses from various state motor vehicle bureaus. Armed with these licenses, they bought cars, usually in Iowa where restrictions on insurance and auto titles are less stringent than in other states.

Sometimes a vehicle was bought in the name of a bogus company, rather than an individual. This allowed any gang member-- not just the one who bought the car-- to drive it without having to worry about questions of ownership is stopped.

Police check car registrations when they stop a motorist for a violation. In such a situation, a gang member could explain that he worked for the company in whose name the car was registered.

The gang always used two getaway cars, allowing them to abandon the vehicle that was used in the robbery.

The gang methodically cased banks, surveying a wide range of institutions for up to a week before picking one.

A targeted bank would be near a major highway and within a few blocks of an area where the gang could switch cars without being readily seen.

One gang member visited the bank before a heist, noting the locations of doors, teller counters, offices, windows and hallways. Banks with guards were avoided.

Sometimes, a gang member casing a bank recorded his thoughts on a tape recorder. Such a recording, allegedly made by gang member Scott A. Stedeford, of potential targets in Minneapolis, was played for the six-woman, six man jury in Des Moines.

Stedeford, the first suspected gang member to stand trial, is accused of participating in the March 29, 1995, robbery of the Boatman's Bank in West Des Moines. The jury is expected to begin its deliberations today.

Peter "Commander Pedro" Langan, 38, one of the gang's alleged leaders, is scheduled to go on trial Jan. 8 in U.S. District Court in Columbus. He is charged with robbing banks in Columbus and Springdale, Ohio, in 1994.

On the day of a robbery, each gang member was issued a walkie-talkie and a semiautomatic handgun. One gang member drove the getaway car, while the others entered the bank.

At least one robber carried a portable police scanner to keep tabs on law enforcement activity in the area.

The robbers usually wore masks or other disguises. During one robbery around Christmas, Langan wore a Santa Clause suit, McCarthy testified. In other cases, gang members wore shirts and caps with law enforcement insignia on them.

One gang member usually stood by a bank's front door or in the lobby while the other bandits scooped money from tellers' drawers. The gang usually left a fake pipe bomb or grenade in the bank-- and sometimes in the abandoned getaway car-- to distract police pursuers.

Even though the bombs were not attached to detonators, some of them contained gunpowder.

The gang rented two "safe houses" that were used as headquarters. The first was in Pittsburg, Kansas, the second one at 585 Reinhard Avenue on Columbus' South Side. Langan was arrested Jan. 18 after a brief shootout with authorities behind the Reinhard Avenue residence.

The gang also rented storage lockers to keep weapons, explosives, phony IDs, disguises and other gear.




Attached, gentle readers, you will find a most remarkable communication that is getting considerable airtime on the Net and shortwave. It is one part OKC fact, four parts OKC fantasy and five parts Red Dawn-Red Hot-Red Militia Alert of the type that previously has left those suckered by such-like Red-Faced with embarrassment. (Anybody remember Red Tag? Operation Decapitation? Or any of a hundred false alarms that ended up making the issuer look like an idiot?).

Try to remember, folks, that this is the same William Cooper who has claimed in the past to have engaged in laser battles with Martians on behalf of Uncle Sam. But let's leave all his previous mental baggage aside for a moment (and the alleged "revelations" about OKC) and examine the Red Alert portion of the message.

As a militia unit commander myself, I have a couple of questions.

First, we are told: "The Militia of the United States of America and of the several States is hereby ordered to full Red Alert status until further notice." Praytell, Mr. Napoleonic Cooper, who gave you authority to issue orders to me and mine, or for that matter anyone else outside your home state (assuming you have some sort of authority within your own state)?

Then, leaving aside the issue of what evidence, if any, Mr. Cooper has of OKC misdeeds, we are are told: "Militia leadership is to be protected at all costs." Presumably Mr. Cooper includes himself in this to-be-protected class, although who he needs to be protected from is open to some interpretation by the remainder of the movement who are, for the moment, sane. Mental health issues, again, laid aside, one wonders about anyone who pretends to command (whether a small unit or a brigade or a state formation), who feels it necessary to order his troops to protect his "valuable" ass first and foremost beyond any other operational considerations. Any commander who feels so insecure, or is so ignorant of his job or his forces, that he feels necessary to issue such an order is unworthy of command. See to the task at hand, take care of your people and they will take care of you. Assuming, that is, that you have troops to command. Perhaps Mr. Cooper does not, and this is the reason for his insecurity.

In any case, why would government assassins kill you when they've left others alive who pose a far more serious threat to the coverup-- such as Glenn and Kathy Wilburn or J.D. Cash? There would not be any serious media inquiry into OKC were it not for them. 20-20's Tom Jarreyl has been interviewing THEM for the past two days not Michele Moore or Wild Bill Cooper. What makes you think you're important enough in the REAL world for anyone to want to kill you?

