7 January 1997



FROM WHIDBEY ISLAND TO OKLAHOMA CITY BY WAY OF "JOHN-DOE-VILLE" (ELOHIM CITY): Parts One and Two of J.D. Cash's latest series on "The Movement" from the "Order" to the "New Order".

ALSO-- A LETTER FROM "JOHN-DOE-VILLE": THE REV. MILLAR DOES THE "GUILT BY ASSOCIATION" TWO-STEP; OR Remember that more often than not the "associates" ARE "guilty."




Proctor grasps Mary Warren, an accomplice of the lying Abigail, by the throat as though he would strangle her..... Proctor: "Make your peace with it! Now Hell and Heaven grapple on our backs, and all our old pretense is ripped away-- Make Your Peace!!" He throws her to the floor, where she sobs, "I cannot, I cannot..." And now, half to himself, staring, and turning to the open door..... Proctor: "Peace. It is a providence, and no great change; we are only what we always were, but naked now." He walks as though toward a great horror, facing the open sky.... Proctor: "Aye, naked! And the wind, God's icy wind, will blow!" And Mary Warren is over and over again sobbing, "I cannot, I cannot, I cannot," as the curtain falls.

End of Act Two, The Crucible by Arthur Miller.



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"Rebels With A Cause": J.D. Cash's Latest Series On "The Movement" From "The Order" to the "New Order."

McCurtain (Oklahoma) Gazette, 27 December 1996


By J.D. Cash with Jeff Holladay

(McCurtain Gazette Editor's Note: Bombings...terrorism...bank robberies... white separatists. They've all been linked, at one time or another, in the McCurtain Gazette stories about the Oklahoma City bombing, one of the worst terrorist incidents in the history of the U.S. Yet, few Americans or Oklahomans today have any inkling of the ideology that drives these homegrown revolutionaries, whose links to the "OKBOMB" case may be closer than previously believed. The series of stories that follow detail the resurrection of white separatism, the ideology that drives the movement and the criminal enterprises that finance it.)

Idabell, Oklahoma-- Stirring from the ashes of Whidbey Island in Washington state, memories of the revolutionary figure Robert Jay Mathews-- leader of the near-mythical white separatist group known as the "Order"-- were rekindled earlier this year during stunning testimony detailing a string of bank robberies in the Midwest.

At a pre-trial hearing this summer, and at a criminal trial last month, crucial evidence portrayed a robbery spree of white separatists as part of their plans for a home-grown revolution.

It bears a striking resemblance to a similar pursuit a decade ago by Mathews, whose death in 1984 elevated him to the pantheon of demi-gods in the Aryan movement. Arrested and charged so far are alleged gang members Kevin W. McCarthy, 19, Peter K. Langan, 38; Scott A. Stedeford, 27; and Richard l. Guthrie Jr., 37.

In November, the government put its first defendant on trial in Des Moines, Iowa, with defendant Scott Stedeford being found guilty after only two hours of deliberation by a jury. More bank robbery trials are pending.

Providing riveting testimony about the group earlier was a former "skinhead" who described an audacious plan by a rag-tag group of revolutionaries bent on the destruction of the federal government. "Our goal was to open the door to the overthrow of the United States government," said Kevin McCarthy. McCarthy, who entered a plea bargain agreement with federal prosecutors in exchange for testimony, told the court that he was recruited by the gang in the fall of 1994.

Afterward, he participated in six bank robberies, with the major portion of the proceeds divided equally among the members, McCarthy testified. Some of the loot, he testified, was put away for expenses; some for other "acts". McCarthy was not asked to elaborate on what these acts might have been.


Transcriber's Note: Oklahoma City, perhaps? Will Langan's attorneys have the cojones to ask THAT question on cross examination?


But allegations that they included funding for various terrorist operations-- such as the Oklahoma City bombing-- have caused the FBI to investigate several individuals and groups that may have received funds.

His "cell", McCarthy testified, was part of what the members called the "Aryan Republican Army." And his leader, he said, was Peter "Commander Pedro" Langan. Federal prosecutors allege that, beginning with a January 25, 1994, heist in Ames, Iowa, Langan and others went on a binge of 21 other bank robberies across seven states-- netting more than $250,000. None of the money has been recovered.

