The John Doe Times
Volume IV, No. 2
18 February 1997


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PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- The leader of the Aryan Nations in Pennsylvania pleaded guilty Tuesday to plotting seven Midwest bank robberies and using the cash to further the white supremacist group's cause.

Mark Thomas originally pleaded innocent Feb. 4, shortly after he was indicted with four other men, all members or associates of the ``Aryan Republican Army.'' But his lawyer, David Maynard, said Tuesday that Thomas decided to change his plea almost immediately.

``He's guilty,'' Maynard said.

Maynard said prosecutors had not agreed to reduce Thomas' sentence, a maximum of 25 years for conspiracy and two counts of receiving stolen money. But Maynard said he expected the sentence to range from eight to 12 years.

The attorney declined to say whether Thomas would follow his protege, Kevin McCarthy, and help authorities. But FBI agent Paul Hendrickson Jr. said Thomas has promised to cooperate.


JDT Commentary: "Promised to cooperate"? We hear he's singing like a bird. Bye-bye, Brescia. Bye-Bye, Millar. Bye-bye, Mahon. Bye-bye, Butler. Bye-bye, Pierce.


McCarthy's testimony has already helped convict Scott Stedeford of Ardmore, charged with robbing an Iowa bank, and Peter Langan, charged in two Ohio robberies. In addition to McCarthy, Langan and Stedeford, the Philadelphia indictment also charges Michael W. Brescia of Philadelphia.

Thomas and four others stand accused in Pennsylvania of plotting seven of the 22 Midwest bank robberies attributed to the Aryan Republican Army

Thomas, a minister in the Christian Identity Movement, was accused of recruiting members of the gang at his home in Macungie.

A grand jury said the gang members divided the proceeds among themselves, then contributed a share to Thomas for their self-styled organization.



BY Tanya Bricking
Cincinnati Enquirer
18 February 1997

WILMINGTON-- The FBI has declared two weekend shootouts with police in this small Clinton County farm town an act of "domestic violence" and joined the manhunt for the men involved.


JDT Commentary: "Domestic violence"? Like spousal abuse? Oh no, more gay Nazis! I think they mean domestic terrorism here, but with NeoNazis these days its hard to tell.


Authorities are searching for two suspects who fled after shooting at police in separate incidents Saturday after the Chevrolet Suburban they were driving was stopped for a registration violation on Ohio 73, about 45 miles northeast of Cincinnati.

The FBI stepped in with the "domestic terrorism" classification beacuse authorities suspect the gunmen have connections to militia groups or other anti-government organizations, said Steve Kosky, an FBI media representative in the Cincinnati office. The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms also has joined the investigation.

"In these cases, if you have a group, or an association of people who may or may not be involved in activities like trying to overthrow the federal government, that's a classification you can use," Mr. Kosky said.

The classification doesn't give the FBI any additional authority or powers, but was necesary for agents to help local law enforcement investigate the crime, Mr. Kosky said. He declined to elaborate on what knid of help his office is giving.

"The especially hard thing for local police departments is to find evidence and get cooperation from people in other states," Mr. Kosky said. "We can get it with a phone call."

Police found at least one AR-15 military-style assault weapon in the abandoned Chevy Suburban. Authorities say the vehicle may belong to Sean Michael Haines, 19, of Spokane, Wash., listed in court documents as the "youth leader of the Aryan Nation white separatist group" in Spokane.

Mr. Haines was arrested two months ago in Sioux Falls, S.D., and charged with having a rifle stolen from one of the victims in an Arkansas triple slaying last year.

Police are also looking fro Jacob Myron Settle, 39, and a man identified only as Chevie Kehoe for questioning in connection with the shootout.

"Obviously, those guys are dangerous," said Pope County, Ark., Sheriff Jay Winters, who is waiting for evidence police gather here. "Law enforcement wants to do anything to get these guys picked up, because they are so willing and able to open fire."

The Anti-Defamation League in Columbus suspects the gunmen were in Ohio to join the Clinton County chapter of the Aryan Nation for a march Sunday in Columbus.

The Ohio Chapter of Aryan Nation sponsored the Statehouse raly to protest Black History Month, which is February. About 40 members of the Aryan Nation and the Ku Klux Klan attended the rally, along with about 300 counter-demonstrators who drowned out the white supremacist speakers.

Alan Katchen, head of the Columbus Anti-Defamation League, said it was "too much of a coincidence" that people with potential links to the Aryan Nation in the Pacific Northwest were in Clinton County the day before the demonstration.


JDT Commentary: Whaddaya know? A stopped clock is right twice a day.


But about 12 miles from Wilmington in Clinton County's New Vienna, Aryan Nation state leader Harold "Ray" Redfeairn laughed at the connection made between the gunmen and his group.

"It kind of amuses me," said the Rev. Mr. Redfeairn, 44, pastor of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian. "If we wanted the attention we have ways of getting it on our own."

He said he heard about the shootouts but never heard of the suspects and didn't recognize them in a police-car video he saw on television.

"They look like a couple of skinheads," the Rev. Mr. Redfeairn said. "If they were in fact Aryan Nation and involved in the Arkansas deaths, they'd be well advised to turn themselves in to police before they get to us. What the Aryan Nation stands for is white families and white children-- not killing white families."

The mystery behind the shootout is the talk of Wilmington, population 11,200 where a nickel still buys an hour in the parking meters. The site of the first shooting is fairly busy with such businesses as Domino's Pizza and Crispy Creme Donuts.

"Everybody who comes in is talking about it," said Melissa Graesser, who was making pastries at Crispy Creme Saturday when she heard sirens. "This is a quiet town, nothing much ever happens here."

Just outside downtown Wilmington, Frank Marsden, 56, was back home Monday after unwittingly becoming part of the weekend adventure.

He was in his truck with his wife and son, going out for a belated Valentine's Day lunch, when a shot directed at a Wilmington police officer hit him in the left shoulder.

He tried to go back to work Monday as a bricklayer, but coworkers sent him home.

"I just don't want to give in to myself," he said. "It happened so fast, I didn't give it much thought. When I think back on it, I just feel bad for my wife. It could have hit her. It could have hit me in the head."

His wife, Mary, 57, said she won't have peace of mind until the gunmen are captured.

"It scares the daylights out of me," she said. "They may not even be here now, but to me, it's scary whether they're here or not."

Enquirer reporters Ben L. Kaufman, Lucy May and Tom O'Neill contributed to this report.

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