Volume IV, No. 5
21 February 1997




A Couple of Quotes for TIME Magazine:

"I await the hour when a journalist can be driven from the press room for venal practices, as a minister can be unfrocked, or a lawyer disbarred."

--John Haynes Holmes, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Symposium, 1938.

"The business of the New York journalist is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell his race and his country for his daily bread."

-- John Swinton, "Journalist's Gathering," Twilight Club, N.Y.C., April 12, 1883.


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(Don't tell Lon Horiuchi To Aim For the Propane Bottle!)


WILMINGTON, Ohio, Feb 20 (Reuter) - Two brothers said by police to have links to the militia movement were indicted by a grand jury Thursday for a violent shoot-out with police that was caught on videotape.


JDT Commentary: "Militia movement"????!!!!???? What militia movement?!? These guys are racist murderers and terrorists. WE'RE the "militia movement" for crying out loud. When are these guys at Reuters going to emerge from the Morris Dees induced fog they're in?


The Clinton County sheriff's office said a 16-court indictment was handed up by a county grand jury charging Chevie Kehoe, 24, and Cheyne Kehoe, 20, with assault, attempted murder and other charges.

The two were described as extremely dangerous and believed to be travelling in a Dodge Executive motor home with green trim, possibly bearing Montana license plates. They were last reported in eastern Ohio.


JDT Commentary: "National Lampoon's Nazi-On-The-Run Vacation" starring the Kehoe Bros. These guys will get a chapter in the book I'm going to co-author with J.D.Cash called, "Nearly Nazis, Or: The Klan That Couldn't Shoot Straight."


When the two were stopped in Wilmington last Saturday Cheyne Kehoe opened fire on police with a semi-automatic weapon, investigators said. Police fired back, but the two managed to hop back into the suburban they were then driving and flee. Police this week released a tape made from the squad car which captured the violent exchange.

Police have said they are investigating possible links to other crimes and that the two men have ties to the militia movement.


JDT Commentary: Not MY militia movement, bub. You must be thinking of some other militia movement, you know, like the Hitlerian Brown Shirts. These guys have nothing to do with the Constitutional Militia movement.



Associated Press, 20 Feb 97 22:18 EST


By Scott Maxwell

Denver (AP) -- The Oklahoma City bombing trial will forever change American's perceptions of their country, Timothy McVeigh's lawyer, Stephen Jones said Thursday.

"If you know what I know, and someday you will, you'll never think about the United States again in the same way," Jones told the Colorado Associated Press Editors and reporters meeting. He did not eloborate.

Jones also said McVeigh, who could face death if convicted in the bombing, may not testify.

"He wants to take the stand, and I'd like for him to take the stand, " Jones said. "But if the government's case keeps developing as it is, there isn't going to be any need to do that."


JDT Commentary: You know, you've got to admire the way Jones can backhandedly slap the prosecution's bumbling at every turn. His client may be guilty as hell, but Jones is having fun with the Feds.


Jones met with 25 Colorado newspaper executives as McVeigh's other attorneys were in court challenging some of the prosecution's witnesses in preparation for the trial's March 31 start.

He advocates an open judicial process. "The press and the public have a legitimate interest in this case," he said.

"This is not a crime that's based on love or money. It's a political crime. It's an attack on an instrument of the federal government and the employees of the federal government."

Jones said he was drafted into the job of representing McVeigh by U.S. District Judge David Russell in Oklahoma City.

After Russell appointed him, Jones said the judge pulled him aside in his chambers and said, "I hope I haven't signed your death warrant." Jones replied, "Well, David, that makes two of us."

After he received several threats, Jones said he, his family and the defense team began to take security precautions.



"The Empire Strikes Back:"

TIME Magazine Bites the Hand that Fed Them & Parrots the ATF Line on Carol Howe

Bruce Willingham, McCurtain Gazette Editor/Publisher, Replies to TIME Smear.


24 February 1997


Out of a supremacist religious enclave emerges a provocative tale about the Oklahoma City bombing.

