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  • Remote Link - HTML The British and Foreign School Society. Successor to the original British Royal Lancasterian Society.
  • Remote Link - HTML Alliance for the Separation of School and State. Promotes private education that does not accept government funding and control.


  • Remote Link - HTML Lancasterian School, Elizabeth Slinger Road, West Didsbury, Manchester M20 2XA, UK.
  • Remote Link - HTML Lancasterian Junior School. County primary school in the London Borough of Haringey. Caters for 252 pupils aged between seven and eleven years.


  • Remote Link - HTML Lancasterian Education in Mexico, by Ricardo A. Lopez-Portillo.
  • Remote Link - HTML Memoir of DeWitt Clinton. His patronage of the Lancasterian system of education.
  • Remote Link - HTML Joseph Lancaster. Site at Spartacus.
  • Remote Link - HTML Joseph Lancaster. Site at West London Institute.
  • Remote Link - HTML New Bern Academy. The first school in North Carolina to be established by law. One of the most significant educational methods used by the Academy before it became a graded public school was the Lancasterian system.
  • Remote Link - HTML Troy, New York. Once the site of a significant Lancasterian school, beginning in 1816.
  • Remote Link - HTML History of the American Classroom. Bennett's site.
  • Remote Link - HTML History of Virginia Public Education.


  • Remote Link - HTML Personal Development Tools — Documents and computer programs.
  • Remote Link - HTML Monitor Schools.
  • Remote Link - HTML Some Resources on Monitorial Methods. Dave Harris' site.
  • Remote Link - HTML Monitorial System. Wikipedia article.

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