A.                           Checks and restraints, on the ju-

Abjuration          -                  98      dicial power                     274

Abuse of a constitution more dif-                - on the legislative           282

ficult to rectify than to form a                 - on the executive             286

new one          -      -      -       10     Clearances                        116

Accused person allowed counsel                Coining money                     102

and other rights                      128     Colonies, their legal nature       19

Acquittal, effect of,                 132      -- British                        21

Adjournment of congress                48     Colonial commerce                  26

Age qualification of, for certain             Commerce                           82

offices                               287     Compensation to public officers   179

Alien                                  87     Communications by president to

- suits by an                         231     congress                          171

Alliance, no state allowed to en-             Congress of provinces              26

ter into                              136       of United States                 27

Allegiance, how far indefeasible       87       its enumerated powers            77

Alteration of constitution ought                --to lay and collect taxes      ib.

   not to be in power of the legis.             --to borrow money on the

   lature                              16       credit of the United States      81

- impolicy of frequent alte-                    --to regulate internal and

   rations                            ib.       external commerce               ib.

Amendments to the constitittion       120       --to establish a uniform

American people, their character      290       system of naturalization         84

Appellate jurisdiction, its nature              --to pass uniform laws on

   and necessity                      231       the subject of bankruptcy       101

Apportionment of representation                 --to coin money and to

  among the states                     42       provide for the punishment for

  of direct taxation                   80       counterfeiting the current coin

Appointments to office                162       of U. States                    102

Appropriations of public motieys       70       --to establish post offices

Aristocracy                            36       and post roads                  103

Arms, right of people to bear         125       --to grant patents for in-

Arsenals                              238       ventions, &c.                   104

Athenian assembly                      13       --to define and punish pi-

Attainder, bills of                   119       racies and felonies committed

corruption of blood                             on the high seas                106

upon,                                 143       --to define and punish of-

                                                fences against the law of nations 108

               B.                               --to declare and carry on

                                                war                              109

Bankruptcy                            101    

Bills of credit                       102       --to provide for calling

- of rights not found in all the                out the militia, and on what oc.

   state constitutions                120       casions, &c.                     111

Borrowing money by U. States           81       --to exercise exclusive le-

Britain, Great  1. 19. 24. 69. 75. 91. 95       gislation over a district of ten

                                                miles square                     112

               C.                               -- to make all laws which

Caucus                                 58       shall be necessary for carrying

Census, see Enumeration.                        the foregoing into execution     114

Citizenship                            86       is restricted from laying


a tax or duty on articles export-               Court for the trial of impeach-

ed from any state                     115       ments, see impeachments.

Congress is restricted from giving              -- martial                       220

a preference by any regulations                 -- Supreme, of U. States         222

of commerce or revenue to the                                   its powers       ib.

ports of one state over those of                --cases in which it

another                               116       has original jurisdiction        ib.

--from passing a bill of                        - when appellate                 226

attainder or ex post facto law        119       -- circuit,                      227

--from granting titles                ib.       -- district                      231

--from passing any law re-                      -- territorial                   ib.

respecting the establishment of                 -- their jurisdiction            ib.

religion or preventing the free                 Crimes, impossibility of fully de-

exercise of it                        121       scribing them by statutes        262

--from passing any law to                       -- liable to punishment by

impair the liberty of the press       123       law of nature                    268

-- from passing any law to                      -- against U. States, means,

prevent the people from peace-                  -- against people of U. States   262

eably assembling and petitioning      124       -- consequences deduced

Confederaion                           26       therefrom                        ib.

Consuls                               224

Consuls and vice consuls, prose-                               D.

cutions against                       232       Decision, rules of

Connecticut originally chartered                Democracy                         10

on the principle of representa-                 Districts, appropriated for arse-

tion                                   14       nals, &c.                        238

Consolidation, the U. States, not a             -- seat of government       113, 238

consolidated government               243       -- judicial, U. States divided

Convention of 1787                     27       into                             236

Contagious disorders                  116       Dockyards                        238

Constitutions,their general meaning     9

--and principles                       17                      E.

