The John Doe Times
Vol. II, No. 15
10 February 1997


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10 February 1997

Alleged White Supremacist Guilty

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- An alleged white supremacist gang leader was convicted Monday of two bank robberies that authorities say were part of the group's crime spree across the Midwest.

Peter Langan, 38, who called himself ``Commander Pedro,'' was convicted of all five charges against him in the 1994 robberies of a bank in Columbus and one in a suburb of Cincinnati.

He still faces trial on charges in connection with 20 other bank heists in seven states that the government says the gang committed in 1994 and 1995 to support its white supremacist activities.

The government has alleged that Langan was the leader of the gang, known as both the Aryan Republican Army and the Midwestern Bank Bandits.

He faces up to life in prison, with a minimum mandatory penalty of 35 years, the U.S. Attorney's office said. No sentencing date was set.

Langan, who did not testify, was arrested in Columbus early last year after a gun battle with FBI agents and police. He told reporters then: ``I'm just another innocent person caught up in the tyrannical legal system. Power to the people. Up with the revolution.''

Langan and four other alleged white supremacists were indicted on Jan. 30 in Philadelphia on charges of conspiracy in seven bank robberies and receiving stolen money, and are to go on trial later this year.

Three of them, including Langan, also were charged last year with robbing a total of 22 banks scattered across Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas and Kentucky.

A sixth man, Richard Lee Guthrie Jr., 38, pleaded guilty in July to 19 of the bank robberies but was found hanged in his jail cell nine days later, an apparent suicide.

Oklahoma City bombing defendant Timothy McVeigh's sister, Jennifer, has been quoted as telling the FBI that her brother helped plan some of the Midwest bank robberies and asked her to launder some of the loot. McVeigh's lawyer, Stephen Jones, said McVeigh was only joking.



Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch

8 February 1997

Bank Bandits Member Gets 10 Years In Prison

A member of the Midwestern Bank Bandits was sentenced by a federal judge in Des Moines, Iowa, yesterday to nearly 10 years in prison for the March 1995 robbery of bank.

Scott Stedeford, 28, was convicted in November of conspiracy, armed robbery and using a firearm in the holdup at Boatmen's Bank in West Des Moines.

Stedeford and another man, Kevin McCarthy, were arrested last May in suburban Philadelphia. McCarthy, a former gang member, pleaded guilty to three robbery related charges and agreed to testify against Stedeford and Peter Langan, the accused leader of the gang............

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