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[Cite as Brinson v. State, 75 Ga. 882 (1886). NOTE: The decision as reported in Georgia Reports contains only a syllabus and bracketed depiction of events in court below.]

Brinson vs. The State of Georgia.

1. The evidence was conflicting, and there was enough to support the verdict.

2. If a pistol be carried concealed but for a moment, it is a violation of the law. 46 Ga., 292.

Judgment affirmed.
February 17, 1886.

Blandford, Justice.

[Brinson was indicted for having and carrying about his person a pistol concealed. The evidence was conflicting. The court charged that if the pistol was concealed but for a moment, it was a violation of the law. The defendant was found guilty. He moved for a new trial, which was refused, and he excepted.]