--more readily form-                            Elections of members of house of

ed on single principle                 10       representatives                   41

-- need not be in writ-                         -- each house to judge of

ing                                    15       those of its own members          46

--of  U. States                        17       -- of president and vice

mode of construing                              president                         51

it recommended                         31       England,its constitution          13

Contempts of the legislative body      47       -- may be altered at the

power to punish, and                            pleasure of legislature           26

-- principles on which it is found-             Enumeration, decennial            42

ed not declared by statute            272       -- peculiar to America

Convicts                              101       that it should be required by

Contracts, laws impairing the ob-               the constitution                  44

ligation of, prohibited to states     136       --- its effects                   45

Construction of constitution, pow-              Enumerated powers of congress,

er of, belongs to judiciary, and                vide congress.

not to legislature                    227       Equity, construction given to the

copy right                            104         word                           257

Corruption of blood                   143       Executive power                  147

Courts, United States, cases in                 -- constitutional descrip-

which they have exclusive ju-                   tion of its extent and limitation 149

risdiction                            202       -- unity of it desirable and

admiralty and maritime                ib.       unattended by danger             15O

affecting ambassadors, &c.            203       -- duties of president,

for the recovery of debts                       means provided for their per-

or damages due to U. States in                  formance                         151

state courts                          ib.      -- the command of the

- difficulty of, in regard to                  military forces                   138

criminal cases                        205      --, the qualified power

- their concurrent jurisdic-                   of appointing to executive and

tion with those of states        202, 205      judicial offices                  162


Executive officers, liability         163

      to the state                    ib.       Law, Cicero's remarks on         26O

      to individuals                  ib.       -- common                        256

      contrasted with the                       -- of nature                     270

practice of foreign nations           ib.       -- of nations                    108

-- influence, little danger                     Laws enacted by congress form

to be apprehended from the                      the third rule of obligation      77

undue exercise of -                   286       Legislative action cannot be sus-

Expatriation                           90       pended by an act of the execu-

Exportation                           115       tive                              34

Ex post facto law                     119       Libels punishable                123

Exclusion, power of                    47       Literary property                105

                     F.                                              M.

Federal, the word, improperly                   Mail, robbing the                205

applied to the courts of the U.                 Marque and reprisal, letters of  136

States                                252       Militia, nature of               163

Felonies                              106       - advantages and disadvan-

Foreign States, &c. presents or                 tages                            153

-- emoluments from                    120       -- instances of their efficiency ib.

Fugitives from justice                100       -- subjection to the orders of

-- service                            ib.       president and congress           155

                                                -- cases arising out of this, &c. ib.


Governors of states, when to obey                                     N.

orders of president              155, 160       Nation, term applied to the United

their prompt co-opera-                          States not strictly applicable to 31

tion with the measures of the                   Individual states      

general government                              Nations, law of                  108

                                                Naturalization                    84

Guarantee of republican form of

government                            295       Neutrality                        75

                                                Nobility, titles of              119

                H.                                              0.

Habeas corpus                         117       Offences, see crimes.

                                                -- offices, appointment to executive

                I.                              and judicial, in whom vested     162

impeachment                      209, 273       -- when incompatible with

independence declared                  28        each other                      184

Indictment                            132       -- oath of                       190

information                           ib.       Officers whose appointment re-

Insurrection                          193       quires the consent of the se-

                                                nate                             163

                J.                              --  the secre-

jeopardy of life or limb, no one                tary of state                    165

to be twice put in for the same                 -- -- of the

offence                               132       treasury                         ib.

Judicial districts                    128       -- of the navy                   ib.

-- power                              199       -- of war                        ib.

-- offices, tenure of                 277       officers, their commissions      166

Jury, trial by                        134       -- delivery not essential to

Jurisdiction in suits by or against             the validity of a commission     ib.

states                                203       - duration of commissions -      ib.

-- admiralty and mairi-                         - executive, their liability     168

time                                  202       Organization of judiciary        276

Jurisdiction, concurrent, between

U. States and state courts-see                                     P.

courts.                                         Pardon                           174

appellate of supreme                            - not grantable on convic-

court of United States, in what                 tions of impeachments,and why    293

cases                                 241       Patents for useful inventions    105


Petioning, right of, secured          124

Piracies                              106       Quarantine                       116

Post office and post roads            103       Quartering soldiers              126

Powers of government, how to                    Quorum                        40, 48

be divided                             12

Press, freedom of                     123                         R.

