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NOTE: 1ACR has been assisting Glenn & Kathy Wilburn with their private investigation of the Oklahoma City bombing and the search for ALL of the killers of their two grandchildren and 166 other Americans. The analysis below is my own, and it should be made clear that I do not presume to speak for the Wilburns. The Wilburns are two very courageous Americans who have suffered much in their search for the truth. Other Oklahoma City victims have criticized the Wilburns for seeking to get McVeigh off the hook. Nothing could be further from the truth. None of the information that they or their many volunteer helpers have discovered (of which I am but one) exculpates Timothy McVeigh. McVeigh was the truck driver, and a key player in the plot. What we are after is the rest of the bombers and the murdering bastards that sent them and sheltered them after the fact.

14 December 1996


Volume II, No. 10






Our Motto: Sic Semper Rodentia.

ARYAN-LINKED SKINHEAD BUSTED WITH WEAPON TIED TO MUELLER TRIPLE MURDER. ATF TRIES TO BARGE IN ON CASE. WHY? The Mueller case is front burner again and about to boil over-- in more than one place. The latest news that can be reported comes from Sioux Falls, SD where a Spokane-area skinhead was pulled over by sheriff's deputies and found to be in possession of a rifle that was taken from Bill Mueller at the time of his disappearance/death. Interestingly, from sources in Minnehaha County ("Minnehaha" is a Lakota word meaning "laughing waters"-- just another example of all the educational things you can learn by reading The John Doe Times) comes the report that immediately after the word got out about the link to the Mueller case, the ATF was on the Sheriff's front door wanting to barge in on the case. This dovetails with other information from Arkansas, where sources report an ATF agent assigned just-about-exclusively to the Mueller case, despite the fact that it is a local murder case and there are few firearms connections to it (no NFA weapons, etc,) which might explain the ATF's intense interest in it.

Keeping tabs for the cover-up, are we, ATF Director McGaw? That's right, you were the one who let Langan out of jail to "chase down" Guthrie when you were head of the S.S., weren't you? Oh, what a tangled web we weave.....

11 December 1996



19-year-old Washington man arrested at Interstate 90 rest stop on Minnesota border. By Jennifer Gerrietts, Argus Leader Staff.

A 19-year-old Washington state man is being held in the Minnehaha County Jail, charged with receiving a gun connected to the slaying of an Arkansas family. Sheriff's deputies stopped Sean Michael Haines of Spokane, Wash., about 4 a.m. Tuesday at an Interstate 90 rest stop on the Minnesota border.

He is being held on a $50,000 cash bond after appearing in Minnehaha County Magistrate Court on two counts of grand theft. Deputy State's Attorney Mark Reedstrom argued in court for a high cash bond, saying a military-style rifle found in Haines' vehicle was owned by a slain Arkansas family. Reedstrom said he didn't know details of the case or Haines' connection to the homicide investigation. Reedstrom told Magistrate Judge Pat Riepel that officers found two weapons in Haines' vehicle-- the Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle and a Ruger Redhawk Revolver. When deputies traced the weapons' serial numbers, records indicated that both guns had been stolen and that the rifle was linked to the Ark. homicides.Haines was driving to Minnesota with a 16-year-old pregnant girl, Reedstrom said. Deputies took the girl to the Juvenile Detention Center in Sioux Falls. Reedstrom said Haines carried driver's licenses from three states. He also had white supremacist literature in his vehicle and has admitted he is a white supremacist. Officials with the Minnehaha County Sheriff's Department would not say why deputies stopped Haines' vehicle. They wouldn't confirm that the stolen rifle was linked to the Arkansas homicide investigation. The decomposed bodies of a missing husband, wife and daughter were found in July. Riepel set Haines' bond at $50,000 because of the nature of the case and because his unemployment and lack of community ties make him a flight risk. Haines wasn't able to post bond Tuesday night, jail officials said. He is to appear Tuesday in Minnehaha County Circuit Court for a preliminary hearing to determine whether sufficient evidence exists to bring him to trial. END OF STORY.