Based on telephone records, eyewitness accounts and offcial statements provided the FBI in conjunction with the Oklahoma City bombing investigation, the McVeigh-Nichols "cell" of alleged bombing conspirators may be linked to the Aryan Republican Army more closely than has yet been reported.

That linkage, sources have told the Gazette, may be the result of a REBIRTH of a secret society of ultra-right-wing revolutionaries....long believed to have been destroyed, but rising Phoenix-like from the ashes of a group that emerged a decade ago.


McCurtain Daily Gazette, 28 December 1996

REBELS WITH A CAUSE, The Second in A Series.

By J.D. Cash with Jeff Holladay

(Gazette Editor's Note: Timothy McVeigh and other contemporary white separatists did not emerge full-grown like Zeus during the past several years. Instead they are a continuation of the white separatist movement spawned by Robert Jay Mathews and others a decade or more ago. Here is the story of Mathews, who is credited with shaping much of the radical element of the white separatist movement.)

Idabel, Okla -- In the early 1960s, Bob Mathews was growing up in Barry Goldwater's Arizona, amid a national political trend many believed was witnessing a nation going down the path of creeping socialism-- even communism. Perplexed by the course events were taking, Mathews dabbled with right-wing issues when he joined the John Birch Society at age 12.

By the age of 18, Mathews was training in the desert with the Sons of Liberty, preparing for the coming guerrilla war against communist invaders. His ideology and views continued to become more extreme. In 1973 he became a tax resister.

Five years later, after reading William Gayle Simpson's "Which Way Western Man?" and joining its publisher William Pierce's National Alliance, the die was cast for what Mathews would eventually become.

Pierce, a former University of Oregon physics professor, is best known today for writing "The Turner Diaries"-- considered a blueprint for a white supremacist-led insurrection by an underground group called "The Order." It was a bible for the white separatist movement, and it provided both an identity and a purpose for people like Bob Mathews-- and later, Timothy McVeigh.

By 1974, Mathews was on probation for tax fraud. Intrigued by the allure of the former Northwest Territories, the young man packed up and move to Metaline Falls, Washington. Not long after arriving, Mathews paid a visit to a white separatist enclave, the Church of Jesus Chist Christian, at Hayden Lake, Idaho, several hours from where he lived. Soon Mathews decided he had found a place he could call home, people he could befriend, and a cause he could support-- the struggle for a white Aryan homeland.

Pastor Richard Butler ruled over the 20-acre retreat, which was rapidly becoming a mecca for white separatists seeking like-minded people. Mathews became a regular. Eventually, he would become a leader.

Kahl's Death Proves Catalyst

By July, 1983, the death of tax protester and Posse Comitatus member Gordon Kahl had fueled a rowdier-than-usual tone at Hayden Lake's annual "Aryan World Congress."

Already, Mathews was emerging as a can-do leader. He had successfully convinced a few other men that he could translate the fictional "Turner Diaries" into reality. Gordon Kahl's death, plus the fiery speeches, inflammatory rhetoric and a sense of urgency to strike while the iron was hot, spawned Mathew's plan for guerrilla warfare against the federal government.

The goal of "The Order", or "Der Bruders Schweigen" (The Silent Brotherhood) as Mathew's group came to be known, was an all-white homeland in the northwestern U.S. Federal authorities, though, thought the plan sounded a lot more like secession-- and sedition.

But it was the group's means more than their ends that eventually created the greatest calamity for all involved. After getting a logging contract with the U.S. Forest service to support their cause, but discovering that the work was hard and the returns insufficient for their purposes, the group turned to crime.

The gang's first "hit" was a porno store. Their take: $369.10. "Revolutions have started from less," Mathews told his supporters. Fulfilling his promise, it wasn't long before the Silent Brotherhood pulled more grandiose schemes. Setting up a printing press, they experimented with counterfeiting.

But the real money, as former eastern Oklahoma outlaw "Pretty Boy" Floyd was wont to say, was in banks. And that's where the Silent Brotherhood turned next...well, sort of.

In 1984, they robbed an armored car of $235,000 in Washington state, sending $40,000 of it to Aryan Nations headquarters at Hayden Lake, Idaho.

