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Investigation into Federal Murder and Cover-Up

Congressman George Hansen announces investigation

June 8, 1997-- SALT LAKE CITY, Utah.

Congressman George Hansen (R-Idaho) met with Jesse Trentadue the brother of Kenneth Trentadue 44 who was murdered while being held awaiting a hearing at the federal-inmate-transfer prison in Oklahoma City. Hansen himself had been brutalized in the same Oklahoma facility and can attest to the criminal abuse and torture that is regularly administered to federal inmates.

Federal Bureau of Prisons said that Trentadue had committed suicide by hanging. Family members were sucessful in blocking the Bureau’s attempts to cremate the body. An independent autopsy confirmed that Trenatadue’s skull had been crushed, his body was caked with make-up to hide the numerous stun gun wounds and blunt object bruises.

Hansen contends that individuals who speak out against the government are now regularly punished in cruel and inhuman ways as they are in many of the Third World Countries. Hansen made his position on criminal politics known over the years. His activity in the 80’s as the only elected U.S. official to visit the Iran Hostages exposing criminal ransom of American citizens earned him recognition among libertarians and humanitarians alike.

Hansen bares the scars and permanent physical disabilities resulting from his 4 years of incarceration and torture within the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Torture, medical neglect, and treatment known as "Diesel Therapy" is regularly administered by sadistic prison officials who know they can count on protection within a corrupt hierarchy of authority that emanates down from the U.S. Attorney Generals Office. Hansen claims that the moral decay in "Post Constitutional America" is being exploited by special interests groups and politicians who use federal judicial puppets to run America like a Banana Republic.

Hansen, since his release a year ago, has been exonerated of all charges stemming from the apparent malicious prosecution brought against him by some of the same Justice Department officials now investigating Newt Gingrich.

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Last modified: April 17, 1998