JDT Commentary: Sources familiar with the case are doubtful at this time that Haines was himself directly involved in the Mueller murders. There are some theories as to who may have sold/given him the weapon and these are being worked on by independent investigators at this time. Let's hope the Minnehaha jailers are a bit more conscientious than the late Richard Guthrie's Kentucky wardens.-- Mike Vanderboegh, 1 ACR.


4 December 1996



Court Documents, sources point to Cincinnati informant.

By Robert Ruth, Dispatch Staff Reporter

A recent court motion gives new details about the assistance a government witness gave the FBI in tracking down the late Richard Lee Guthrie Jr., a leader of the Midwestern Bank Bandits. Guthrie's Jan. 15 arrest eventually led to the arrests of Peter "Commander Pedro" Langan and two other alleged members of the gang.

Previously, federal authorities had revealed only the briefest details about the help they had received from the witness-- Shawn Kenny, a soldier from Cincinnati.

During a July 16 pretrail hearing in Langan's case, FBI agent Ed Woods said he had interviewed Kenney on Jan. 3, less than two weeks before Guthrie's capture in Cincinnati. Woods said Kenney had known Guthrie and Langan for years, but the agent did not elaborate.

In a later motion filed with U.S. District Judge John D. Holschuh, the government revealed that Kenney accompanied Langan and Guthrie when they cased a bank in Springdale, Ohio, in 1994. On Friday, the government filed another motion giving new details about Kenney's connection with Guthrie. It reveals that authorities interviewed Kenney two more times--on Jan. 8 and Jan. 14-- within two days of Guthrie's capture.

The FBI has confirmed that Guthrie's arrest resulted from a tip from an informant. The informant told agents that Guthrie was to meet someone in a Cincinnati restaurant on Jan. 15. The government has not publicly identified the informant, but sources report that Kenney aided in Guthrie's capture.

Two days after his arrest, Guthrie told FBI agents they probably could find Langan in a duplex at 585 Reinhard Ave. on the South Side. On Jan. 18, agents surrounded the house and arrested Langan after a brief shootout.

Guthrie later identified two other alleged members of the gang-- Scott A. Stedeford, 27, and Kevin McCarthy, 19. Both men were arrested in May in the Philadelphia area.

Guthrie was found hanged July 12 in his Kentucky jail cell, an apparant suicide victim. Stedeford was convicted last month in Des Moines, Iowa, of three bank robbery charges. McCarthy has pleaded guilty to three bank robbery-related charges and was a prosecution witness in Stedeford's trial.

The prosecution has confirmed that both Kenny and McCarthy will be called as government witnesses in Langan's trial, scheduled to begin in federal court in Columbus on Jan. 8. END OF STORY.

From the Government's Motion In Limine referred to in the above story we glean this little gem..... "Polygraphs"

Defense counsel is being provided, contemporaneously with this filing, the results of two polygraph examinations taken by Shawn Kenney, a potential witness in this case. This is GIGLIO material normally provided during trial prior to cross examination of the witness. We have provided it prior to trial to allow defense counsel the opportunity to review it and so that defense counsel can file an informed response to this motion in limine. Shawn Kenney voluntarily took two polygraph examinations during the investigation of this matter. The first occurred on January 8, 1996. Kenney was questioned concerning his personal involvement in a bank robbery. Kenney denied ever committing an actual bank robbery, and the polygraph examiner found no deception to the relevant questions on that test. In other words, he passed that polygraph examination. On January 14, 1996, Kenney took a second polygraph examination concerning contact he had with Richard Guthrie on January 13, 1996. The polygraph examiner found Kenney to be deceptive on this issue. Following the polygraph, agents arrested Richard guthrie on January 15, 1996, and learned through Guthrie and a third party that Kenney had, in fact, met with Guthrie on the 13th as he had told the polygrapher....(paragraphs of legal precedent re: polygraphs deleted)...

