Freedom Movements

Sometimes people seek to secure their rights within the framework of an existing polity or form of government, and not separate from it or change that form. We distinguish them from Separatist Movements and Republican Movements. The following are links to some movements of this kind. Inclusion does not indicate approval or support, only relevance.

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General and International

  • Remote Link - HTML Google: Society > Issues > Human Rights and Liberties


  • Azerbaijan
    • Belgium
      • Bougainville
        • Britain
          • Canada
            • Chechnya
              • China
                • Remote Link - HTML Hong Kong Alliance In Support Of Patriotic Democratic Movements Of China
              • European Union
                • France
                  • Georgia — The country, not the state.
                    • India
                      • Remote Link - HTML Free India
                    • Indonesia
                      • Israel
                        • Italy
                          • Kosovo
                            • Kurdistan (Parts of Turkey, Iraq, and Iran)
                              • Madagascar
                                • Mauritania and Sudan
                                  • Mexico
                                    • New Zealand
                                      • Philippines
                                        • Spain
                                          • United States of America



                                            Subject Matter

                                            • Remote Link - HTML Free Software Movement
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