Statement of Objects and Reasons appended to the Constitution
       (Fifty-first Amendment) Bill, 1984 which was enacted as
          THE CONSTITUTION (Forty-ninth Amendment) Act, 1984


The  Tripura  Legislative  Assembly passed a resolution  on  the  19th
March,  1982  and  again  on  the  11th  February,   1983,  urging  the
Government  of India to apply the provisions of the Sixth Schedule  to
the  Constitution  to the tribal areas of the State of Triupura.   The
State  Government of Tripura, therefore, recommended amendment of  the
Constitution  for the purpose.  Though under the Triupura Tribal Areas
Autonomous  District Council Act, 1979, an autonomous District Council
has been functioning in the State, it was considered necessary to give
it  Constitutional sanctity with a view to meet the aspirations of the
tribal   population.   The  Council  is   expected   to  ensure   rapid
development of tribal areas and self-governance by the tribals.

2. The Bill seeks to achieve the above objects.


The 14th August, 1984.

ACT, 1984

[11th September, 1984.]

An Act further to amend the Constitution of India.

BE  it enacted by Parliament in the Thirty-fifth Year of the  Republic
of India as follows:-

1.   Short  title  and commencement.-(1) This Act may  be  called  the
Constitution (Forty-ninth Amendment) Act, 1984.

(2)  It  shall  come  into  force on  such  date_669  as  the  Central
Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, appoint.

2.   Amendment of article 244.-In article 244 of the Constitution,  in
clauses  (1)  and  (2),  for  the words  "and   Meghalaya",  the  words
",Meghalaya and Tripura" shall be substituted.

3.   Amendment  of  the Fifth Schedule.-In the Fifth Schedule  to  the
Constitution, in paragraph 1, for the words "and Meghalaya", the words
",Meghalaya and Tripura" shall be substituted.

4.   Amendment  of  the Sixth Schedule.-In the Sixth Schedule  to  the

(a)  in  the  heading,  for the words "and Meghalaya",  the  words  ",
Meghalaya and Tripura" shall be substituted;

(b)  in sub-paragraph (1) of paragraph I, for the words  and  figures
"Parts I and II", the words, figures and letter "Parts I,II and IIA"
shall be substituted;

(c)  after  paragraph 12A, the following paragraph shall be  inserted,

"12AA.   Application  of Acts of Parliament and of the Legislature  of
the State of Tripura to the autonomous district and autonomous regions
in   the   State   of   Tripura.-Notwithstanding   anything   in   this

(a)  if  any  provision of a law made by the District  or  a  Regional
Council  in the State of Tripura with respect to any matter  specified
in  sub-paragraph  (1)  of  paragraph 3 of this  Schedule   or  if  any
provision of any regulation made by the District Council or a Regional
Council  in  that  State  under paragraph 8 or paragraph  10   of  this
Schedule,  is  repugnant  to  any  provision of  a  law   made  by  the
Legislature  of the State of Tripura with respect to the matter, then,
the law or regulation made by the District Council or, as the case may
be,  the Regional Council whether made before or after the law made by
the  Legislature  of  the State of Tripura, shall, to  the   extent  of
repugnancy,  be void and the law made by the Legislature of the  State
of Tripura shall prevail;

(b)  the  President  may, with respect to any Act  of  Parliament,  by
notification,  direct  that  it  shall not  apply  to   the  autonomous
district  or  an autonomous region in the State of Tripura,  or  shall
apply  to such district or region or any part thereof subject to  such
exceptions  or modifications as he may specify in the notification and
any such direction may be given so as to have retrospective effect.";

(d)  in  paragraph  17, after the words "or Meghalaya",  at  both  the
places where they occur, the words "or Tripura" shall be inserted;

(e) in paragraph 20,-

(i) in sub-paragraph (1),-

(A)  after  the  words and figures "in Parts I, II", the  figures  and
letter ", IIA" shall be inserted;

(B)  after the words "the State of Meghalaya", the words ", the  State
of Tripura" shall be inserted;

(ii)  in sub-paragraph (2), for the words "Any reference in the  table
below",  the  words and figures "Any reference in Part I, Part   II  or
Part III of the table below" shall be substituted;

(iii)  after sub-paragraph (2), the following sub-paragraph shall  be
inserted, namely:-

`(3)  The  reference  in Part IIA in the table below to  the  "Tripura
Tribal  Areas  District"  shall  be construed as a   reference  to  the
territory  comprising the tribal areas specified in the First Schedule
to the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council Act, 1979.';

(f)  in the Table, after Part II and the entries relating thereto, the
following Part shall be inserted, namely:-

          "PART IIA
Tripura Tribal Areas District.".