1982 Constitution


I. Preservation of Reform Laws

ARTICLE 174. No provision of the Constitution shall be construed or interpreted as rendering unconstitutional the Reform Laws indicated below, which aim to raise Turkish society above the level of contemporary civilisation and to safeguard the secular character of the Republic, and which were in force on the date of the adoption by referendum of the Constitution of Turkey.

1. Act No. 430 of 3 March 1340 (1924) on the Unification of the Educational System;

2. Act No. 671 of 25 November 1341 (1925) on the Wearing of Hats;

3. Act No. 677 of 30 November 1341 (1925) on the Closure of Dervish Convents and Tombs, the Abolition of the Office of Keeper of Tombs and the Abolition and Prohibition of Certain Titles;

4. The principle of civil marriage according to which the marriage act shall be concluded in the presence of the competent official, adopted with the Turkish Civil Code No. 743 of 17 February 1926, and Article 110 of the Code;

5. Act No. 1288 of 20 May 1928 on the Adoption of International Numerals:

6. Act No. 1353 of 1 November 1928 on the Adoption and Application of the Turkish Alphabet;

7. Act No 2590 of 26 November 1934 on the Abolition of Titles and Appellations such as Efendi, Bey or Pasa;

  1. Act No. 2596 of 3 December 1934 on the Prohibition of the Wearing of Certain Garments.