Questions for the "War on Drugs"

The failure to make use of ibogaine, a proven treatment for addictions to heroin, cocaine, alcohol, nicotine, and other addictive substances, raises a number of questions that need to be answered by appropriate parties:

  • Why has there been so little public attention given to the ibogaine alternative to treatment for drug addiction, especially by public figures?
  • Why has the FDA made ibogaine a Schedule 2 controlled substance when it is a natural herb extract, is not addicitve, and has no reported side effects other than a brief mild hallucinatory effect and a lasting cure for physical addiction to a wide array of substances?
  • Why do addiction rehabilitation clinics continue to charge huge fees for treatments with a low probability of success when, for much less money, the patients could be sent to ibogaine clinics abroad where the great majority of them could be cured with a single treatment in less than 24 hours?
  • Why don't law enforcement officials and the courts give persons found to be addicted to substances the alternative of ibogaine treatment?
  • Why don't addiction support groups themselves not help addicts seek ibogaine treatment abroad and thus free their acarce resouces to treat the small number of drug-injured persons that would remain after such treatment?
  • Why don't opponents of public corruption, which is largely driven by narcotics trafficking, promote alternatives like ibogaine that would end the corruption by ending the addiction?
  • Why don't the political parties make it an issue to encourage research, development and treatment with effective addiction treatments, both ibogaine and others that might be developed?
  • Why aren't ibocaine clinics being set up all along the U.S. border with prominent advertising to help people find them?
  • Could resistance to ibogaine treatment be from a dark alliance between narcotics traffickers and government officials that benefit from addiction and the market for addictive substances?

Honest citizens want to know. Spread the word.

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