Militia Agenda

The following are some items that should be a part of the program of independent local militia units.

Legal and Financial

[] Charter for state correspondence committee.
[] By-laws for local militia unit.
[] Regulations and guidelines for local unit.
[] Copies of applicable laws and court cases.
[] Brief on applicable laws.
[] Assumed/fictitious name filing.
[] Bank account.


[] Regular meeting site, at a shooting range.
[] Office with address and phone.
[] Site on public property for demonstrations.
[] A computer with database and word processor.
[] Printing, copying and fax equipment.
[] Internet access for email and news.


[] Newsletter
[] Telephone tree
[] Ham or CB radio alert network
[] Regular meetings
[] Organizing units in other areas
[] Investigating official corruption
[] Investigating election fraud

Information and Publicity

[] Mailing lists of supporters
[] Press lists, fax numbers, email addresses
[] Press releases on all major events
[] Handouts, brochures
[] Lists of relevant organizations, persons
[] Subscriptions to relevant magazines, newspapers
[] Placement of supporters in key media


[] Key personnel
[] Likely targets for abuse
[] Offices and equipment, computers
[] Information, PGP encryption
[] Firearms
[] Infiltration of key government organizations
[] Infiltration of opposing private organizations


[] Combat shooting
[] Unit combat training
[] Home and community defense
[] Disaster prevention and recovery
[] Safe use and storage of weapons
[] Weapons laws
[] Constitutional law and history
[] Jury rights and duties
[] Organizing local militia units
[] Assistance to law enforcement
[] Crime prevention
[] Citizen arrest powers and procedures
[] Resistance to illegal authority
[] Field medicine
[] Neighborhood patrols
[] Neighborhood alert systems and communications
[] Working with troubled youth
[] Investigating crime
[] Uncovering official corruption and election fraud
[] Military drill and manual of arms
[] March music
[] Militia history
[] Electronics and communications
[] Surveillance technology
[] Public information
[] CPR and first aid
[] Improvised munitions
[] Ballistics

Contact to be maintained

[] Military organizations
[] National and State Guard
[] State elected officials
[] State Police
[] County elected officials
[] County Sheriff
[] City elected officials
[] City Police
[] Police Reserve

Neighborhood Organization

[] Neighborhood militia or association
[] Home and vehicle security systems
[] Alert systems
[] Defense plans
[] Surveillance and patrols

Extras needed

[] Portable public address system with batteries
[] Musical instruments suitable for marching
[] Video cameras with extra batteries and tapes
[] Signs and signmaking materials
[] Banners
[] Voting precinct maps
[] Portable CB radios
[] Ham radio equipment
[] Portable computers
[] Sample election materials

Things to read

[] U.S. and State Constitutions
[] Halbrook: That Every Man Be Armed
[] Norval: The Militia in the 20th Century
[] Collier & Collier: Votescam
[] Ayoob: The Truth About Self-Protection, In the Gravest Extreme, StressFire
[] Gottlieb: The Rights of Gun Owners
[] U.S. Army Manual of Drill and Manual of Arms


[] Muster with arms on public property inside major area city
[] Get key local officials to speak at unit meetings
[] Get key state officials to speak at unit meetings
[] Get congressmen to speak at unit meetings
[] Get area congressmen to commit to militia cause
[] Celebrate Militia Day each April 19
[] March militia units in area July 4 parades
[] Fully-informed jury laws, state and federal
[] Replace area voting machines with paper ballots
[] Get area newspapers of record to accept militia callup notices
[] Get local TV coverage of militia musters
[] Get local city or county officials to call up militia for organization and training
[] Conduct campaign tour across country
[] Get active militia units in every county in state
[] Get active militia units in every state
[] Establish statewide alert network
[] Establish nationwide alert network
[] Form National Militia Association
[] Hold National Militia Conference
[] Pass State concealed carry permit law
[] Repeal State weapons control laws
[] Repeal Federal weapons control laws
[] Repeal unconstitutional Federal criminal laws
[] Pass Federal, State Militia Acts to set up Swiss-style militia system
[] Establish Swiss-style militia systems in other countries around the world

For information contact:

Constitution Society, 6900 San Pedro #147-230, San Antonio, TX 78216, 210/224-2868