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November 28, 2004

This page contains (a) facts about the Taiwan Government, (b) two relatively long essays, and (c) a variety of short essays that I wrote about Taiwan before 1999, and (d) links to some related cites. About half of the short essays were published in one of the local English language newspapers. Comments are welcome.

Facts About Taiwan

          The Constitutional Structure of Taiwan's Government

Major Essays

          A Proposal to Decentralize Higher Education in Taiwan: The Voucher System (long)

          What Should We Do About Taiwan?

          Wise Central Planning?: The Chinese on Taiwan

Short Essays

          Afghanistan, Vietnam, and the Superpowers

          Good Leaders and Good Government

          Responsibilities of the Judicial Yuan

          Apply for Nafta Membership Now

          Is Taiwan at War or Peace?

          Rhinoceros Horns

          Election Fraud: The Proper Response

          Joining the North American Free Trade Agreement

          The Control Yuan

          First Impressions

          A Referendum on Reunification

          Words and Meanings in International Politics

          Economic and Political Development of Taiwan

          Reforming Higher Education

          Decentralizing the Police

          Profiteering by Politicians and the Blind Trust

Links to Related Cites

          Pat Gunning's Democracy Home Page

          The Constitution of Taiwan

          A View of Taiwan History

          Taiwan Security Research

          Assorted Taiwan Links

          Asia Studies Virtual Library

          Tao Te Ching -- The Way

          Sun Tzu's ART OF WAR

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