Then we have "it is hereby ordered (there's that word again) that all Militia personnel are to resist confiscation of arms and ammunition no matter the cost or casualties." Since that is one of the prime directives of the movement, to restate it in the form of an order is insulting to say the least, leaving aside Mr. Cooper's lack of standing to issue ANY order to anyone outside his unit (if any).

Then we get to the cute part:

"Operational commands are to place under 24 hour surveillance all known key participants in the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. A list of those known to us will be conveyed to commanding officers." Now I would be interested in seeing this list, if it exists. But I was informed in a phone conversation this afternoon with a national militia leader that I respect that when asked for the list, Mr. Cooper replied something to the effect that "if you don't already have it, you're not a militia commander" or some such. Really? I bet Mr. Cooper was one of those kids who ran around in first grade chanting "I know something you don't know. And I'm not gonna tell you." After they suckered you the first time, you quickly realized in your six-year-old mind that the kid didn't know doodley-squat about anything and was just striving for attention.

Then we get to the REALLY cute part:

"Any participant who attempts to flee the United States is to be placed under arrest at their point of exit and held pending identification of an government agency that can be trusted to hold them for trial." Really? And which agency is that? Are we to attempt to detain Louis Freeh if he attempts to take a vacation? Once again it gets back to who's on this mysterious list. I say, put up or shut. Post it on the Net so we can see who it is you are "ordering" us to detain. If you're that sure of your "facts" then it shouldn't be a problem, Mr. Cooper.

I'm gonna skip that "resisting arrest-minimum force to apprehend them ALIVE" stuff-- it's too laughable for words. But then we get to:

"Failure to carry out this order may be grounds for Courts Martial under the terms and conditions of the Uniform Code of Military Justice." Really? I notice you gave yourself an out when you said "may be", so I guess you're not as completely crazy as the rest of this delusions of grandeur-paranoid ideation-chicken little crap seems to suggest.

Below is a discussion (including a statement from the Wilburns) about Ms. (Major?) Moore's "scholarly" findings. But I have one militia question about her status before we get to that: I notice Mr. Cooper refers to her as "Major Michele Marie Moore, who was station chief of Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas for the Intelligence Service of the Second Continental Army of the Republic." Don't you think her A.O. is a bit large for a Major, Wild Bill? Is a promotion in the offing? I've seen lots and lots of stars on militia "commanders" collars lately, but I don't think we have a female Brigadier yet. I'm sure she is "the very model of a modern militia general" to paraphrase Gilbert and Sullivan. But what you must wonder is: is she for real, or just a government plant look-a-like for the real Michele who is being held prisoner in the "X Files Suite" of Hangar 51? If you're able to get onto the base, you might find her playing Martian laser tag in the Virtual Unreality Room.




I faxed the Wilburns a copy of Mr. Cooper's "Red Alert" on Monday the 18th. We had previously discussed Ms. Moore's scholarship, or lack thereof, prior to Glenn's illness. Glenn told me that Ms. Moore had sent them a copy of her book and after the first few pages he had thrown it in the trash in anger at it's slipshod, totally wrong (and even wild), conclusions. I asked around the small community of OKC-conspiracy story journalists and other Oklahomans who had experience with Michele and the opinions were uniformly: "nutburger".

I spoke with them yesterday and today about the Moore/Cooper communique. For the past two days, 20-20's Tom Jarreyl has been interviewing the Wilburns and about 12-15 other OKC survivors/families who have been expressing extreme dissatisfaction with the progress of the government's investigation, especially how it relates to the particular issue of government prior knowledge and the failure of the government to warn people in and around the building of the possibility of an explosion.

I also know for a fact that 20-20 is working closely with others in OKC to bring out prior knowledge aspects to the story. Rather than the specific date given by Mr. Cooper of Nov. 22, this piece will air (perhaps in three parts) sometime prior to Christmas (it's as specific as ABC could get at the moment). Of course, after NBC wimped out in a big way on the Tulsa/McVeigh/Brescia/Strassmeir/Second Van story, I suppose if it gets on at all it will be a major victory.

But the Wilburns would like to correct some serious misapprehensions some folks (particularly the uninitiated) will have after reading the Cooper/Moore piece. They won't blow their own horn about what they've accomplished so far, but let me do it for them.

Glenn and Kathy Wilburn lost two grandbabies (and their daughter, Edye Smith, lost two sons) in the Oklahoma City bombing, Chase, age 3 and Colton, age 2. They paid in blood for their ticket to sit at this table and don't you ever forget that. As regular readers of the John Doe Times will know, the Wilburns have been conducting their own investigation into the April 19th bombing of the Murrah Federal Building. This investigation was prompted because they--and some others-- felt the authorities were not telling them the truth about what happened that tragic spring morning.

