Tour 3

Partial remedies

The following documents explore some of the things we might do.

  1. HTML Version or Menu Text Version Law Must be Argued Before Jury, Jon Roland.
  2. HTML Version Text Version Let's Revive Private Prosecutions, Jon Roland.
  3. HTML Version or Menu Text Version Reverse the presumption of legitimacy!, Jon Roland.
  4. HTML Version Text Version Sortition for Judges, Jon Roland.
  5. HTML Version or Menu Text Version Split the Legal Profession, Jon Roland.
  6. HTML Version or Menu Text Version Real Campaign Finance Reform, Jon Roland.
  7. HTML Version or Menu Text Version Constitutionalist Platform, Jon Roland.
  8. HTML Version Text Version Introduction to Edwards's The Grand Jury, Jon Roland.
  9. HTML Version Text Version Counterintuitive Behavior of Social Systems, Jay Forrester.
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