LPT Nullification Forum
Round Rock, Texas
Saturday, 2012/12/08

The Libertarian Party of Texas -- the ONLY party with a plank in its platform supporting nullification of unconstitutional federal acts. The ONLY party whose nominee ran on an explicit and aggressive nullification platform, will present a public forum on nullification on December 8 in Round Rock.

What should we nullify first? The list of unconstitutional federal acts presents a target-rich environment!

Panelists in this forum are:

Kathie Glass - 2010 Libertarian nominee for Texas governor, SLEC Representative - SD 7, Chair of the Political Committee of the LPT, Chair of Harris County LP

Andrew Lees - SLEC Representative - SD 7, Vice Chair of Harris County LP, President of ReFounding Fathers Society Houston.

Sheriff Richard Mack - the sheriff that sued the feds over Brady Bill mandates on local law enforcement and won, Founder of Constitutional Sheriff and Peace Officer Association, author and speaker on how sheriffs can protect citizens from federal tyranny.

Jason Rink - Director of the DVD, Nullification: The Rightful Remedy, Executive Director of The Foundation for a Free Society.

Clint Stutts - Coordinator of the Texas Nullification of Obamacare Working Group.

Moderator: Caroline Gorman, Chair of Travis County Libertarian Party and SLEC Representative - SD 14.

Social time starts at 6:30 p.m. No admission fee.

Wingate in Round Rock
1209 N. IH 35 North,
Exit 253 at Hwy 79
Forum: 7-8:30pm
RSVP Here.

Taken from Texas Libertarian Party website.