During the course of their investigation they have uncovered many disturbing facts, as regular readers of the John Doe Times will realize. And during the course of their investigation they have had the opportunity to share this evidence with reporters who have been able to build upon their investigation and then present it honestly, a piece at a time, to the American people.

(The 1st Alabama Cavalry Reg't and I became involved with the Wilburn Investigation of OKC when a Constitutionalist within law enforcement give us a briefing on the Lyons/Strassmeir connection to OKC, along with some specific information that the Wilburns didn't know about "Little Orphan Andy." I contacted Glenn Wilburn through long distance information after I saw his name in one of the first stories about his skepticism of the government's OKC "party line." The rest, as they say, is history. We, and other militia men and women scattered across the country, continue to work as we can to assist the Wilburns on a volunteer basis. The John Doe Times was started on the Internet because important local stories on OKC were not being picked up by the national media. 1 ACR has also served as an important sourcepoint of articles and first-hand information between several of the reporters who are working on aspects of the story. The clippings service that is the heart of JDT is usually seen first via fax by the reporters who are digging out important parts of the story. We also are working with folks to dig out our own pieces of the puzzle. But NONE of this, I repeat, NONE, would be possible without the Wilburns.)

The Wilburns have dedicated 18 months of their lives, and countless thousands of dollars of their savings, to the investigation and they are now seeing some of the results of their efforts in the mainstream media. God willing, they, and we, will see more as the coverup begins to crack and peel. But as Glenn faxed me,

"Unfortunately, during the course of our investigation we have been contacted by some elements who, quite frankly, are disreputable clods. Clods who seek to capitalize on this tragedy and portions of what we have uncovered and then twist and distort these facts to fit their own despicable agenda. Nothing fits this description better than the rag recently released by the Cooper-Moore clique."

He continued: "We wish to make it perfectly clear that not only do we disclaim any participation in the publication of this grotesque distortion of facts and reality, we also urge others to understand that such charlatans only provide critics of what we have tried to accomplish the ammunition to bring into question any independent investigation of the Oklahoma City bombing."

Glenn called "ludicrous" the suggestion that "this garbage" of Moore and Cooper had anything to do with ABC's 20-20 working on a program regarding OKC. He stated that the preliminary work on the show began in his and Kathy's kitchen some five plus months ago-- long before the Cooper-Moore fables were available. Said Glenn, "By seeking to capitalize on the responsible work of (journalists) and others, and then claiming credit for what they certainly had nothing to with," (what Moore and Cooper have done) "sickens us." The fax was signed by both Glenn and Kathy.

Absent any proof (in the form of photographs of legitimate provenance, documents, etc.) from Moore and Cooper to document their wild claims, I'm going to stick with the Wilburn's view of OKC and continue to work as hard as I can to assist them in their investigation.

Every thinking citizen, militiaman or not, I think will do the same.

-- Mike Vanderboegh, 1 ACR



Subj: You are one sorry excuse of a Patriot
Date: 96-11-19 17:28:14 EST
From: (Patrick Henry's Ghost)

Maybe the reason Mike Brescia is free today is beacuse he is innocent. I hope you get your ass sued off in a civil suit. William Cooper was so right about you wanna-be patriots. Perhaps the TRUE agent provocateur are amongst your closest "Militia" allies. God help us when the so-called alternate-Patriot press gets more yellow than the established news media. Ever hear of a Red Herring? You are sick and you need help. Or maybe you are just doing what you are being told. The truth will come out and I long for the day your "News Service" pays the price for the garbage you put out. You, Sir, and I use that term loosely, are a died and cast Marxist. You know it and I know it.

(No signature, spelling and punctuation as original.)




Volume II, No. 7 Attachment


Subj: piml] CAJI! FLASH (correction) Militia RED ALERT (fwd)
Date: 96-11-18 10:29:43 EST
From: (Mark A. Smith)
To: (piml mail list)

--------- Begin forwarded message ----------
From: "Harvest"
Subject: CAJI! FLASH (correction) Militia RED ALERT
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 1996 15:41:03 -0700
Message-ID: <>>>

The book 'Oklahoma City: Day One' by Michele Marie Moore with a Foreword by me, William Cooper, has broken the conspiracy of silence surrounding the true facts of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. Soon after the release of 'Oklahoma City: Day One' in Oklahoma witnesses who have held silence for over a year began to talk... and talk loud. Police officers, firemen, FBI agents, ATF agents, victims, and witnesses from all walks of life began coming forward with their testimony, documentation, photographs, and other evidence.