Although the first polygraph test, which the witness passed, meets the two-step BARGER analysis, the second one, which the defense is more likely to want to use, does not. First of all, whether Kenney met with Richard guthrie on January 13, 1996, is irrelevant to whether Peter Langan committed the bank robberies of the Columbus National Bank and the Society Bank in Springdale, Ohio. Secondly, the probative value does not outweigh the prejudice, particularly where it was subsequently discovered that the witness was telling the truth in the second examination.

If the Court permits the defense to question Shawn Kenney concerning the results of the second polygraph examination, it will require the government to call additional witnesses to prove Kenney did not lie when he indicated he had met Richard Guthrie on January 13, 1996. Moreover, the government would then be permitted to disclose Kenney passed the first polygraph test concerning his commission of a bank robbery. The prejudice all of this would entail certainly outweighs the probative value of such an inquiry." END OF MOTION EXCERPT

JDT Commentary: Now, what do we have here? A government witness (read "snitch"?) who is first contacted by the FBI for an interview on Jan. 3, 1996. What info did they have to tie Kenney to anything, let alone Guthrie and the "Midwestern Bank Bandits"? On Jan. 8, he is given a polygraph to determine if he's robbed any banks with his Aryan homeboys. On Jan. 13, HE MEETS WITH GUTHRIE. Presumably he does this without the FBI's knowledge, or they would have taken Guthrie on the 13th and not the 15th. Also presumably, he doesn't tell Guthrie he's been to see the FBI and take a polygraph, or Guthrie would have booked and been long gone from the neighborhood rather than come back to the second meeting, which WAS a set-up.

The FBI then doesn't trust Kenney about his meeting with Guthrie on the 13th and gives him another polygraph on the 14th (in which he is deceptive) and, after THAT, they trust him with another chance to set up Guthrie. Kenney complies, Guthrie is busted. Kenney is said to be a longtime friend and fellow white supremacist??!? And then is allowed, as part of his bargain, to go ahead and join the U.S. Army?!?!? Has anybody told the Army what Kenney's beliefs are? Has anybody told them of his actions in assisting with casing banks and armored cars? Is he really going to get the chance "To Be All That You Can Be"? Isn't this where McVeigh started, reading The Turner Diaries in the shade of his Bradley Fighting Vehicle? Don't you feel safer knowing that Kenney is protecting you tonight?

If you don't think the Langan trial is going to be an interesting place, read the next Bob Ruth article, which includes the above information, plus a whole lot more.:

12 December 1996



By Robert Ruth, Dispatch Staff Reporter

A tip from a trusted friend who shared the gang's white-supremacist beliefs led to the first arrest in the Midwestern Bank Bandits case, federal prosecutors revealed yesterday. The disclosure by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Robyn Jones and Dana M. Peters came during a three-hour pretrial hearing in U.S. District Court in the bank robbery case of Peter "Commander Pedro" Langan, an alleged leader of the gang.

The prosecutors made the revelation in explaining to Judge John D. Holschuh the importance of Shawn Kenney, a Cincinnati man who is expected to be a major government witness in Langan's trial next month in Columbus. Jones confirmed for the first time that Kenney tipped off FBI agents that Richard Lee Guthrie Jr., 38, would be at a Cincinnati restaurant last Jan. 15. "He contacted Guthrie again (on Jan. 15) and that led to the apprehension of Mr. Guthrie," Jones said of Kenney's tip to the FBI. Agents spotted Guthrie making a call from a pay phone near the restaurant and arrested Guthrie after he attempted to flee in a van.

Guthrie soon confessed about his role in the gang's string of bank robberies in Ohio and six other states and informed authorities where they could find three other alleged gang members. Langan, 38, was arrested behind 585 Reinhard Ave. on the South Side on Jan. 18, and Scott A. Stedeford, 27, and Kevin McCarthy, 19, were arrested in May in the Philadelphia area.