By James L. Graff, Elohim City

Travel six miles up a dirt road in Oklahoma's Ozarks and you will reach a 400-acre, semi-religious encampment called Elohim City. There you will find a vine-covered structure roofed over with polyurethane foam, looking oddly like the cottage in the tale of Hansel and Gretel. This is the Worship House. Within it Elohim's spiritual father, Robert Millar, 71, preaches a mix of Christian Scripture and hetrodox tales of Germanic, Celtic and Scandinavian tribes-- the true Israelites who will provide God's terrible soldiers at Armageddon. Lately, though, the elfin, white-bearded patriarch of the Christian Identity compound has been making a big point of how Jesus ministered to outcasts. "My King ate with publicans and sinners and had a prostitute wash his feet," Millar told TIME last Week as he sat in a black Lincoln Continental near Elohim City. The reason for these scriptural lessons may be that Millar has also been "fellowshipping," as he would put it, with disreputable characters, including an errant government informant who may become a wild card in the Oklahoma bombing case.

Millar was born in Canada and raised a Mennonite before "heeding a call" to the U.S. in the early 1950s. In 1973 he moved to the Ozarks with 17 followers, including his four sons, and founded his city, giving it the name Elohim, which means God in Hebrew. His religious retreat has its own liturgy, its own calendar (the year begins with the spring equinox) and its own clock (the day begins at noon). The city's guest list over the years has been a veritable Who's Who of the radical right. Tim McVeigh called Elohim two weeks before the Oklahoma bombing. Some reports link him to former Elohim resident Andreas Strassmeir, a mysterious German weapons buff with neo-Nazi ties. And up a wooded slope in the settlement, marked by a simple white cross, is the grave of Richard Wayne Snell, a fanatic who allegedly conspired to blow up the Oklahoma City federal building 12 years earlier. He was executed the night of April 19, 1995, about 12 hours after the explosion. Kevin McCarthy, who has admitted his role in the Aryan Republican Army's Midwest gang of bank robbers, stayed in Elohim City several times, where he was visited by many of his co-accused.

One of the most tantalizing mysteries of Elohim City, however, is the controversial notion that a young visitor named Carol Howe heard advance word there about the Oklahoma City bombing and warned the federal government. Howe, a former honor student at Tulsa Metro Christian Academy, fell in with Tulsa's Skinhead set. Before long she found herself at the side of Dennis Mahon, leader of White Aryan Resistance and the purveyor of Tulsa's Dial-A-Racist phone line. Mahon, 46, who until recently kept his Airstream trailer at Elohim, claims that his first contact with Howe was a letter she sent him in the spring of 1993. "She wrote that she was 23, pure Aryan, considered beautiful and wanted to fight for her race and culture," says Mahon. "So, hey, I sent her some tapes." Mahon says he was soon sexually involved with Howe, and he started taking her out to Elohim City in early 1994. By late summer, though, their relationship had soured, and Howe filed a restraining order accusing Mahon of threatening to "neutralize" her when she tried to leave the movement.

Howe has since secluded herself, reportedly at her grandfather's ranch near Austin, Texas


JDT Commentary: Not enough to say she's in hiding, TIME has to finger her for possible assassination by neoNazi goons.


(TIME's repeated attempts to speak to her, relayed to her lawyer, have gone unanswered.)


JDT Commentary: And THAT'S what really chafes their butt-- that J.D. can talk to her and the vaunted Time Magazine can't get to first base.


But in the interim she became an informant for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and is the purported source of contentious variants in the story of the Oklahoma bombing.


JDT Commentary: "Purported source"? "Contentious variants"? Read: "The ATF has told us not believe her story, so we don't. After all, they're the government and they never lie."


Last week the McCurtain Daily Gazette, an Oklahoma newspaper published what it said was an interview with Howe


JDT Commentary: "What it SAID was an interview..." !!?!?!?!?! Why you stinking, lying bastards! They played TAPES of the interviews for your reporter to prove that what J.D. had written was in fact 100% correct. These tapes were in the interview form of questions by J.D. Cash and answers by Carol Howe. Unless TIME is prepared to say that the voice on the tapes is not that of Carol Howe (and it can be easily proven to be), or that the tape was faked in some way (and it wasn't-- also easily provable) then the fact of the interview taking place is indisputable.


by J.D. Cash, whose work has also appeared in the antigovernment press.


JDT Commentary: "the antigovernment press" indeed....Which, because of the shameful inaction of "mainstream" liberal publications like TIME, is almost the only place the truth about Oklahoma City has been given any consideration. This gratuitous smear of the guy who TIME begged to help them when they couldn't get to first base with Howe....the guy who shared with them freely what he had on her case to assist them in writing this certainly a perfect example of biting the hand that fed you.

What TIME knew, but neglected to mention, is how respected J.D.'s work has become to a growing number of once-skeptical "mainstream" journalists who write for papers like The Columbus Dispatch, The Denver Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Kansas City Star, etc., as well as reporters and producers for NBC and ABC.