With time, the gang's activities became more sophisticated. They experimented with disguises. They tried diversionary tactics designed to throw authorities off their trail. Sending police to the wrong side of town just minutes before a heist was one such ploy. Mathews code name became "Carlos" after he darkened his face for a robbery and the police issued an APB for a Hispanic individual.

Using aliases, the gang paid cash for inexpensive used cars they'd abandon within a few hundred yards of the group's robberies. They traveled under aliases obtained from cemeteries and obituaries, using those to get birth certificates, Social Security numbers and driver's licenses.

After months of honing their skills, the gang worked up a plan which resulted in their largest and most daring heist ever. It was an ambush of a Brink's armored car. It took place in daylight at a steep bend in Highway 20, near California's scenic Route 101.

Working in full view of shocked motorists, members of The Order hauled sack after sack from the armored car-- an incredible $3.8 million when they tallied the take later. Flush with more cash than they ever dreamed possible, the revolutionaries set out across the country, making substantial donations to leading figures in the "Movement."

Mathew's Death

But as is often the case in such matters, it was an informant that did the gang in. Member Tom Martinez had agreed to work for the FBI in echange for a reduction in sentence on charges related to passing some of the gang's counterfeit money.

In late November, 1994, he arranged a meeting in Portland with Mathews and another gang member. The FBI moved in, but in a shoot-out that left Mathews and an FBI agent slightly wounded, Mathews effected his escape.

By December 3, Mathews was nursing his wounds and trying to pull his scattered gang back together at a rented house at Smuggler's Cove on Whidbey Island in Washington's Puget Sound. While Mathews raged at Martinez treachery, another of his "Silent Brotherhood" betrayed him by calling the FBI from a phone booth on the island.

The FBI deployed more than 150 Special Agents including SWAT team agents from Seattle, Portland, Butte, San Francisco and Los Angeles, supported by the Hostage Rescue Team from FBI headquarters in Quantico, Virginia. Using the Whidbey Naval Air Station as a command post, the FBI surrounded Smuggler's Cove.

The FBI took all of Matthews' followers on the island without incident, but Mathews refused to surrender. A standoff lasted until 2:00pm the following day, when, after pumping the house full of tear gas, eight agents stormed the two-story dwelling.

Mathews fired his machine-gun blindly through the wood flooring, driving back the FBI agents who escaped unhurt but shaken into the nearby woods.

Next, the situation turned into a hide-and-seek game as Mathews ran from window to window shooting at agents-- who returned fire from the woods.At dusk, a helicopter was called in to hover over the house in an attempt to unnerve Mathews. After taking fire from Mathews, the helicopter was ordered away.

Instructions came from the FBI command post: Lob M79 starburst flares into the rapidly deteriorating vacation home. That set it ablaze. Then stockpiled ammunition began to detonate. As a conflagration enveloped the house, agents waited anxiously for Mathews to surrender. He never did.




"The Best of Today With A Promise For Tomorrow"

A Division of Elohim, Inc. Route 3, Box 293 Muldrow, OK 74948
PH#: 918-427-7739 FAX: 427-7686
Rev. Robert G. Millar, President
December 26, 1996

Mr. Mike Vanderboegh
Editor, The John Doe Times
P.O.Box 926
Pinson, AL 35126

Dear Mr. Vanderboegh,

It is most kind of you to send me the informational poster "Unwanted By The F.B.I." I assume you sent it to me because of the references to Elohim City and the liklihood of the poster being used as part of a smear tactic against myself and Elohim City.

I am told that Morris Dees and his ilk have carried on an active smear campaign against us but the bashing of President Clinton minimizes the possibility that he is involved in this.

There might be someone with a grudge against someone, other than myself, who is also a resident of Elohim City, who has produced this poster.

Then again, the weight of historical and Biblical evidence is so much in favour of the truth of "Christian Identity" that zionists and their ilk can only discredit us by associating us with bank robbers, murderers and bombers.

Guilt by association is an old and dishonorable practice among those who have little factual information to support their cause, but in this article "guilt by association" seems to be carried to a new low in that the tactic is used even before the majority of the "associates" have been proved guilty.

The drawing of the John Doe #2 does not, I can assure you, resemble Mike Brescia who is a clean cut, preppie, slight, college boy. I would think the reason he has not been questioned by authorities is because they don't think he's guilty. At any rate, I think it is best for us if we presume people innocent until proven guilty.