A federal court jury in Iowa last month convicted Stedeford of three bank robbery-related counts involving a 1995 heist in West Des Moines. Guthrie was found hanged July 12 in his Kentucky jail cell, the victim of an apparent suicide. McCarthy has agreed to plead guilty to three bank-robbery charges and is expected to testify as aprosecution witness in Langan's trial, scheduled to start Jan. 8.

In another surprise yesterday, Kevin Durkin, one of Langan's attorneys, said his client will not object to testimony about white supremacist and neo-Nazi beliefs during Langan's trial. But Durkin warned that he probably will ask Kenney and McCarthy about their own radical beliefs in an effort to damage their credibility with jurors. A federal judge in Stedeford's November trial barred any mention of the gang's white-supremacist and neo-Nazi views. Yesterday, Peters gave other details of Kenney's links to Langan. The two met, Peters said, at a 1991 meeting of the Christian Identity sect, a psuedo-religious organization that believes Jews are the children of Satan and blacks and other minorities are "mud people." Langan also boasted to Kenney that his gang was being modeled after the Order, a notorious group of white supremacists headed by Robert Jay Mathews, Peters said. The Order stole more than $4 millionfrom banks and armored cars in California, the state of Washington and Idaho in 1983 and 1984.

Order members also bombed synagogues and assassinated Alan Berg, a Jewish radio talk show host in Denver. Mathews died in December, 1984 in a fire during a gun battle with FBI agents on Whidbey Island, Wash. Peters also said Kenney visited Langan in jail after Langan was arrested in November 1992 in connection with the robbery of a Pizza Hut restaurant in Lavonia, Ga. Kenney accompanied Langan and Guthrie in 1994 when they cased a bank near Cincinnati and armored cars in Arkansas, Peters said. In Nov.,1993, Langan even asked Kenney to join the gang,but Kenney turned down the invitation because he has a wife and child, Peters said.

Jones said Kenney has denied participating in any of the gang's robberies.

Kenney has passed polygraph tests and has not been charged in any crimes, Jones added.

Langan's trial will involve two 1994 bank robberies, one in Columbus and one in Springdale, Ohio. He is to be tried later on charges stemming from a shootout at the time of his arrest. END OF STORY

12 December 1996



By J.D.Cash

Federal authorities are gathering evidence that could establish a link between members of the Oklahoma City bombing conspiracy, radical members of the white separatist movement, a burglary and the subsequent brutal murder of an Arkansas family who made their living selling anti-government literature at gun shows, the McCurtain Gazette has learned. And in a new development, the Associated Press reported Wednesday that a military-style firearm belonging to murdered Arkansas gun show exhibitor William A. Mueller had been recovered from a Spokane, Wash., man arrested in South Dakota. Arrested there and charged with possessing stolen property was Sean Michael Haines, whom the McCurtain Gazette has learned was a member of a neoNazi "skinhead" group operating in the Northwest U.S.

During Haines' arraignment in Souix Falls, S.D., Deputy State's Attorney Mark Reedstrom said the admitted white supremacist had a firearm in his vehicle which records show belonged to the late Bill Mueller of Tilly, Ark.

Reedstrom said Haines carried forms of identification from three states and had white supremacist literature in his car when he was picked up at a rest stop on I-90 near the Minnesota border.

ARKANSAS GUN ROBBERIES Last year, when Terry L. Nichols and co-defendant Timothy McVeigh were indicted with "others unknown" for the April 19, 1995 Oklahoma City bombing of the Murrah Federal Building, the grand jury's report said the the conspiracy was financed in part by the Nov. 5, 1994 robbery of an Arkansas gun dealer. That theft involved 70 weapons and other property taken at gunpoint from a Royal, Ark., man. Roger Moore, the 60 year old victim, said he was alone at 9:15 a.m. when he stepped outside his house and was surprised by an intruder who wore "woodland" pattern camouflage fatigues and a black ski mask . The suspect subdued Moore with a postol-grip shotgun and then bound him with flex cuff restraints and duct tape.

