Democracy Links

November 28, 2004


 ● Constitutions of the World

Great Historical Writers on Government and Democracy

 ● Quotes from Thomas Jefferson

 ● John Locke: Why Government?

The Federalist Papers (18th century arguments in favor of forming a U.S. government)

 ● John Stuart Mill: On Liberty

 ● Adam Ferguson: An Essay on the History of Civil Society

Thomas Hobbes: The Elements of Law Natural and Politic

 ● Thomas Hobbes: Leviathan

 ● David Hume: Two Papers on Government

 ● Herbert Spencer: The Man versus the State

 ● Thomas Jefferson on Politics and Government

 ● Writings of Ancient and Classical Western Political Theorists

 ● Classic Writings on Liberal Democracy

Democracy in the U.S.

 ● Declaration of Independence

 ● Articles of Confederation

 ● The Federalist Papers

 ● Anti-Federalist Papers (Arguments against the proposed Constitution)

 ● Patrick Henry: Is War Inevitable?

 ● Thomas Paine: Common Sense

 ● Thomas Paine: The Rights of Man

 ● Collected Papers of Thomas Jefferson

 ● Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville

Miscellaneous Items of Interest to Students of Democracy

Tragedy of the Commons

 ● Interview with James M. Buchanan

 ● Essay on the Voter's Paradox and Other Social Dilemmas (Leon Felkin's Home Page: well worth a visit)

 ● The Prisoners' Dilemma

 ● Local Democracy Links

 ● Virtual Library on Democracy

 ● Public Choice: Web Page of the Journal

 ● David Friedman's Book on the Economics of Law

 ● Robert’s Rules of Order

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