MLK Assassination

Although James Earl Ray was convicted of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., there are persistent doubts that he was the assassin, and the family of Dr. King now believes Ray is innocent. They are calling for a new trial for Ray, and investigation into the truth behind the event. This page is a collection of materials and links that discuss this tragic event, but even if the case is never solved to the satisfaction of everyone, the investigations have served a useful purpose: to reveal deficiencies in our institutions, processes, and officials that require corrective action. Our focus will be on what needs to be done to correct those deficiencies.

  1. Citizens for Truth about the Kennedy Assassination (CTKA) — Their Probe magazine online, with material on the assassinations of RFK, MLK, and others.
  2. Who Shot Martin Luther King? — in six chapters.
  3. Coalition on Political Assassinations — Researches JFK, RFK, MLK and other assassinations.
  4. St. Louis Assassination Theory
  5. Judgement Day for James Earl Ray — 50 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time #28.
  6. Judge Recommends MLK Assassination Rifle Tests

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