I don't believe I have ever heard of your publication "The John Doe Times". Could you send me an issue, I would interested in knowing what you are all about. Then (the?-- mv) news media have an important role to play in these times of political upheaval. I applaud every news reporter that makes thorough and honest attempts to "tell it as it is."

Looking forward to seeing you, For kith and kin, God and Country,

(Signature),Rev. Robert G. Millar


My Response To "Guilt By Association" Charges from the Mayor of "John-Doe-Ville".

7 January 1997
Rev. Robert G. Millar, President
Elohim City, A Division of Elohim, Inc.
Route 3, Box 293
Muldrow, Oklahoma 74948

Dear Rev. Millar,

I'm glad you liked the "Unwanted By The FBI" poster of your grandson-in-law-to-be, Michael Brescia. A copy of it is now posted on the World Wide Web, and individual copies will be gracing telephone poles along Manatawna Avenue in Philadelphia shortly. You're quite right, you know: Morris Dees had nothing to do with this poster. It was entirely my creation and I am certainly no friend of Morris "the Molester" Dees. If you don't believe me, just ask him. I have discovered that, contrary to the philosophy "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", that if you choose your friends from amongst your enemy's enemies you soon find it impossible to tell your friends from your enemies.

As far as anyone tarring Elohim City with a "smear campaign", I would observe that hogs who roll in their own excrement may be said to be engaged in a "smear campaign" yet they have no on to blame but themselves. I hold no "grudge" against you, nor anyone else at "E.C." (as you call it). In fact, we have not even been introduced. But I assure you that I am no "zionist" and indeed, I am not Jewish but Presbyterian.

If it means anything, your friendly neighbor and Identity associate "Prophet of the most high" Ray Lampley once called me an "uncircumcized dog". This was a curious thing, I thought, for we here in Alabama have never felt the need to circumcize our dogs (I know my dog wouldn't take very kindly to the idea) but perhaps you folks in Oklahoma have a different practice. (For his part, Lampley is now in the federal jug, having attempted stupid bomb tricks in the presence of both ATF & FBI snitches. Wasn't he going to demo those out at the "Richard Wayne Snell Memorial Bomb Testing Range" at Elohim City?)

You wax quite eloquent about "guilt by association" as in: "zionists and their ilk can only discredit us by associating us with bank robbers, murderers and bombers." Leaving aside Tim McVeigh, Mike Brescia, ATF Strassmeir, the Ward boys and OKC for a second, may I gently point out that two former residents of Elohim City, Scott Stedeford and Kevin McCarthy, have already been convicted or pled guilty to bank robbery as members of the Aryan Republican Army? A frequent visitor to Elohim, ARA leader Richard Guthrie, also copped to bank robbery and bomb charges as part of a plea agreement with Feds before his untimely "Arkancide" at the end of a dirty bedsheet in his Kentucky jail cell. Another ARA visitor, Peter Langan, sits in jail awaiting trial this week for bank robbery and other charges in Columbus, Ohio.

Dennis Mahon of White Aryan Resistance, whose "Silver BUllet" travel trailer was out at "E.C." for so long weeds grew up around it, was just called before the Tulsa grand jury to answer questions about another bomb plot to blow up federal buildings in Tulsa and elsewhere, as was Carol Howe, a long-term former resident of Elohim (you remember Carol, she used to hang around with all the "preppie college boys" that surrounded Andy). I expect both of them will be arrested (and singing their lungs out) shortly.

Finally, do we really need to discuss the case of cop-killer Richard Snell, who was ultimately executed (coincidentally on 19 April 1995) for mistakenly executing a pawn shop owner he THOUGHT was Jewish? So, long story short, Pastor Millar: I don't think you need any "zionists" to invent your associations with "bank robbers, murderers and bombers." You, sir, have done that very well all by yourself. try to remember that, as is often true in cases of "guilt by association", the "assoiates" ARE "guilty".

In fact, the whole Aryan movement pretty much used "E.C." as a little "Switzerland" for a while, din't they? Free from state or federal law enforcement interference, they could come to "Elohim, Inc.", engage in military training with "ATF Andy" and Dennis Mahon, practice maneuvers, and test explosive devices without fear of arrest. Of course that doesn't mean you were free from surveillance. There are those fascinating aerial photos of the bunker system you installed (or was it Andy?) between the church and the school. The amount of concrete that was hauled out there is somewhat in dispute, I know, but "substantial" probably covers it.

