Tour 1

Deep bedrock

The following documents explore some of the fundamentals.

  1. HTML Version Constitution for the United States.
  2. HTML Version Text Version Image Version U.S. Declaration of Independence
  3. HTML Version Text Version Zipped WordPerfect Social Contract and Constitutional Republics, Jon Roland.
  4. HTML Version Text Version Introduction to Hoar's Constitutional Conventions, Jon Roland.
  5. HTML Version Text Version Second Treatise on Government, John Locke (1689).
  6. HTML Version Text Version Introduction to Stimson's Conflict of Criminal Laws, Jon Roland.
  7. HTML Version Text Version Zipped WordPerfect Jefferson: Federal Criminal Powers Limited
  8. HTML Version Text Version Zipped WordPerfect Law and Anti-Law
  9. HTML Version Text Version Federal Jurisdiction, Larry Becraft.
  10. HTML Version or Menu Text Version Classification of Rights, Jon Roland.
  11. HTML Version or Menu Text Version Constitutional protections of rights, Jon Roland.
  12. HTML Version Text Version Zipped WordPerfect Constitutional Rights, Powers and Duties, Jon Roland
  13. HTML Version Text Version Zipped WordPerfect Declaration of Constitutional Principles, Jon Roland
  14. HTML Version Text Version Principles of Constitutional Interpretation, Jon Roland.
  15. HTML Version The Virginia Report, J.W. Randolph, ed. (1850).
  16. HTML Version Text Version  Militia v. Inimicitia, Jon Roland.
  17. HTML Version or Menu Text Version MS Word Version The Right to Keep and Bear Arms — Report of the Senate Subcommitee on the Constitution, 1982.
  18. HTML Version or Menu Text Version Evolving Complex Networks in Constitutional Republics, by Jon Roland (2003).
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