As it turns out, Moore was once a friend of Tim McVeigh and says the two met at a gun show in Florida in 1995 and stayed in contact thereafter. Moore told investigators that on one visit to his home, McVeigh was wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the words "White Power." The McCurtain Gazette has also learned the McVeigh's associations include membership in the Ku Klux Klan.

Moreover, the Desert Storm veteran has boasted that his Klan membership was personally approved by Arkansas resident Thom Robb, a Christian Identity minister and national chaplain for the KKK. Initially, Moore fingered McVeigh as the prime suspect in the robbery - explanining that the young drifter had been a house guest and was one of very few people familiar with the large gun collection he maintained at his home. But Moore also told authorities the only person he got a look at on the day of the robbery was too short to be McVeigh.

Indeed, subsequent eyewitness reports - supported by the telephone and motel records - place McVeigh several hundred miles from the crime scene that weekend.

As for co-defendant Terry Nichols' alleged role in the robbery, ex-Army buddy Mike Fortier told the FBI that McVeigh called him after the Royal, Ark., heist and said, "Nichols got Bob!" Fortier told authorities that McVeigh always referred to Moore by his alias, Bob Miller.Fortier has pleaded guilty to transporting some of Moore's firearms and later selling them at the directions of McVeigh. After the bombing when the ATF and FBI raided Terry Nichols' home in Kansas, they located 33 firearms and other items believed taken in the Roger Moore heist. Roger Moore said later that his insurance company would pay only a fraction of the value of his total loss.


Because of reports and other evidence, authorities have expanded their investigation into yet another Arkansas robbery reported by a gun show exhibitor. And like the Moore robbery, the victim told people he might know who the mastermind was. In September of this year, the trial judge scheduled to hear the McVeigh-Nichols case placed under seal a subpeona for sales tax records from the Missouri Department of Revenue related to a gun show held in Sedalia, Mo., on Feb. 10-11, 1995. Included in the subpoena were the names of McVeigh, Nichols and Michael Fortier and the two dozen aliases used by the men.

The FBI believes Terry Nichols and possibley co-defendant Tim McVeigh could have attended a portion of that gun show. FBI officials have sought similar tax records from other states where they believe Fortier, McVeigh and Nichols may have liquidated stolen property, using the proceeds to finance the bombing conspiracy.

The McCurtain Gazette recently located two witnesses whose account of Terry Nichols' visit to Sedalia, Mo., has led criminal investigators into one of Arkansas' most grisly unsolved crimes. THE MOTEL MEMORY The owners of a Sedalia motel say that Terry Nichols checked into their 12-unit inn between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. on Feb. 10, 1995. He was alone, they said, and records indicated he used the alias "Joe Rivers." Phillip Shaw, owner of the Motel Memory, signed Nichols in that wintry night after negotiating a lower rate for the soft-spoken spoken traveler."He was very polite and mentioned that he was here for a gun show," Shaw said. "He asked me if I would give him a discount on the room if he paid for two nights in advance... I agreed to take less." Early the next morning, Shaw's wife Betty, noticed an odd assortment of items in the GMC pickup belonging to their guest in Room No. 2. "His truck had a camper shell," Mrs. Shaw recalled. "I looked in the right side window of the camper and could see that the truck was crammed full of stuff - including large boxes marked 'Ammunition.'" "Then I remembered he told my husband that he was here for a gun show." Later that morning, "I saw that the truck was gone, so I went to clean his room," Mrs. Shaw said. "When I opened the door, I couldn't believe it! The floors and bed were covered with all these crates of ammunition. I couldn't clear the room because of all the heavy boxes and tarps he had moved in there." ROBBERY LINK? Shortly after Mrs. Shaw's startling discovery, 150 miles down Highway 654, an Arkansas family reported their home had been robbed of a large quantity of ammunition and other valuables. According to official reports, gun show dealer William Mueller told Searcy County Sheriff's investigators that sometime after 3 p.m. on Feb.10, 1995, his secluded home north of Tilly was broken into - and some $40,000 worth of property taken. Missing items listed in the burglary report were silver coins, gun parts, survivalist gear - and 30 cases of ammunition containing more than 17,000 rounds of various calibers.The Muellers filed their report the evening of Feb.12, 1995,only a couple of hours after returning from a weekend away from home.


