Reading and Learning Methods and Tools

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  • HTML Version or Menu Text Version Speedreading and Related Skills— Column: Jan. 13, 1998
  • Remote Link - HTML PhotoReading— Improved form of speedreading/speedlearning. The webmaster discovered the technique independently.
  • Remote Link - HTML FReader— Computer program designed to improve reading skills, especially speed.
  • Remote Link - HTML AceReader— Reading program to help you read faster while on the computer by utilizing special display modes, such as tachistoscopic rapid viewing.
  • Remote Link - HTML Reading Acceleration Machine (RAM)— Freeware device for presenting word-groups sequentially at a pace chosen by the user. It is a tachistoscope ("rapid-viewer") that supports efficient and rhythmic reading, rehearsal of text-comprehension, and acceleration in reading speed.


  • Remote Link - HTML SuperLearning— Improve learning skills for all ages.
  • Remote Link - HTML Total Immersion language learning— Many schools do this. Here is one: Berlitz.
  • Remote Link - HTML Memory Techniques and Mnemonics— Collection of methods for improving memory and practicing memorization.

Etymology and historical linguistic analysis:

  • Remote Link - HTML Online Etymology Dictionary— Explanations of what our words meant and how they sounded 600 or 2,000 years ago.
  • Remote Link - HTML Historical linguistics, Wikipedia article — Gateway to the subject.

Poetry analysis:

  • Remote Link - HTML Meter and Scansion— Poetry Analysis
  • Remote Link - HTML Versification— Poetic Analysis Terms
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