Mind Control Technology

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The governments of several nations, especially the United States and the former Soviet Union, now Russia, have long had a program for the development and use of mind control technology. Here are a few documents and links on this important subject.

  • Remote Link - HTML Introduction to Mind Control — By Harry V. Martin & David Caul. Series of articles that originally appeared in The Napa Sentinel, California.
  • Remote Link - HTML Mind Control: Technology, Techniques & Politics — Comprehensive gateway.
  • Remote Link - HTML Deep Black Magic — ExposÚ of government experimentation with potential for abuse.
  • Remote Link - HTML Mind Control Forum — Publish MKzine.
  •  Remote Link - HTML The Controllers — By Martin Cannon. Paper on government mind-control research. Although originally written as a hypothesis on alien abductions, it is largely of interest for what the author has uncovered from public sources on research that involves actual or potential abuse.
  •  Remote Link - HTML The State of Unclassified and Commercial Technology Capable of Some Electronic Mind Control Effects, Eleanor White, P.Eng., April 4, 2000.
  • Remote Link - HTML Flatland Books — Sourse of materials on the subject.
  • Remote Link - HTML Barefoot's Tavistock Information — Information on Tavistock Institute, where much mind control research has been done.
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