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Volume II, No. 14
9 February 1997


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WASHINGTON WEEKLY, 10 February 1997



            Government's Case Rocked By New Revelations


 By Edward Zehr


 With the trial of Tim McVeigh scheduled to begin on March 31, the

 government's  case  has been severely damaged by information that

 has recently come to light which  suggests  that  a  much  larger

 conspiracy  was  involved  and  that  the  government  had  prior

 knowledge of the terrorist bombing of the Murrah Federal Building

 in  Oklahoma  City, but failed to prevent it. As if that were not

 enough, a report  just  completed  by  the  Justice  Department's

 Inspector   General   is  said  to  focus  on  details  of  gross

 irregularities in the FBI crime  lab  that  could  have  a  major

 impact  on  the  case.  Ambrose  Evans-Pritchard, writing in last

 Sunday's London Telegraph said the report reveals that  "the  FBI

 crime  lab altered forensic conclusions to accommodate government

 claims that the blast, which killed 168 people in the  spring  of

 1995, was caused by a 4,000lb ammonium nitrate bomb."


 The report, which has been covered by  the  mainstream  press  in

 this  country,  is  said  to  conclude  that  some of the FBI lab

 officials have been subjected to pressure to falsify evidence and

 commit  perjury  in  order to assist the prosecution in obtaining

 convictions. Not that this is anything new to those who  followed

 the Ruby Ridge massacre and the subsequent trial of Randy Weaver,

 in which the  government's  case  disintegrated  when  the  court

 discovered that the prosecution had introduced falsified evidence

 provided by federal agents.


 A recent AP report cited the allegation  by  "the  supervisor  of

 another  unit"  that  the   crime  lab's  explosives  unit  "used

 improper procedures resulting in unfounded conclusions that   led

 to what he called  'forensic prostitution.' ''


 According to the AP, "three  senior  FBI  agents,  who  evaluated

 evidence  in  the  Oklahoma  City bombing case, have been removed

 from their jobs as a result of a Justice Department investigation

 into the lab."


 The government continues to maintain that the bombing was the act

 of  a  single  person,  Tim  McVeigh, supported by an accomplice,

 Terry Nichols, who stayed in the background.  This  scenario  has

 been  seriously  damaged by information that has come to light in

 recent weeks. The arrest early this month of Michael Brescia, who

 is  alleged  to  have been involved in a series of bank robberies

 staged by a bizarre domestic terrorist group, has undermined  the

 single bomber theory, suggesting a much wider conspiracy. Brescia

 has been identified by a number of witnesses as  'John  Doe  II',

 who was seen with McVeigh in the days just prior to the bombing.




 The terrorist organization which staged  the  bank  robberies  in

 order  to  finance its illegal activities has been described as a

 neo-Nazi group which calls itself  the  Aryan  Republican   Army.

 McVeigh  is  said  to have been connected with this organization.

 The ARA was described in an earlier article by Evans-Pritchard as

 "the  secret  military arm of the American neo-Nazi  movement. It

 is  committed  to  the  overthrow  of  the  US  government,   the

 extermination  of  America's  Jews,  and  the establishment of an

 'Aryan Republic' on the North American continent."


 The British journalist described the ARA  as  modeled  after  the

 Provisional  IRA  ,  or  "Provos", as they are known in the U.K.,

 which  is  organized  into  small,  underground  cells  that  are

 difficult to infiltrate.


 The "intellectual" leader of the organization is a man named Mark

 Thomas,  a  former  "state  chaplain" of the Ku Klux Klan and now

 Pennsylvania director of the Aryan Nations. He is also a minister

 in  the  "Christian  Identity"  movement,  a  sect  that believes

 Europeans to be descendants of the lost tribes of Israel,  and  a

 member  of  the underground Posse Comitatus. Thomas who describes

 himself as a student of Nietzsche and the theories of Carl  Jung,

 has  expressed  sympathy  for the "anti-colonial" struggle of the



 Thomas owns a house in   Macungie  near  Allentown,  Pennsylvania

 which  has  become  a hangout for followers he has recruited, who

 frequently travel with him to a Christian  Identity  compound  at

 Elohim City, Oklahoma.


