Selected Political Works


Jean Jacques Rousseau

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  • HTML Version Text Version A Discourse on the Origin of Inequality (1754) — Discussion on political inequality, its origins and implications.
  • HTML Version Text Version A Discourse on Political Economy (1755) — Discussion on the economic principles affecting the politics of a society.
  • Judgment on Perpetual Peace (1756) — Critique of the plan proposed by the Abbé Charles de Saint-Pierre.
  • HTML Version Text Version The Social Contract (1762) — Discussed legitimate government as the expression of the general will.
  • HTML Version Text Version Constitutional Project for Corsica (1765) — Applies his political ideas to the design of a constitution for an actual country.
  • HTML Version Text Version Considerations on the Government of Poland (1772) — Commentary on the government of Poland from the perspective of his ideas, including a discussion on the role of the militia.
  • HTML Version The Miscellaneous Works of J. J. Rousseau (1774) — Includes Social Compact and A Project for a Perpetual Peace.


  • HTML Version Text Version Introduction to Rousseau: Political Writings, by Frederick Watkins


  • Image Portrait painted by Allan Ramsay for Hume in March 1766, showing Rousseau in his Armenian costume. Here reproduced by courtesy of the Board of Trustees for the National Gallery of Scotland.
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