President, present mode of elec-                Religious opinions not to be con-

tion                                   53       trolled                          121

former mode                            ib.      two states in which dis-

provision for a vacancy                         qualifications as to religious opi-

in the office                          55       inions still exist               122

-- qualifications in can-                       Removal from state courts        233

didates                               287       -- from office                   278

-- participation in legis-                      Representation, its value         12

lative power                           50       -- England                        44

-- comparison between                           -- tabular view of it

the American and European sys-                     in U. States                   45

tem as to the veto of the execu-                -- anomaly in pre-

tive                                   62       sent system                       46

-- his power in making                          Representitives, number of de-

treaties                               63       termined by a decennial census    42

--to enforce tb em                     75       -- house of, founded

--instance thereof                     ib.      on the principle of the repre-

-- his power of granting                        sentation of the people, though

pardons                               174       not purely and abstractedly       41

-- advantages of vesting                        -- composed of re-

it in him                             178       presentatives of the people of

-- extends to all cases                         the several states, not of the

except impeachments and con-                    people at large; advantages of

tempts of either house of the                   this mode                         ib.

legislature                      176, 177       -- its power as to

--- communications to be                        judging of returns and qualifi-

made by him to congress               171       cations and punishment of its

-- his duty in respect to                       own members                       46

furnishing information upon the                 -- its duty and pow-

request of either house of con-                 ers in case of attempt to assail

gress                                 ib.       the freedom or corrupt the in-

-- former practice of                           tegrity of any of its members     47

congress upon receiving a mes-                  -- majority consti-

ge from                               172       tutes a quorum                    48

his duty as to carry-                           but a smaller

ing on intercourse with foreign                 number may adjourn de die in

nations                               171       diem and may be authorized to

-- neutrality maintained                        compel the attendance of mem-

by him                                 75       bers                              49

-- his power as to ac-                          -- cannot adjourn

knowledging the new establish-                  for more than three days, nor to

ment of a foreign nation              195       a different place                ib.

-his duty in case of                            -- journal of its pro-

war breaking out between two                    ceedings                         ib.

or more external nations in re-                 Restrictions                115, 282

spect to preserving neutrality        197       Revenue defined                   71

-- may require the opi-                         -- bills for raising must

nions of the principal executive                originate in the house of repre-

officers                              194       sentatives                       ib.

Presidential electoral appoint-                 Rhode Island, its charer          14

ment of                                57       Rotation in office               288

Private property, when it may be                Royal governments                 22

taken for public use                  133

Provincial governments                 22                       S.

Punishments                           268       Search warrants                  127


Seizures under laws of impost, &c.    231       Treaties, effect of               63

Secession from union                  297       case of treaty of Nov.

-- effects of                         306       19, 1794                          68

Senate, its legislative power          33       -- correspondence be-

- its treaty making power              64       tween house of representatives

- its judicial power -                209       and president Washington on

Senators, their appointment            39       the subject                       68

-- qualifications                     ib.       -- resolutions of house of

-- number from each state             ib.       representatives                   70

-- duration of office                  39       -- their effect on state con-

-mode of supplying va-                          stitutions and laws          74, 324

cancies                               ib.       -- disposition of money by   

-- majority of members,                         treaty                            70

not of states, constitutes a quo-               -- plaintive letter of the

rum                                    40       old congress on the subbject of  316

-- question arising from                        Treason against U. States        139

the majority of states refusing                 Trial by jury                    128

to appoint                            303       - rights of the person accused

-not bound by instruc-                          on                               ib.

tions                                  39       Truces                           ib.

Slave trade                           117

Speech, freedom of                    123                         U.

Statutes                               78       Uniformity in organizing the mi-

States, members of the union           30       litia                            111

- but not in a federate capa-                   Union, permanence of             295

city                                   31

- jurisdiction of suits by and                                    V.

against                               226       Vacancies in the senate           39

- sovereignty of, how pre-                      -- in the house of repre-

served                                 31       sentatives                        46

                                                -- in the office of president

               T.                               and vice president                55

Taxation                               79

Territories                           237                         W.

Treaties, their nature, and lan-                War                         109, 110

guage of the constitution con-                  Washington's administration      198

cerning them                           63       -- farewell address              308

-- their formation and rati-                    Witnesses, process to bring them

fication, how, when, and by                     in allowed to the accused        129

whom                                  ib.       Writs of error              226, 234