All Saints: 1 November

All Souls: 2 November

Annunciation of the Virgin, The: 25 March

Ascension of the Lord, The: the fortieth day after Easter

Ash Wednesday: the first day of Lent

Assumption of the Virgin, The: 15 August

Bartholomew, St.: 24 August

Candlemas: 2 February

Chair of St. Peter, The: 18 January

Close of Easter, The: the Sunday after Easter

Conception of the Virgin, The: 8 December

Corpus Christi: the first Thursday after Trinity Sunday

Cuthbert, St.: 20 March

Dunstan, St.: 19 May

Easter: the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox (21 March)

Edmund the King, St.: 20 November

Edward the Confessor, St.: 13 October

Epiphany: 6 January

Exaltation of the Holy Cross, The: 14 September

Faith, St.: 1 August

Giles, St.: 1 September

Gregory the Great, St.: 3 November

Helen, St.: 18 August

Hilary, St.: 13 January

Hokeday: the second Tuesday after Easter

James the Apostle, St.: 25 July

John, St.: 27 December

John the Baptist, St.: 24 June

Lent: the forty week-days preceding Easter

Martin, St.: 12 November

Matthew, St.: 21 September

Michael, St. (Michaelmas): 29 September

Mid-Lent: the fourth Sunday in Lent

Nativity of the Lord, The (Christmas): 25 December

Nativity of the Virgin, The: 8 September

Pentecost: the seventh Sunday after Easter

Peter and Paul, Sts.: 29 June

Purification of the Virgin, The: 2 February

Rogation Days: the three days before the feast of the Ascension

Simon and Jude, Sts.: 28 October

Stephen, St.: 26 December

Thomas the Martyr, St.: 6 September

Trinity, The Holy: the eighth Sunday after Easter

Vincent, the Martyr, St.: 22 January

Whitsuntide (Whit Sunday): the seventh Sunday after Easter