Platform of the Texas Libertarian Party: Plank on nullification

Plank originally proposed by Jon Roland, 2012/4/25:

2. Nullification Commission Amendment

2a. Libertarians support an amendment to the Texas Constitution that would establish a state grand jury, perhaps to be called the Federal Action Review Commission, to hear complaints by state citizens of constitutional usurpations by U.S. government actors, whose findings of such unconstitutionality will require noncooperation with such usurpation by any state agency, employee, or contractor, and authorize compensation for private parties resisting such usurpation for their costs to pursue a judicial remedy.

After some debate, version agreed upon by the Texas Platform Commitee, with the support of Jon Roland, and adopted by the LP state convention, 2012/6/8-10:

III.1.c. Nullification.
Libertarians support nullification of unconstitutional federal acts by all sworn to protect and
defend the Constitution of the United States of America from all enemies foreign and domestic. Those
who can and should engage in nullification and interposition include our Texas governor, legislature,
and law enforcement officials, and especially our constitutional county sheriffs.