Never Before In History

Gary Amos and Richard Gardiner
If you like the American Colonist's Library, you'll love NEVER BEFORE IN HISTORY. It is an eye-opening look at the Colonial American social milieu. If you have visited the American Colonist's Library and carefully perused the material there, you can't help but notice that the documents tend to have a religious flavor, and that is because the American colonial experience was permeated with religion. This important and scholarly new book synthesizes the significance of the context of these colonial documents. This is a must read for anyone interested in understanding the dominant socio-political milieu of early America.


Christianity permeated the socio-cultural context of America at the time of the founding. Regardless of the fact that a few of the founders were not tratitional Christians, Christianity was deeply embedded into their collective consciousness: the natural result of the ubiquity and penetration of Christianity into every nook and cranny of the American colonial experience. In the colonies the peoples' religion saturated every aspect of their life. Their Christian theological suppositions impacted their educational pursuits, their domestic standards, their nomenclature, their love for science, and their basic concepts of law and rights that gave rise to the American system. As a result, it can be shown that Christianity was largely the basis of the principles and ideals upon which the U.S. was founded. These are principles which most Americans, Christian or otherwise, continue to hold dear.

This is not a matter of religious bias or the authors' desire to proselytize the reader. It is a matter of historical accuracy. Therefore, a commitment to historical accuracy demands that American history teachers make this point more clearly. The aim of this textbook is therefore to provide students an honest analysis of the political, socio-cultural, legal, theological and philosophical context--the incubator--of the United States of America. This book demonstrates, in scholarly fashion, that the Christian roots of our nation are historically evident, logically compelling, and beyond scholarly dispute.

The primary aim of this text is to present the political, social, theological and cultural context of the founding of the United States, especially since the relevant historical information has become clouded.

Of course it would be wrong and extreme to suggest that the influences upon the founding of the United States were exclusively Christian. It is equally wrong and extreme to suggest that Christianity was peripheral to the founding. Since the prevailing scholarship errs toward the latter, this book is an important contribution to a balanced education in American History.

Feedback about Never Before In History:

"Nicely written, and beautifully laid out -- an excellent piece of work."

- Peter Marshall

"Among all of the reading I've done while completing undergraduate and graduate degrees in American history this book ranks as the best work I have ever read on the colonial and revolutionary periods. Simply masterful from start to finish, Gardiner and Amos artfully fashion a wonderful portrait of the genesis of our nation. Leaving aside the superficial and the cliche so characteristic of such works, the authors penetrate to the roots of the American experience and gently expose and deflate a whole lot of bloated revisionists history in the process. This book will revolutionize its readers understanding of the origins of America.

Beware, this book will have the unintended result of getting you angry at your high school and college history teachers--you'll feel certain that they either lied or were criminally ignorant. My advice: buy this book and read it. Then buy a copy for your favorite teenager and bribe him or her to read it too. This is one of those rare books that reminds me of why reading is so wonderful. I just can not conceive of a better written, more thoughtfully crafted, better illustatrated or packaged book of its kind."

-  Raymond Cannata

"I do not believe that there has been a time since the War Between the States that such a need for books of this kind has existed. Careful research, accurate history, and a passionate devotion to the great principles upon which this nation was established combine to make this book an ideal answer to that pressing need."

- D. James Kennedy, Ph.D.

About the authors:

Gary Amos - Associate Professor in the Schools of Law and Government, Regent University, an attorney, author, and businessman. He holds a Juris Doctor degree and a B.A. in history, pre-law, and theology. He is a member of the Bar of the Commonwealth of Virginia. In 1983 he was a charter faculty member and co-founder of the Regent University masters degree program in Public Policy. In 1985-1986 he assisted in the establishment of the Regent University Law School. Dr. Amos is the author of DEFENDING THE DECLARTION.

Richard Gardiner - History Instructor, University Lake School, Hartland, Wisconsin, since 1995; B.A. (Magna Cum Laude) University of Maryland--College Park; M.Div., Princeton Theological Seminary; History Teacher's Certification, Princeton University. While at Princeton Theological Seminary, Richard Gardiner founded and edited The Princeton Theological Reviewand helped found the Charles Hodge Society. Richard has published a number of journal and periodical articles related to American History.

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