Investigators say they are puzzled about many facets of Nichols' visit to Sedalia. First, evidence indicates that on Feb. 10,1995, Nichols was traveling through Manhattan, Kan.., at 1:30 p.m. and, thus, very likely missed most, if not all, of the first day of the two-day gun show.

McVeigh's whereabouts are less certain until he makes a telephone call late on the evening of Feb. 12, 1995, from a motel in Arizona. Then there is Betty Shaw's account of Nichols hauling thousands of rounds of ammunition from someplace, then leaving the merchandise in his room during the second and final day of the gun show. And finally, legitimate gun show merchants say there is such a small margin of profit in legally purchased factory ammunition that typically only persons involved in selling reloaded ammo or hard-to-get specialty calibers ever bother to deal at all in ammo. Equally baffling are the strange connections to characters and events surrounding the Mueller family themselves. PARANOIA? For many years, Bill Mueller, 53, and his wife, Nancy, 28, were regulars at gun shows. Instead of selling firearms though, the Mueller's wares were primarily politically charged books, bumper stickers and video tapes. The majority of the material was highly critical of the federal government - a product line which the couple later believed caused them to come under the scrutiny of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms of the U.S. Treasury Department (ATF).

Confirming this was reporter Gene Wergis, who says he met the Muellers at a show at Little Rock in November 1995. By the time Wergis spoke with the Muellers, more than eight months had passed since the couple had reported the burglary and still their property had not been recovered.Nor had the insurance company paid the claim.

Writing for a newsletter, Wergis reported that the Muellers told him gun show promoters were placing pressure on him to stop selling "anti-government materials."

Friends reported that Bill Mueller believed the ATF had coerced gun show promoters into barring exhibitors who displayed such materials. Indeed, when Wergis published his story, included in it was a letter from ATF head John Magaw admitting the agency had encouraged promoters to "self-police" themselves and improve their overall image by discouraging exhibitors from selling items not related to hunting and other shooting sports. Possibly significant, Wergis wrote that Bill Mueller said there were two men who approached him at a gun show in Fort Smith, Ark., earlier in the year - and that he was greatly concerned about them. "It's been one strange thing after another," Wergis quoted Mueller."First, the ATF tells me things in my booth have to be removed. Then I'm introduced to another strange fellowk, Andy Strassmeir, who seemed to parrot the same ATF line." "And he introduced me to a real far out guy named Mike Brescia..." Mueller then told Wergis that he remembered the two because he believed they might be connected with his home's burglary - or even the ATF. Wergis also reported that Mueller showed him a spiral notebook where the exhibitor had gone so far - so great was his concern - as to write down the two men's names.


Links between Strassmeir, Brescia and McVeigh were first reported in the McCurtain Gazette, including the information that Strassmeir and Brescia were once roommates at a white separatist compound near Fort Smith, called Elohim City. Residents of the small Oklahoma compound, near Muldrow, told the Gazette that it was their former chief of staff, Andreas Strassmeir, that Timothy McVeigh had called for via telephone on April 5, 1995. Investigators believe the timing of the call is significant. That's because it occurred only seconds after telephone records indicate McVeigh, or someone using his credit card, phoned a Ryder truck rental establishment in Arizona. It was a Ryder truck rented in Junction City, Kan., a few days later that was used to transport the bomb which destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.