 The leader of the bank  robbers  is  a  38-year-old  high  school

 dropout  named   Peter  Langan,  a.k.a.  "Commander Pedro." He is

 currently standing trial in  Columbus, Ohio on charges  resulting

 from  a  bank  robbery  there.  One  of  Thomas'  recruits, Kevin

 McCarthy, testified at Langan's trial last week that  "the  group

 robbed  banks to spread its beliefs and finance terrorism against

 the government," according to an AP report.


 Langan's partner in larceny, Richard Guthrie, was found hanged in

 his  Covington,  Kentucky  jail cell in 1996. A short time before

 his death,  Guthrie had made a deal  with  the  FBI  and  federal

 prosecutors,  agreeing  to  testify against Langan and the ARA in

 return for a reduced sentence. He also spoke  to  reporters  from

 the  L.A.  Times about a book he was going to write regarding the

 bank robberies and the people involved in them.


 According to  Evans-Pritchard,  Langan's  "Aryan  Army  cell  was

 well-equipped  for  terrorism." Among the items seized by the FBI

 when they arrested him were "a  shoulder-fired  rocket  launcher,

 Semtex  explosives, hand-grenade canisters, 11 pipe-bombs, and an

 arsenal of guns." The clandestine group is also said to have  had

 a system of safe houses and false documents of good quality.




 Thomas  and  four  others  were  indicted  on  January  30  by  a

 Philadelphia  grand  jury  that  charged  them with conspiracy to

 commit bank robbery and receive stolen money in the years between

 1994  and  mid  1996.  The  indictment  charged  that  Thomas had

 ''recruited young  people  at  his  residence  .  .  .  including

 defendants Scott Anthony Stedeford and Kevin William McCarthy, to

 rob banks  and  commit  other  crimes  on  behalf  of  the  Aryan

 Republican Army.''


 James  Ridgeway  writes  in  the  Villiage  Voice   that   Thomas

 "introduced Stedeford and McCarthy to Richard Lee Guthrie Jr. and

 Peter Langan, the leaders of the Aryan gang."


 Altogether, the gang is said  to  have  committed  22  robberies,

 seven  of which are covered in the indictment, bringing them more

 than $250,000. Thomas is alleged to have provided the  gang  with

 equipment  they  used in connection with the robberies, including

 false identity papers, radio equipment and  a  getaway  van,  and

 they,  in  turn,  gave  him  a  portion  of the stolen money. The

 indictment maintains that Thomas used the money ''to further  the

 goals  of  the  organization, building a separatist white bastion

 and to purchase weapons and other items necessary for  additional

 bank and armored car robberies.''


 Stedeford  stood  trial  last   year   and   was   convicted   of

 participating  in   a 1996 robbery that took place in Des Moines,

 Iowa. The 19-year-old  McCarthy has testified against  Langan  at

 his trial in Columbus, Ohio, implicating Thomas as the person who

 planned the robberies.




 Another  person  named  in  the  indictment  is  Michael  William

 Brescia,  a 24-year-old part-time college student who lived for a

 time with Andreas Strassmeir, a former German  army  officer,  at

 Elohim  City.  As mentioned in a previous column, Evans-Pritchard

 revealed Strassmeir's connection with the Oklahoma  City  bombing

 in  several  articles  that appeared in the London Telegraph last

 year. He also noted that Glenn and  Kathy  Wilburn,  an  Oklahoma

 couple  who  lost two grandchildren in the terrorist attack, have

 "accumulated evidence which they claim indicates  Strassmeir  was

 an   undercover  US  agent  who,  while  based  at  Elohim  City,

 penetrated  the  white  separatist  movement  and   alerted   the

 authorities about the impending attack."