And what ARE those suspicious spots on the photo recon prints where the earth was disturbed on "the back forty"? I assume that's where Andy & Co. kept their arms caches. I'd hate to think they were graves. While we're on the subject, did you ever figure out who was hanging out in that tree by the entrance photographing folks as they came and went? He wasn't one of ours, and the Oklahoma state boys disavowed him, so he must have been a fed. Have you asked the Oklahoma City FBI S.A.C.?

"Guilt by association," you state, "is an old and dishonorable practice". True, true, but an even older and more dishonorable practice is the use of religion to advance political causes and to use as a shield to hide from the consequences of illegal acts. You know as a Constitutional militiaman, the last thing I want to see is Elohim City made into another Waco. As despicable as I find your "racialist" philosophy to be, I would die to protect your Constitutional rights against a federal assault.

Fortunately for us, there are a few major differences between your case as it is shaping up, and Waco. First, none of David Koresh's friends and associates had anything to do with multiple bank robbery, bomb-making and mass murder. On an innocence scale, Koresh and his people rated substantially higher, in my opinion, than do you and some of your present and former associates. Nobody ever used Mount Carmel as a base for neo-Nazi terrorist operations. Can you say the same about Elohim City? Will a jury agree with you, or me?

Second, a federal assault on "E.C." is highly unlikely by virtue of the fact that they would not endanger their substantial intelligence assets already in place there. Aside from long-time federal snitch Mr. Ellison, et. al., I hear you now have Oklahoma City FBI Special Agent in Charge (SAC) Thomas Kuker coming out on a regular basis to "sing in the choir." Exactly who's doing the singing, and what hymnal they're singing from is of great interest to me and my friends.

(Tongue-in-cheek speculation: "We will now sing verses 1,2 & 5 of the 'Coverup Chorus', pasted on the back of page 454 in your hymnals...Special Agent Kuker, will you begin?")

Doubtless it will also be of interest to the FBI Office of Professional Responsibility, if not a congressional oversight committee, at some point in time. (By the way, isn't having Ellison do your carpentry something like the result of getting the Russians to build an American embassy in Moscow-- well-built but wired? Came to you right after OKC didn't he? Hmmmmm.........)

Third, the federales are loathe to draw any attention to Elohim City because of the danger of upsetting their "McVeigh-as-single-bomber-applecart" at the trial in Denver-- but of course that applecart is so rickety we both know it's going to collapse of its own weight during cross examination. Then we can all watch the "apples" roll downhill to YOUR door.

So I'll hazard a guess that the feds are not particularly interested in raiding you just now. However, if Ellison goes to the Radio Shack in Forth Smith one day and doesn't return, and you get a call from Kuker saying he's got laryngitis, you might want to start packing your small bag of personal effects.

"The drawing of John Doe #2 does not, I can assure you, resemble Mike Brescia who is a clean cut, preppie, slight college boy," you avow. Well, my momma always told me to give preachers the benefit of the doubt in the Truth Department, but I'll give you some reasons for our selection of Michael Brescia as "John Doe #2" and then I'll give you a chance to settle the matter. First, sketch photos (you may know, as you've had more contact with criminals than I have) are an inexact science. Timmy McVeigh doesn't look exactly like the drawing of "John Doe #1" but he was subsequently picked out of an actual lineup by the witnesses. Now I understand that Peter Ward (another former Elohimite) is actually a better match for the "John Doe #1" drawing than is McVeigh. Does this mean that Peter Ward is actually John Doe #1? Shall we ask Peter if he wishes to stand in his own lineup? Would you mind if he did?

As far as Mikey and "John Doe #2", the witnesses at Elliott's (and others in OKC and elsewhere) picked Brescia's photo out as John Doe #2. Also, I'm sure you know about the witnesses scattered from Wyoming to Texas who place Brescia in the company of McVeigh and Strassmeir prior to the bombing. You know, Pastor, you should really counsel Mikey to stay out of strip clubs, in Tulsa or Philadelphia. Such places are bad for the soul, hard on the wallet, dangerous to reproductive health and his frequenting them might make Esther made to boot. Wives can't testify against their husbands, ex-girlfriends can.