An FBI intelligence source confirmed that Strassmeir - a former German military officer - was the ATF's intelligence "mole" inside Elohim City. This past spring, after a court-appointed investigator for Timothy McVeigh interviewed Strassmeir, the German national's attorney, Kirk Lyons of Black Mountain, N.C., sent out a newsletter saying his client had returned to Berlin, Germany, because of death treats - and to avoid arrest. Responding to allegations that Strassmeir was an undercover intelligence officer for the federal government, Lyons told the Gazette that his client did nothing more than fill out some job applications requesting employment from the DEA (Drug Enforcement) or INS (Immigration). Meanwhile, the ATF has refused to comment on whether Strassmeir worked for them. But the presiding judge at the bombing trial in Denver recently ordered the government to turn over any such records to the Nichols and McVeigh legal defense teams. MUELLERS FEARED FOR LIVES? Whoever the perpetrators of the burglary of the Mueller residence in Arkansas, those who knew Bill and Nancy Mueller said they were scared because they might know who did it - and feared they'd come back to kill them. A man claiming to be a friend of the family, George Eaton, told the Gazette that he believed the Muellers had information concerning the missing property and maybe some "other things." Eaton would not elaborate on what he meant by "other things." But he did acknowledge being present when his friend, Andy Strassmeir, quarreled with Bill Mueller at the Fort Smith gun show.Until recently, Eaton lived near Elohim City and publishes the "Patriot Report" that Timothy McVeigh subscribed to at his sister's address in New York prior to the Oklahoma City bombing. Eaton told this newspaper he doesn't know McVeigh and can't recall why his sister's name was on his subscriber list. As for Brescia, Strassmeir's former sidekick, Eaton acknowledges the subject lived at his home in the fall of 1995. Another Elohim City regular and close associate of Strassmeir and Brescia, Tulsan Dennis Mahon of the White Aryan Resistance (W.A.R.), told reporters he knew Bill Mueller because they attended militia meetings in Mountainsburg, Ark., together. And, according to published reports, the Mueller's house in Tilly, Ark., was acquired sometime after a friend of the family, Timothy Coombs, abandoned the property and later went into hiding for his alleged participation in the shooting of a highway patrolman in Missouri.


Searcy County Investigators say the Muellers filed a detailed list of property reported stolen in in the February 1995 incident but that no check was ever issued by the insurance company. A spokesman at the Searcy County Sheriff's Department would only say Mueller failed to show up at his office on three separate occasions for meetings with an investigator hired by the insurance company to look into the purported burglary.


In early January of this year, a business partner of Bill Mueller stopped by the family's remote mountain home and found it vacant. Although there was no blood inside the house, or signs of a struggle, the door to the house was kicked in and farm animals were starving. Authorities began an investigation after getting the report. And several days later, the Muellers Jeep Cherokee was located some 17 miles from their Tilly residence. Some Mueller friends told investigators the couple may have just decided to take off for some reason. Others said they might have gone into hiding because of fears Mueller had that he was targeted for assassination. Finally, it was a fisherman's horrifying catch that moved the case to the front pages of the Ark.newspapers.The Ark. Gazette reported that Mueller, his wife and her 8-year-old daughter, Sarah Powell, were recovered by divers on June 28-29 from the Illinois Bayou in north-central Ark. after a fisherman reported snagging a portion of a human leg. Subsequent stories quoted witnesses at the scene who said the victims had been handcuffed together at the hands and feet, with plastic bags wrapped over their heads and fastened with duct tape. All three members of the family were located in 20 feet of water-- tied to a heavy rock.


The Gazette has learned that the FBI and ATF have joined local and state authorities in Ark. to sort through the suspicious nature of the Mueller burglary in hopes of finding clues that might explain the execution-style murders. Sources also note that a few of the Muellers belongings have been recovered, though the vast majority of the property remains unaccounted for. Also unaccounted for is some $50,000 the Arkansas Gazette reported the Muellers were believed to have received only days before they disappeared. As for the thousands of rounds of ammunition listed as missing from Mueller's residence, sources say they have located lot numbers from receipts Mueller had. They are checking those against property seized from several locations-- incl. the James & Terry Nichols' homes raided after the OKC bombing.


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