 The Wilburns accuse the FBI of refusing  to  pursue  leads  which

 place  a  number of suspects near the scene of the crime with Tim

 McVeigh, in order to avoid exposing government negligence in  the

 incident.   Glen  Wilburn  maintains, "This was a sting operation

 that went berserk."


 Now that the trail is  getting  hot,  some  journalists  who  had

 previously  ignored  Strassmeir  are beginning to spin the story.

 Mark Eddy, writing in the Denver Post, is at pains to  point  out

 that  Strassmeir's  "grandfather  helped  found  the  German Nazi

 Party,"  and the Village Voice's James Ridgeway  informs us that,

 "No one knows much about Strassmeir, who is variously reported to

 be a Berlin neo-Nazi, a German  army  intelligence  officer,  and

 possibly even a U.S. or NATO undercover agent."


 In fact, Andreas Strassmeir's identity was revealed months ago in

 the British press. He is the son of  Guenter Strassmeir who was a

 member of the West German Bundestag (parliament) for more than 20

 years  and  is  a  close  confidant  of  German Chancellor Helmut

 Kohl.  Andreas, who is now 37, was once an  intelligence  officer

 in  the  Bundeswehr,  as the modern German army is called. He was

 assigned the task  of  tracking  down  and  turning  East  German



 Those who would swallow the cover  story  regarding  Strassmeir's

 "neo- Nazi" sentiments exhibit an extraordinary naivete regarding

 the social order  in  modern  Germany.  It  would  be  considered

 extremely  odd  for a person of his background to join a neo-Nazi

 group; sort of like a member of the British aristocracy   hanging

 out  with  skinheads  --  not  the  done  thing,  old  boy. It is

 difficult to imagine that Strassmeir had much in common with  the

 lads at Elohim City, although it is not hard to understand why an

 intelligence agent sent to infiltrate  their  organization  might

 pretend  to  have an affinity for their cause. As Evans-Pritchard

 put it, " was a curious existence for a  man  who  had  once

 been a lieutenant in the Panzer Grenadiers." During the course of

 the five interviews he had with the London Telegraph,  Strassmeir

 observed  that,  "The  Right-wing in the US is incredibly easy to

 penetrate if you know how to talk to them. Of course it's  easier

 for  a  foreigner  with  an  accent;  nobody would ever suspect a

 German of working for the federal government."


 The point that needs to be understood here  is  that  joining  an

 American  neo-Nazi  group is the last thing a German with genuine

 National Socialist convictions would ever dream of doing. To such

 a  person,  being  a Nazi is a uniquely German thing. Nazis don't

 like foreigners very much, especially Americans.




 Michael Brescia, the fifth man named in the indictment,  attended

 LaSalle  University  in  Philadelphia  for  a time as a part-time

 student. He also lived with Thomas, who introduced him to Guthrie

 and  Langan, before moving to Elohim City where he shared a house

 with Strassmeir. His identification as the elusive "John Doe II",

 who  was  sought  for  a  time by the FBI as an accomplice of Tim

 McVeigh, was discussed at some length in a previous column.


 Although the  Village  Voice  article  claims  that  "the  slight

 Brescia  is said to bear scant resemblance to the swarthy suspect

 on the now discarded wanted posters,"  Evans-Pritchard  wrote  in

 the   July   1   Telegraph  that  "two  witnesses  came   forward

 immediately after the bombing and told the FBI  that   they  knew

 who the John Doe II in the artist's impression was."


 One witness was a college student named Catina Lawson, who was  a

 close  friend  of  McVeigh  and  the other was her mother, Connie

 Smith.  Lawson told the FBI on the day after the bombing "he  had

 a tattoo on his arm and his name  was Mike, but I didn't know the

 rest of his name."