Thursday, November 14th, on an unprecedented 2 1/2 hour broadcast of my, William Cooper's, 'The Hour of The Time' Major Michele Marie Moore, who was the station chief of Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas for the Intelligence Service of the Second Continental Army of the Republic, Militia, when the bombing occured, and who headed the investigation into the true facts of the bombing, revealed new evidence that has been withheld by the Intelligence Service. I and Michele Marie Moore completely lifted the veil of the cover-up during the broadcast.

Among the revelations were the proof of at least two (possibly more) explosions... the worst of which were detonated INSIDE the building. The existence of photographs which prove that a huge crater was blasted INSIDE the building that extended several floors BELOW ground level in a part of the building where no lower floors were supposed to exist. Large holes in walls 5 feet or more in diameter that were blown in consecutive walls that were built north to south meaning the force of that explosion was exerted in an east/west axis. There were at least three Tim McVeigh look-alikes involved... and it is not clear which is currently in custody. That there were at least two John Doe #2 look-alikes... and that John Doe #2 or his look-alike is ABSOLUTELY an agent of the United States government. A photograph exists taken just before the bomb detonated which clearly shows Bob Ricks (FBI) in friendly conversation with John Doe #2. The FBI, BATF, Anti Defamation League of B'naij B'rith, the Oklahoma City Police Department, the Oklahoma City Fire Department, and the United States Marshal Service knew about the bombing in advance... some for as long as two years. McVeigh, John Doe #2, Terry Nichols, and James Nichols were under surveillance for as long as two years before the bombing. Governor Keating knew about the bombing in advance. There were men moving around inside the building with flash lights from room to room covering the third and fourth floors all night before the bombs went off the next morning. There were ATF, FBI, Oklahoma City police, Fire Department personnel, and the Oklahoma City Bomb Squad present at the Murrah Federal building from approximately 5:30 am that morning and most of them were present when the bomb actually detonated at 9:02 am. Louis Freeh, FBI Director was present in Oklahoma City the morning of the bombing along with at least 30 FBI agents from all over the nation. So far 9 material witnesses who were in some process of releasing information that would have exposed this to the American people are now dead... some more obviously murdered. That Bob Ricks is actively writing letters, memos, and sending faxs which threaten witnesses and blatently order them to shut up or else. The Intelligence Service is in possession of these Bob Ricks communications. Names were named, sources and documentation was cited. I, William Cooper, several times made this statement during the broadcast...

"We know who you are... and we saw what you did... You are going down... and it is the Militia who is taking you down... you are going to prison for many years.... anyone who had a part in this bombing or who has information who does not come out now is going down with you."

Within 24 hours of the broadcast the dam burst... people began coming out of the woodwork like rats deserting a sinking ship... police officers, firemen, 2 BATF agents, and 2 FBI agents met with 20/20 producers and testified to what they knew... 20/20 has informed us that it will tentatively be aired Friday, November 22... (significant number in the mysteries 11+22=33)... which means that it could be an attempt at damage control... futile in this instance. The Intelligence Service has been flooded with calls and contacts... all wanting to come clean.

In light of the above, I have been ordered to relay this order from the Commanding General Second Continental Army of the Republic to the Intelligence Service. All members of this command are hereby ordered to obey.

William Cooper
Director, Intelligence Service
Second Continental Army of the Republic

Message follows:

The Militia of the United States of America and of the several States is hereby ordered to full Red Alert status until further notice.

Investigation by the Intelligence Service and analysis of the facts presented to the Command Staff indicate that it is clear that the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on April 19, 1995 was an intentional act of terrorism brought about by persons within the United States government for the purpose of furthering a political agenda against the Constitution for the United States of America and the First Ten Amendments, known collectively as the Bill Of Rights. All who participated, or who had advance knowledge, are guilty of TREASON.

In light of the above... The Second Continental Army of the Republic, Militia, has in its possession the evidence to convict those guilty, or complicit, from the lowest stooge to those at the highest levels of government. We have no indication of what will be the defensive reaction of the Clinton administration or federal law enforcement.

Militia leadership is to be protected at all costs. Should there be an attempt by any force to disarm Militia or Militia personnel, it is hereby ordered that all Militia personnel are to resist confiscation of arms and ammunition no matter the cost or casualties. To be disarmed in the face of tyranny is worse than death.

Operational commands are ordered to place under 24 hour surveillance all known key participants in the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. A list of those known to us will be conveyed to commanding officers. Any participant who attempts to flee the United States is to be placed under arrest at their point of exit and held pending identification of an government agency that can be trusted to hold them for trial. Anyone who resists arrest will be met with whatever MINIMUM force is neccessary to apprehend them ALIVE.

Failure to carry out this order may be grounds for Courts Martial under the terms and conditions of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

By order

Commanding General
Second Continental Army of the Republic

--------- End forwarded message --------

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