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  • Invasion and attack
    • Nuclear, biological, or chemical
      • Remote Link - HTML NBC Warfare Links
      • Remote Link - HTML Secret Weapons Technology
      • Remote Link - HTML Nuclear War Survival Skills
      • Remote Link - HTML Biological Warfare
    • Conventional
    • Illegal immigration
    • Espionage
    • Technical
      • Psychotronic devices
        • Remote Link - HTML Psychotronic Weapons Letter To Senate Committee, by Julianne McKinney, February 9, 1994.
        • Remote Link - HTML Documents Proving Reality of Russian Psychotronic Development — Sometimes it is easier to find out what a former enemy was doing than to find out what our own government is doing.
        • Remote Link - HTML New World Order and E.L.F. Psychotronic Tyranny, by C.B. Baker.
      • Government experimentation
      • Electrophonic phenomena
        • Remote Link - HTML Global Electrophonic Fireball Survey — Study of how meteors can induce the perception of sound in humans, suggesting a mechanism for direct electromagnetic communication to brains.
  • Insurrection
    • Under color of law
    • Urban riot
    • Mass panic
    • Looting
    • Gang violence
  • Crime
    • Drug trafficking, addictive substances
      • Ibogaine — Experimental treatment for drug & alcohol addiction
    • Corruption
    • Abuse and usurpation
    • White collar
    • Ordinary
  • Natural disaster
    • Impact
      • Remote Link - HTML Minor Planet Center (MPC) — Collects, computes, checks and disseminates astrometric observations and orbits for minor planets and comets.
      • Remote Link - HTML The Spacewatch Project — Effort of Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, The University of Arizona, at Kitt Peak.
      • Remote Link - HTML Spaceguard Foundation — For protection of the Earth from impacts of large celestial objects (comets and asteroids).
      • Remote Link - HTML B612 Foundation — For protection of the Earth from impacts from large celestial objects.
      • Remote Link - HTML Current Impact Risks — NASA report on known objects.
      • Remote Link - HTML Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR) — NASA/MIT project to find NEOs, but could use help from amateurs.
      • Remote Link - HTML Earth Impact Possibilities — From NEODys.
      • Remote Link - HTML Data Base of Terrestrial Impact Structures.
      • Remote Link - HTML Pestigo fire of 1871 in Wisconsin is thought to have been caused by an impactor, which also caused Chicago Fire.
      • Remote Link - HTML Tunguska event of 1908 is thought to have been caused by an impactor.
      • Remote Link - HTML International Meteor Organization — Study phenomena related to meteors.
    • Earthquake
      • Remote Link - HTML What Are Earthquake Hazards?
      • Remote Link - HTML Index to Seismic Hazard Zone Maps
      • Remote Link - HTML Earthquake Danger at Cape Blanco
    • Volcano
      • Remote Link - HTML Volcano Database
      • Remote Link - HTML Krakatoa eruption 535 CE may have brought Dark Ages.
    • Tsunami
      • Remote Link - HTML Tsunami Information Resource
      • Remote Link - HTML The Tsunami Society
      • Remote Link - HTML Tsunami from Asteroid/Comet Impacts
      • Remote Link - HTML WSSPC Tsunami Web Links
      • Remote Link - HTML Tsunami threat from across the ocean
      • Remote Link - HTML Evidence for Major Impact Events
      • Remote Link - HTML Earthquakes & Natural Disasters
    • Storm
      • Remote Link - HTML Storm Prediction Center
      • Remote Link - HTML Coast Guard Storm Center
    • Global warming
      • Remote Link - HTML NCDC: Global Warming
      • Remote Link - HTML EPA Global Warming Site
      • Remote Link - HTML Global Warming Information Center
    • Ozone depletion
      • Remote Link - HTML The Science of Ozone Depletion
      • Remote Link - HTML Ozone Action
  • Economic or ecological disorders
    • Resource depletion
      • Remote Link - HTML Resource Depletion — Problems, alternative solutions, and risks.
      • Remote Link - HTML Space Solar Power — An alternative solution to need for energy.
      • Remote Link - HTML Wind Power — An alternative solution to need for energy.
    • Overpopulation
      • Remote Link - HTML World Population Awareness
      • Remote Link - HTML Overpopulation.Com
    • Pollution
    • Disease
    • Technological disaster
      • HTML Version or Menu Y2K Problem — We avoided this one, but it is paradigmatic of others to come.
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