 Lawson also told the London Telegraph  "I never found out what he

 was  doing in Kansas, but I remember [his girlfriend] saying that

 he came from Pennsylvania, and I saw the Pennsylvania tags on his



 Smith was introduced to  "Mike"  by  her  daughter.  She  recalls

 seeing him in the local town of Herrington with Tim McVeigh. Many

 witnesses have reported seeing McVeigh in the  Ryder  truck  that

 was used in the bombing, but almost all of them have said that he

 was not alone.


 The description of John Doe II  circulated  by  the  FBI  shortly

 after the bombing noted that he had a tattoo on his arm. There is

 no indication that the FBI pursued the lead given them by  Lawson

 and Smith. Two weeks ago the FBI discontinued its search for John

 Doe II, saying that he was not  involved  in  the  bombing.  U.S.

 Attorney  Michael R. Stiles has said that Brescia's indictment is

 not connected with the Oklahoma City investigation.


 Brescia has been named in a wrongful death suit brought  by  Edye

 Smith  whose  two  children  were killed in the bombing. Although

 served with the suit  by  Smith's  attorney's,  Brescia  did  not

 respond  within the time limit provided by law and has apparently

 decided to default on the action.




 An article by J.D.  Cash  in  the  January  28   McCurtain  Daily

 Gazette,  an  Oklahoma  newspaper,  revealed  that  Tim McVeigh's

 sister, Jennifer, told government authorities  that  her  brother

 was involved with the group that committed the bank robberies.


 Cash wrote, " In a sworn statement, dated May 2,  1995,  Jennifer

 McVeigh, then 21, said that she was given three (3) $100.00 bills

 and asked that they be exchanged for 'clean money'  because,  her

 brother  said, the bills were from a recent bank robbery in which

 he and others had participated."


 Jennifer McVeigh was first interviewed by  the  FBI  in  Florida,

 following  the  arrest  of  her  brother  and  Terry  Nichols  on

 suspicion of being involved in the  Oklahoma  City  bombing.  She

 asked  to  make the May 2 affidavit after being informed that her

 answers would have to be checked with a  lie  detector  test  and

 that she would be asked about the completeness of the information

 she had provided.


 Other links between the Oklahoma City bombings and the  ARA  bank

 robberies  have  been  noted  recently in local press accounts. A

 video tape that was apparently intended for  the  instruction  of

 recruits was seized in the raid on the safe house in which Langan

 was arrested.  Lagan,  who  appears  in  disguise  on  the  tape,

 explains  the need to overthrow of the federal government, adding

 that, "Federal buildings may have to be bombed and civilian  loss

 of life is regrettable but expected."


 Cash notes that the tape was "made only a few months  before  the

 Oklahoma City bombing."


 The real bombshell in the J.D. Cash  article  is  his  revelation

 that  "an  ATF  paid informant has linked McVeigh and his ex-army

 buddy Michael Fortier to Elohim City and several members  of  the

 bank robbery scheme."


 According to Cash, the informant revealed "that the Tulsa  office

 of  the  ATF  was  conducting surveillance and collecting data on

 residents of Elohim City prior to and after the  bombing  of  the

 Murrah Federal Building."


 Denver Post reporter Mark  Eddy  revealed  the  identity  of  the

 informant to be Carol Howe, who lived briefly at Elohim City. The

 Denver Post article said that  Tim  McVeigh's  attorney   Stephen

 Jones  told  them  "Howe, gave the information to agents  working

 for the Bureau  of  Alcohol,  Tobacco  and  Firearms  before  the

 bombing, and to the FBI after the explosion."


 During the period prior to the  bombing,  the  informant  recalls

 visits  by  McVeigh  and  Fortier  (who has admitted having prior

 knowledge of the crime) to the compound at Elohim City,  as  well

 as "regular visits by Langan, Guthrie, Stedeford and McCarthy."


 Howe also passed conversations and video tapes of ARA members  to

 her handler, Special Agent Angela Finley of the Tulsa ATF office.

 She told the Daily Gazette how Agent Finley had helped her set up

 video  equipment  so  that  "  certain  subjects  could be filmed

 handling explosives."