Here's your chance to settle the matter: Just get your daughter Joan to pick out some of the best pictures from her family photo album of Mikey and Esther taken 'round about the time of the bombing. (Hint: try to get one that doesn't show him in sunglasses and ballcap.) We'll be happy to show them to the witnesses, and if they have second thoughts, I guess your boy's off the hook. Unless he's John Doe #5 or #6 instead of John Doe #2.

Of course there's still that matter of the bank robbery he did with the Aryana Republican Army up in Madison, Wisconsin (McCarthy testified that Stedeford brought Mikey back to "E.C." after the robbery. Is that why Brescia left Elohim City shortly afterward? Did Daddy find out that his precious Esther's "intended" was a bank robber, too? I'm sure that you would NEVER take ANY money from bank robbers.)

Not to mention the question of why Bill Mueller, shortly before his family's disappearance/murder in January, 1996, was telling an Arkansas reporter about the "Mutt & Jeff of the ATF" (my phrase in The John Doe Times)-- Andy Strassmeir and Mike Brescia. So maybe we need to show Joan's pictures of Mikey around to a few more places (like Wisconsin and Arkansas)--- you're sure he's innocent, arent you? What have you got to lose? (P.S. If Tim McVeigh's in any of them, you might want to crop him out with scissors. We'll notice if you don't.)

I agree with you that "it is best for us if we presume people innocent until proven guilty." I also believe that anyone as firmly convinced of his friends' (and his own) innocence as you should hasten down to give a deposition to Edye Smith's lawyer in her civil suit against the bombers (which, surprise, surprise, includes Michael Brescia, late of Elohim City). You may have noticed that the number of persons named in the suit has been slowly expanding as new headlines develop more information. I'm giving odds that you and Elohim, Inc. will be on the "list for service" by the end of March, as more and more information develops about Michael Brescia & Co.

May I suggest that there's a perfect way to avoid Elohim City changing hands (and names) to "Edye's Acres" -- hustle on down to her attorney with a deposition that tells everything you know (and the whole truth for once would help). You might even avoid state prosecution for harboring a criminal enterprise.

Of course, you don't have to worry about federal prosecution just yet-- you're laboring under the same protective tent as Mike Brescia. You and I both know that "OKBOMB" as the FBI calls it was an ATF sting gone bad. The snitch, Andy Strassmeir, was one of your trusted lieutenants. We also know that since the search for John Doe #2 became "John Doe Who?", the FBI has been covering up for their hapless ATF cousins in the interest of continued Clinton Administration survival. It is ironic to consider, is it not, how loudly you condemn the immoral, godless, and unconstitutional Clinton Administration while at the same time you support their continued existence with your silence? Clinton himself traces the revival of his failed first term to the Oklahoma City bombing. Look how much we have to be thankful to you and Elohim City for (beyond the 168 innocent victims of the bomb and growing list of dead witnesses)! You've more than a whiff of hypocrisy about you, Reverend-- it is a positive stench.

But FBI agents, even Directors, change. So do administrations. Just before the change comes, they'll dump you like a hot potato. And if I'm right, I'll get to pitch my vacation tent at Oklahoma's newest roadside rest: Edye's Acres. It's all up to you Reverend. Can FBI hymn-singers protect you from depositions-under-oath in the Smith civil suit? Place your bet. And if you don't think gambling is Christian, you've been doing it since the 19th of April, 1995. Ask yourself if you think your run of luck is going to hold.

We here at the John Doe Times stand ready to chronicle the survival, or the fall, of John-Doe-Ville. As its titular "mayor", you will receive future isues of our modest effort with my compliments. How else will you keep up with the antics of your "Doe-boy", Michael Brescia?

Michael Vanderboegh
Editor, The John Doe Times
P.O.Box 926
Pinson, AL 35126

P.S.: Tell your son David that Timmy DID finally tell his lawyer everything. I'm sure he has NOTHING to worry about.

The John Doe Times: Electronic Journalism With A Distinct Point of View



(End of Letter)


Just a reminder, folks: The thing to remember about "paranoid conspiracy theories" is that if they prove to be factual they are neither paranoid nor a theory.

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