Statement  of  Objects  and  Reasons    appended  to  the  Constitution
(Seventy-fifth Amendment) Bill, 1991 (Bill No.  209 of 1991) which was
   enacted as THE CONSTITUTION (Seventy-second Amendment) Act, 1992


For  restoring peace and harmony in the areas of the State of  Tripura
where  disturbed conditions prevailed, a Memorandum of Settlement  was
signed  by the Government of India with Tripura National Volunteers on
12-8-1988.   The  said  Memorandum  provides for a  greater   share  of
tribals in the governance of the State.  The said Memorandum envisages
amendment of the Constitution to provide that notwithstanding anything
contained  in  the  Constitution, the number of seats  in  the   Legis-
lative  Assembly of the State of Tripura reserved for Scheduled Tribes
shall  be, such number of seats as bears to the total number of seats,
a  proportion not less than the number, as on the date of coming  into
force  of  the Constitutional amendment, of members belonging  to  the
Scheduled Tribes in the existing Assembly bears to the total number of
seats  in the existing Assembly.  It also provides that the amendments
shall  not  affect any representation in the existing Assembly of  the
State of Tripura until its dissolution.

2.   In order to implement the said Memorandum, action is to be  taken
to  determine the seats which are to be reserved for Scheduled  Tribes
in  the  State of Tripura.  Reservation of seats for Scheduled  Castes
and  Scheduled  Tribes  in the Legislative Assembly of  any   State  is
governed by the provisions of article 332 of the Constitution.  Having
regard to the special circumstances obtaining in the State of Tripura,
it  is  proposed to further amend article 332 of the Constitution  for
making  a  temporary provision for the determination of the number  of
seats  reserved for Scheduled Tribes until the re-adjustment of  seats
on the basis of the first census after the year 2000 under article 170
of the Constitution for the State of Tripura.

3. The Bill seeks to achieve the aforesaid objects.

NEW DELHI;                                          S. B. CHAVAN.

The 11th December. 1991.


                                        [14th December, 1992.]

An Act further to amend the Constitution of India

BE it enacted by Parliament in the Forty-third Year of the Republic
of India as follows:-

1.   Short  title  and commencement.-(1) This Act may be  called  the
Constitution (Seventy-second Amendment) Act, 1992.

(2)  It  shall  come  into  force on  such  date_679  as  the  Central
Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, appoint.

2.  Amendment of article 332.- (I) In article 332 of the Constitution,
after clause (3A), the following clause shall be inserted, namely:-

"(3B)  Notwithstanding  anything   contained in clause (3),  until  the
re-adjustment,  under  article 170, takes effect on the basis  of  the
first census after the year 2000, of the number of seats in the Legis-
lative  Assembly  of  the State of Tripura, the seats which  shall   be
reserved  for  the Scheduled Tribes in the Legislative Assembly  shall
be,  such  number  of seats as bears to the total number of  seats,   a
proportion  not  less than the number, as on the date of  coming  into
force  of  THE CONSTITUTION (Seventy-second Amendment) Act,  1992,  of
members  belonging to the Scheduled Tribes in the Legislative Assembly
in  existence  on the said date bears to the total number of seats  in
that Assembly.".

(2)  The  amendment  made to article 332 of the Constitution  by  sub-
section  (I)  shall not affect any representation in  the  Legislative
Assembly  of  the  State  of  Tripura until  the   dissolution  of  the
Legislative Assembly existing at the commencement of this Act.