 Andreas Strassmeir is said to be clearly  visible  on  the  tape,

 painting  hand  grenades  with  two members of the ARA. Howe also

 said that Strassmeir was involved in discussions  regarding  "the

 bombing  of  a  federal  building,"  which she conveyed to  Agent

 Finley "in the fall of 1994."


 All of which is entirely consistent with what Strassmeir told the

 London Telegraph during the series of interviews he did with them

 last year: "The ATF had an informant inside this operation.  They

 had  advance  warning  and  they bungled it," he said. "What they

 should have done is make an arrest while the bomb was still being

 made  instead  of  waiting  till  the last moment for a publicity



 The  McCurtain  Daily  Gazette  has  previously   reported   that

 "Strassmeir is believed to have also been an ATF 'mole' at Elohim





 Those who are still unable to believe that the federal government

 would engage in such an egregious and unscrupulous coverup, while

 the mainstream media primly avert their gaze and pretend  not  to

 notice, should consider the following news item:


    "Law-enforcement officials were  told  that  terrorists were

    building a bomb that was eventually  used  to  blow  up  the

    World Trade Center, and they planned to thwart the  plotters 

    by secretly substituting harmless powder for the explosives, 

    an informer said after the blast.


    "The informer was to have helped the plotters build the bomb

    and supply the fake powder, but the plan was called  off  by

    an F.B.I. supervisor  who  had  other  ideas  about  how the

    informer, Emad Salem, should be used, the informer said."


 Another fanciful "conspiracy theory" spun out of thin air by  the

 notorious  "Right  Wing Media Cabal," and sent chasing around the

 world via the Internet, only to be blown back at us  by  "British

 tabloids"?  Well,  actually  it  is an excerpt from an article by

 Ralph Blumenthal that appeared in the October 28, 1993  New  York

 Times.   Didn't  your regular newspaper or anchor person tell you

 about it?  They must have been preoccupied with weightier matters

 that day.


 The article goes on to recount  how  Mr.  Salem,  who  apparently

 developed  a suspicious nature during the course of his career as

 an Egyptian Army officer,  made secret recordings "of  his  talks

 with  law-enforcement  agents,  [that portray] the authorities as

 being in a far better position than previously known to foil  the

 February 26th bombing of New York City's tallest towers."


 It seems that Mr. Salem was  used  by  the  U.S.  Government   to

 infiltrate  the  group  of Muslim extremists who bombed the World

 Trade Center, but the plan to substitute a "harmless powder"  for

 the explosives was scrapped by U.S. agents, who then proceeded to

 bungle the whole operation.


 A transcript of the recordings "quotes Mr. Salem as  saying  that

 he  wanted to complain to F.B.I. Headquarters in Washington about

 the Bureau's failure to stop the bombing, but was dissuaded by an

 agent identified as John Anticev."


 If this sounds all too familiar isn't it time that somebody  took

 note  of  it?  Or  do  we just allow the ATF and the FBI to go on

 playing silly games with people who blow up buildings, until they

 get it right?




 As things stand at present,  it  is  difficult  to  see  how  the

 government  can  go  forward  with the trial of Tim McVeigh. They

 have discredited their star witness, Tom Kessinger, the clerk  at

 the  Ryder rental agency where McVeigh is said to have rented the

 truck used in the  bombing.  Mr  Kessinger  is  the  witness  who

 provided the description of "John Doe II" from which a sketch was

 made and widely circulated.  He  now  agrees  with  the  official

 position  that  the  man  he  had  seen  was  a soldier named Tod

 Bunting, who really hadn't been with McVeigh at the  agency  that

 day.  It  was  all  just  a  dumb  "mistake."  The problem is, Mr

 Kessinger has already given a number of interviews  in  which  he

 ridiculed  the  Bunting story, so he cannot be used as a witness.