From all that terror teaches,
From lies of tongue and pen,
From all the easy speeches
That comfort cruel men,
From sale and profanation
Of honor and the sword,
From sleep and from damnation,
Deliver us, good Lord.
-- G.K. Chesterton: A Hymn

Doubtless Chesterton was a TIME magazine reader.


In Cash's interview, Howe says she learned that Mahon and Strassmeir (whom she claimed she "kinda had a relationship with") were casing the Murrah Building and two other federal buildings. In Cash's account, Howe insisted she had reported this to the ATF.

Sources in the Federal Government admit that Howe was a paid ATF informant from August, 1994 until March 1995, but they say her surreptitious tapes contained no evidence of a bombing conspiracy in the works.


JDT Commentary: Note the ATF is screamingly silent to TIME about the employment of Howe subsequent to 19 April to re-infiltrate Elohim City, at substantially more money than they had been paying her: $400.00 per week. This is verified in the documents released by the ATF to the McVeigh defense team. Those documents also back up her statements about prior warning to the ATF of the bombing conspiracy, even down to the specificity of 19 April as a possible date.

In addition, notice TIME is equally silent about this little factoid: CAROL HOWE PASSED 14 POLYGRAPHS DURING THE TIME OF HER "SNITCHING" FOR THE ATF & FBI WITH NO DECEPTION NOTED.

If, as the ATF claims further down in the story, that she was "erratic and unreliable", the fact of the matter is that the polygraphs alone should have made them act on her information in the days following the bombing to go out to Elohim City and interview at least Strassmeir and go to Tulsa and interview Mahon. With all the hype about thousands of agents dispatched to hundreds of thousands of interviews with witnesses and taking millions of notes, THEY NEVER BOTHERED TO ASK STRASSMEIR, MAHON, BRESCIA OR ANY OF THE OTHER PROBABLE BOMBERS FINGERED BY HOWE A SINGLE QUESTION. WHY?

More importantly today, why didn't TIME ask that question of the government?


Only when she was debriefed two days after the bombing, government sources say, did she claim that Mahon and Strassmeir had discussed bombing government buildings. Agents familiar with the interview considered her answer speculative; in any case, she offered no additional details.


JDT Commentary: This is a tissue of lies and half-truths. I trust TIME got their names, so that when these ATF liars are finally called by some future Congressional or Senate investigative committee to testify, TIME may then compare what they were told with what is said under oath. They will then be "shocked, shocked!" that they were lied to with a bald-face. Lies that any other reporter (having the contrary evidence in hand) would have challenged them on. For TIME, it seems, even after Ruby Ridge and Waco, the ATF's word is good enough for them.


Government sources say that Howe's tapes didn't even provide evidence for busting Strassmeir or Mahon on weapons charges. In autumn 1994, Howe invited Strassmeir and other Elohim residents to her apartment in Tulsa. She asked them to paint three unarmed grenades orange and green like Halloween pumpkins. They obliged. But when she asked them to help her arm the grenades, they refused, as Mahon says he later did too. "I knew she was bent," he says. "She was the one always talking about killing and bombing," in an attempt, he contends, to entrap others at the compound.


JDT Commentary: Some of those "unarmed" grenades were later taken out to Elohim City by Howe and Mahon and detonated, according to Howe (whose story is bolstered by the ATF documents provided McVeigh's defense team.) Liar, liar, pants on fire.


Howe's charges, if they are substantiated, may bolster McVeigh's defense.


    JDT Commentary: Howe's charges, if they are substantiated will:

  • a. Prove prior government knowledge of the OKC bombing.
  • b. Lead to the unravelling of the coverup of same.
  • c. Eventually lead to the abolishment of the ATF and the curtailment of FBI cowboy actions by strict congressional oversight.
  • d. Lead to the largest damage award in the history of America civil law (the Edye Smith civil suit).
  • e. Lead to the downfall of the Clinton administration, making him America's first expatriate ex-President.
  • f. Cause historians to shake their heads at how culpably stupid TIME Magazine was in having this story handed to them, and blowing it.


But it is unclear if his lawyer Stephen Jones will risk calling her to the stand. Her testimony could be effectively attacked by prosecutors, citing ATF records that show she was fired as an informant because of erratic behavior and unreliability.


JDT Commentary: Haw!! Wishful thinking there, to be sure. First of all it has yet to be demonstrated that the prosecution team can "effectively attack" anything except their own credibility. And a full disclosure of the ATF records that the trial is sure to bring will not only bolster Howe's story, but show that Strassmeir was an ATF snitch/provocateur as well.


