Statement of Objects and Reasons appended  to  the  Constitution
(Seventy-fifth  Amendment) Bill, 1991 (Bill No.  48 of 1991) which was
    enacted as THE CONSTITUTION (Sixty-eighth Amendment) Act, 1991


Under  clause (4) of article 356 of the Constitution, no  Proclamation
issued  under  that  article  and  approved  by  both   the  Houses  of
Parliament  shall remain in force for more than three years.  However,
under  clause  (5)  of the said article, a  resolution  approving   the
continuance in force of a Proclamation issued under clause (1) of that
article  beyond a period of one year cannot be passed by either  House
of  Parliament unless the two conditions relating to a Proclamation of
Emergency being in operation in the whole or any part of the State and
the  certificate  by the Election Commission that the continuation  of
the  Proclamation  issued under clause (1) is necessary on account  of
difficulties  in holding general elections to the Legislative Assembly
of  the  State  as specified in that clause are met.  The  three   year
period  in  the  case of Proclamation issued on 11th  May,  1987   with
respect  to  the State of Punjab was extended to three years  and  six
months  by  the  Constitution (Sixty-fourth Amendment) Act,  1990   and
clause (5) of article 356 was also suitably amended by that Act in the
expectation  that  it  would  be possible to  hold   elections  to  the
Legislative Assembly of that State.  In October, 1990 it was felt that
it  was  not conducive to hold free and fair elections to  the  Punjab
State  Legislative Assembly.  Therefore, clause (4) of article 356 was
again  amended by THE CONSTITUTION (Sixty-seventh Amendment) Act, 1990
to  enable  extension of President's Proclamation issued on 11th  May,
1987 for a total period of four years.

2.   Despite pressure from the security forces, the terrorist violence
has   been   continuing   in   Punjab.    Therefore,   the   prevailing
circumstances  still  do  not hold out prospects for  fair,  free   and
peaceful  elections to the Legislative Assembly of Punjab.  Clause (4)
of  article  356  of the Constitution is, therefore,  proposed   to  be
amended  so as to facilitate the extension of the said Proclamation up
to a total period of five years in relation to the State of Punjab.

3. The Bill seeks to achieve the above objects.


The 7th March, 1991.

ACT, 1991

[12th March, 1991.]

   An Act further to amend the Constitution of India.

BE  it enacted by Parliament in the Forty-second Year of the  Republic
of India as follows:-

1.    Short   title.-  This   Act   may  be  called  the   Constitution
(Sixty-eighth Amendment) Act, 1991.

2.   Amendment of article 356.-In article 356 of the Constitution,  in
clause  (4),  in  the third Proviso, for the words "four   years",  the
words "five years" shall be substituted.


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