Jon Roland
for reforms in the
State of Texas

The complete agenda is vast, so here are a few highlights. Links will be added to sublists and pages on particular reform proposals.

  • Replace the Texas Constitution — The present constitution, adopted in 1876, is a confused mess. It needs to be replaced with a modern constitution that better protects the rights of Texans.
  • Enforce the present Texas and U.S. constitutions, until they are amended.
    • Issue opinion that Texas Constitution authorizes statute to require carry of firearms to be open, but not to forbid carry.
    • Issue opinion that proprietors who forbid carrying firearms on their premises, while not liable for criminal misuse of firearms there, are liable for protection of those who, being disarmed, are not able to defend themselves.
    • Issue opinion that an application for a writ of quo warranto must halt official enforcement actions until the official proves his authority for the action by a logically unbroken chain of authority, starting from the Constitution.
    • Issue opinion that in any dispute over whether an official has a claimed power, the presumption is against such claim, and the burden of proof is on him that he has such power.
  • Resurrect grand juries for investigation of official misconduct.
    • Reform selection process to a sortition rather than present crony system.
    • Open grand juries to complaints by any person.
    • For criminal indictments, require that a grand jury not only find there is sufficient evidence, but that the court has jurisdiction, and designate a prosecutor, who may be a private citizen, with power to deputize a subordinate prosecutor.
  • Reform criminal due process.
    • Require all arguments of law to be made in the presence of a jury.
    • Require that juries have copies of all legal pleadings on matters of law, and access to an adequate law library.
  • Hold town hall meetings and hearingsacross the state, to launch regular monthly forums where reformers of all kinds can meet and present their complaints and proposals.
  • Restore the independence of the Texas Rangers — Give them the primary mission of investigating official misconduct.
  • Do away with occupational licensure, in particular, of lawyers. Eliminate the State Bar as anything but a professional association.


  • V Law must be argued in presence of the jury. Video. 25MB MPEG, running time 2.5 minutes. Need a video utility like RealPlayer or Adobe Premiere.

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