Still, Jones believes the government has proof that Strassmeir and Mahon were involved in a bombing plot and was "obligated" to disclose it. At any rate, in the wake of recent reports about faulty FBI lab procedures, the government does not need Howe's tales to muddy the case.


JDT Commentary: "Tales"??? So TIME has decided for the record that she can be discounted? Good, very good. Because the truth will come out in any case, and TIME will be exposed for the Clinton Administration mouthpiece it is. As for "muddy(ing) the case", the government could hardly make it any more muddy than it already has.


In Elohim City "Grandpa" Millar deplores the entire episode, saying it is another opportunity for the media to besmirch Christian Identity. The settlement has been declared off limits to the press. But speaking from the front seat of the Lincoln parked in the rain-drenched gravel of a country-store parking lot near the settlement, Millar says he would welcome Howe back. "It was not unusual for unstable people to seek us out," he says. "The Church of Jesus Christ exists for such people." And so, apparently, does Elohim City.

With reporting by Patrick E. Cole/Tulsa and Elaine Shannon/Washington.


JDT Commentary: The ATF party line in this story doubtless came by way of Elaine Shannon, who mostly is known for her stories on the drug war, and thus lives and breathes with the DEA and ATF heirarchy in D.C. In this case, it was apparently more important not to bite the hand that feeds HER.



Below is a personal column of McCurtain Daily Gazette editor-publisher Bruce Willingham, which appeared in the Friday, 21 February issue of the small southeastern Oklahoma daily newspaper.

Bruce faxed me this column with this kind note: "Thank you, Mike, for all that you have done! May your tribe of 'troublemakers' increase! If there were enough 'troublemakers' around, it would go a long way toward ensuring better reporting and better government."

And as modest and self-effacing as all my friends know me to be, I must say I agree with him about troublemakers, especially in the context of the Oklahoma City bombing story.

-- Mike Vanderboegh, Editor, The John Doe Times.


Bruce Willingham, Editor-Publisher

McCurtain Gazette

21 February 1997

This week's edition of TIME magazine includes a story on Elohim City and mentions this newspaper's recent article detailing interviews with ATF informant Carol Howe. Unfortunately, the magazine's editors decided to take some cheap shots, despite our trying to help them in every way.

Here's the rest of the story:

TIME was unable to get an interview with Howe, so when TIME reporter Patrick Cole wrote his piece, he said, "Last week the McCurtain Daily Gazette, an Oklahoma newspaper, published what it said was an interview with Howe by J.D. Cash, whose work has also appeared in the antigovernment press."

Wow, two shots in one sentence.

First of all, Mr. Cole called the newspaper, skeptical that we had actually been able to interview Howe (since he had made every effort but been unable to). So we played him parts of the tapes of those interviews. But apparently even that didn't convince him, judging by the skepticism in his wording.

Second, while it's true that part of Cash's work (early stories before the Elohim City connection became apparent) has indeed been picked up by some off-beat publications, it has also appeared in The Denver Post, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Columbus Dispatch and other nationally known newspapers. For some reason, Mr. Cole didn't think that worth mentioning.

We have been expecting that some people would take shots at our stories, though the stories have been entirely accurate. Frankly, though, we expected the shots to come from government sources, not media outlets.

We are also beginning to learn that the truth in this case is so horrendous that, accurate or not, some will go to almost any lengths to suppress it.

One of the recent casualties is a guy by the name of Roger Charles. A couple of weeks ago, he and others at ABC produced a piece similar to the one we published here last Tuesday.

Charles: "It was a fairly simple story. We weren't drawing any conclusions. We were simply saying, 'Hey, look. This paid, undercover informant was reporting to her case officer, whose name we had from the ATF, months beforehand that these wackos were threatening to blow things up, and specifically, federal properties and installations in either Tulsa or Oklahoma City."

"Here we've got this great story that the government finally cannot deny...that this girl's information was right, that she was telling her ATF handler that these wackos out there are talking about blowing up federal property in either Tulsa or Oklahoma City months before the attack on the buidling in downtown Oklahoma City-- what we would call stategic warning."

"And it appears there was also tactical warning, in the sense that there were bomb squads out on streets that morning that are not normally there. There were other indications of law enforcement activity that were not routine."

Charles says the new information was even more newsworthy because the chief prosecutor has firmly denied that the government had either any general or specific warning of a threat of any kind at Oklahoma City."