 According to Evans-Pritchard, "the prosecution is  relying  on  a

 single  man who thought he might have seen McVeigh getting out of

 a Ryder truck."


 And  then  there  is  the  matter  of  the  evidence.   Frederick

 Whitehurst,  the  chemist  at  the  FBI lab who was suspended for

 telling  tales  out  of  school,  contends   that   "bomb-residue

 contamination  was  found  in  the  lab  in  the summer of 1995,"

 according to the L.A. Times.


 While the FBI maintains that this  happened  after  the  evidence

 from  Oklahoma  City  had  been  examined,  the  validity of this

 evidence is very much in doubt. Whitehurst,  whom  the  FBI  once

 considered  to  be  their  top  expert on bomb residues, has been

 deposed by Stephen Jones, counsel for Timothy McVeigh, and may be

 called to testify for the defense.


 Could this be the deus ex machina that gets  the  government  off

 the  hook? The Tulsa World noted laconically that, "Jones said he

 may seek an evidentiary hearing."


 If the court should decide that the evidence  is  not  admissible

 due  to  conditions  that prevailed at the FBI lab, Jones may ask

 for a directed verdict of  acquittal  on  the  grounds  that  the

 government  does  not  have  a  case.  In  that  event,  don't be

 surprised if the court grants his request. That may be  the  only

 hope the government has of avoiding exposure of their malfeasance

 in this affair.


   Published in the Feb. 10, 1997 Issue of The Washington Weekly

 Copyright (c) 1997 The Washington Weekly (




Volume III, Number 14; Attachment #1
9 February 1997

Washington had Oklahoma bomb tip-off

by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in Washington

AN Oklahoma newspaper has convincing evidence that the US Government was warned about the bombing of the Oklahoma federal building in 1995, the most deadly act of terrorism in US history.

Next Tuesday the McCurtain Daily Gazette is scheduled to publish how an informant for the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms was paid $120 a week to monitor a neo-Nazi compound in eastern Oklahoma, called Elohim City. The informant, Carol Howe, wrote monthly reports for her ATF case officer in Tulsa, warning that the group was planning to blow up a federal building, with a probable target date of April 19, 1995. She told the ATF that the terrorist cell, sometimes known as the Aryan Republican Army, had narrowed down the list of targets to three buildings: one in Oklahoma City and two in Tulsa.

The ATF has confirmed that Howe was a source. After repeating for two years that allegations of prior knowledge were a crazy "conspiracy theory", the US authorities now admit that they received warning, but insist the information was too vague to prompt action. Ms Howe said that the prime instigator of the conspiracy was Andreas Strassmeir, a former German army officer from a prominent political family in Berlin.

Strassmeir told The Telegraph last year that he moved to the United States in 1989 to work as an undercover agent for the US Justice Department, but says that the job fell through.

Instead, he went to live at Elohim City, where he took charge of paramilitary training.

Two days after the bombing, which killed 168 people, Ms Howe was taken to an underground command centre in downtown Oklahoma City for an extensive debriefing. In her official statement to investigators, she identified sketches of suspects "John Doe I" and "John Doe II" as two members of Elohim City's terrorist underground, both housemates of Andreas Strassmeir. According to the Gazette, one of them was called Michael Brescia, a member of the "Aryan Republican Army" underground.

Other witnesses also raised concerns about Brescia within days of the bombing, but there was no follow-up.

The FBI did not question Brescia until his name started surfacing in the press last year.

Two weeks ago the FBI arrested him in Philadelphia - for bank robberies carried out by the Aryan Army, not for questioning about the bombing.

Glenn and Cathy Wilburn, an Oklahoma couple who lost two grandchildren in the blast, have named Brescia and Strassmeir as co-conspirators in a civil lawsuit against the chief suspect, Tim McVeigh. Carol Howe has revealed that Tim McVeigh used to visit Elohim City, using the alias of Tim Tuttle. He would frequent the house of Strassmeir, who had an extraordinary influence over him.

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