But an hour before Charles' piece was to air on "World News Tonight," the segment was ordered to be killed. Why?

Charles: "They were uncomfortable with it after a series of phone calls from high-level Justice Department and ATF people, saying that well, yes, the story is right, but you're going to draw the wrong conclusions unless we can explain it."

Charles felt it was an extremely important piece, and kept pushing for its airing. He has been sharing information with our reporter, J.D. Cash, and he also assisted us in fact-checking the story we carried. But his big mistake was going on an MSNBC talk show and making the comments you've just read. ABC fired him. And the piece has never aired.

It's sad when people with principles are those who lose their jobs. Think of the message that sent to others in the news division at ABC.

Because AP has yet to use our story, J.D. Cash this week went on KTOK, a talk radio station in Oklahoma City. Some phone calls from the families of bombing victims followed, and the story is now being circulated among many of those most directly affected by the bombing.

By the way, McVeigh's trial is scheduled to start on March 31, and the two-year staute of limitations on any government tort liability in the bombing will expire in a few weeks on April 19.





JDT Commentary: "By Sandy Shore", whose daddy had a real sense of humor....


Associated Press Writer

DENVER (AP) -- A co-op manager who told FBI agents he thought Terry Nichols purchased two tons of fertilizer from his store said today he told the grand jury in the Oklahoma City bombing case that he could not identify the individual.


JDT Commentary: Ooops! Another government witness with fuzzy memory? Get out the rubber hoses, boys.....Maybe you Fibbies need to visit him another 13 or 14 times to get his recollections right with the party line.....Poor Mr. Schlender, he's bound for the Federal Witness Re-education Camp fer shure.


Frederick Schlender's testimony came on the third day of a hearing on defense challenges to witnesses in the trials of Timothy McVeigh and Nichols.

He told the FBI shortly after the bombing that he was more than 50 percent certain the fertilizer was purchased by Nichols, who's accused in the bombing. But Schlender, manager of MidKansas Co-op, said today he could not identify the person for the grand jury.

Schlender said the fertilizer was purchased on Sept. 30, 1994, and Oct. 18, 1994, by someone named Mike Havens for about $228.

Officials say the bomb that destroyed the federal building in Oklahoma City had a fertilizer base.

He said that was the only time he could recall doing business with Havens.

On Wednesday, FBI agents testified that Schlender told them he thought Havens could be Nichols.

Also on Wednesday, prosecutors produced a photograph of a bearded McVeigh and a new height measurement to back up eyewitness descriptions of him. McVeigh's attorneys have challenged six prosecution witnesses, saying their descriptions were influenced by intense publicity about the case.

All six witnesses testified Tuesday that they met McVeigh at various places before the bombing, including at a shop where the Ryder truck used in the bombing was rented. They all placed his height at 5-foot-10 or 5-foot-11. Defense attorneys countered that their client is 6-foot-2.

Prosecutors last week obtained a court order to measure McVeigh in jail, and found out he was actually 6-feet, 1/2-inch.

``That cuts in half the discrepancy,'' prosecutor Scott Mendeloff said.


JDT Commentary: I laughed so hard at that one, I had to go change my shorts. But what about the "pock-marked face" of John Doe #1, Mr. Prosecutor? Personally, if I was Stephen Jones, I'd subpoena the tape the government used to make the measurement. Betcha it's one of them 11 inches to the foot tapes. Of course if they wanted to, they could get a postponement of the trial for another forty or fifty years, by which time McVeigh may suffer from osteoporosis which will make him just about right to match the descriptions of the eyewitnesses.


Another witness, Glynn Tipton, had testified earlier that a man with a scraggly beard resembling McVeigh had asked him about buying barrels of rocket and racing fuel at a Kansas race track in 1994.

The photograph prosecutors introduced Wednesday shows McVeigh with a three- or four-day beard, standing outside Nichols' home in Marion, Kan. Authorities seized the photograph during a search of Nichols' home.

McVeigh and Nichols stayed away from the courtroom Wednesday, believing their presence could influence the eyewitnesses. They are charged with murder and conspiracy in the April 19, 1995, bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building that killed 168 people and injured more than 500.

In another development, U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch said in a summons sent to 700 prospective jurors that they would likely have to serve for several months but would not be sequestered. McVeigh's trial is set to begin March 31.

``Jurors will be free to be with their families and friends overnight and on weekends,'' he wrote.


JDT Commentary: Is he doing this in the interest of making the jury as "tamperable" as possible? "The world wonders."


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